ON THE LIONESS TAIL: Episode 11-The End

ON THE LIONESS TAIL. Episode 11. By AMAH’S HEART. She hit the door repeatedly but no answer came. She wasn’t going to give up until her husband comes out. Zain continued hitting loudly. Chief Dre was in Opa’s chamber with her. He ignored Zain as she kept hitting none stop. “Please go and find out … Read more

AFRICAN WALNUT Fertility Booster

Do you know that walnut is a fertility booster? Ukpa (Igbo language) Awusa(Yoruba language) Botanical name Tetracarpidium conophorum or Plukenetia conophora Family name. Euphorbiaceae Nigeria name Asala or Awusa in Yoruba. Ukpa in Igbo ,irin goro in Hausa Common name: Gabon nut,conophor nut, It’s that time of the year again when the African walnuts are … Read more


ON THE LIONESS TAIL By Amah’s Heart. Episode 1. She stir the food up again for the second time with a full smile on her face. she scoop little into her palm to taste with a wooden spoon. She nodded happily to herself as she lowered the spoon and covered the pot. Her stomach growls … Read more