AWKWARD NURSE : Episode 1 – 10

AWKWARD NURSE By Chidinma Jerry M. (Star Queen) Season 1 (Episode 1) Anastasia’s P. O. V My name is Anastasia Grande. I will tell you more about my profile later. I have been in here for 2 years, “in this world where I see no one. I don’t even know if I will ever wake … Read more

JUST FOR LOVE : Chapter 48 – 60

JUST FOR LOVE (Love, why?)🥀 Season 2 Chapter 48 ©Azeemah Salami✓ (Zeemah writes📝) 16 years later Anel’s POV “Anastasia come back here!” I yelled removing the duvet from my body and getting up from the bed. I yawned and rubbed my face with my palm. I stared at the closed door and shook my head. … Read more

JUST FOR LOVE : Chapter 41 – 47

JUST FOR LOVE (love made her)🥀 Chapter 41 © Azeemah Salami✓ (Zeemah writes📝) Ellen’s POV I just returned from school and quickly went to sit on one of the couches in the living room due to how weak i was feeling. Mum came down the stairs and saw me laying on the couch. “Ellen” She … Read more

JUST FOR LOVE : Chapter 31 – 40

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her)🥀 Chapter 31 © Azeemah Salami✓ (Zeemah writes📝) Liam’s POV I sat in the living room smiling as i chatted with Reiya. I’ve been meeting girls but Reiya’s case is exceptional. I initially thought i love her because she’s relative to fallen angels but no! I found out that i … Read more

PAST MISTAKES : Episode 21 – The End

Past Mistakes Chapter Twenty One “The couples that are meant to be, are the ones who go through everything that is meant to tear them apart, and come out even stronger.” – Pinterest Four days later Northwood Hills, Dallas, Texas I was making my Curriculum Vitae on my laptop for a job hunting next week. … Read more

GHOST RUN : Part 22 – 32

PART 22 “ GHOST RUN” ©Opeyemi O. Akintunde “ I am ready!” I said If I knew what those words meant for Tunde Sword , I won’t have said “ Yes” in a hurry. Maybe I would have returned home first, recovered from the pain of the past few days before starting the real missionary … Read more

JUST FOR LOVE : Chapter 21 – 30

JUST FOR LOVE (love made her)🥀 Chapter 21 © Azeemah Salami✓ (Zeemah writes📝) 🦋SATURDAY🦋 Bryan’s POV 🎼Our worlds begin to cross path. Those absurd moments When you couldn’t speak, When you feel down. I lit up the freckles on your face. Your smiles alone made my heart dissolve” I sang as i walked out of … Read more

PAST MISTAKES: Episode 11 – 20

Past Mistakes Chapter Eleven I got extremely hungry after exerting too much energy fighting and getting angry with Ares. He didn’t change at all. He was still the same. Arrogant, manipulative, selfish and a certified bastard. Ugh! I was on my way to the kitchen when I bumped at someone. “Genevieve?” I was uncertain if … Read more

REVENGE : Episode 21 – 30

Revenge! Episode 21 Obi and Ibe stormed out of the palace reigning insults on Odogwu, causing and swearing for him as they left. Chimamanda who was leaving the palace saw them and shook her head. She knew the King’s enemies was increasing by the day. She listened to them as they were talking. Ibe: who … Read more

REVENGE : Episode 11 – 20

REVENGE! Episode 11 As Nina and Ikenna , approached the palace, memories of all that happened to the princess flooded her heart, she suddenly became filled with anger and hatred. She wanted to turn back and leave but Ikenna urged her to go in. They were already here, no turning back. They stepped into the … Read more