A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 11 – 20

A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 11 – 20



Author : Okegbemi Ebenezer

When Baba kekere uttered the words, it came like a shock to me, I knew this will not be an easy fight for myself and brother not even with the spirit that has been tormenting me and making me feel ridiculous.

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“Sir, this house belongs to our father and no one has the right to take it from us” I said to Baba kekere and his people.

He didn’t say anything but just laughed at me and when he talked, he was making jest of myself.

“This house is for your father right, which of the fathers, is he not dead or what has the dead has to do with the living” He said to me.

“Sir, please we will have no where to go if you take this house from us, we are still in school and to pay will be difficult since we are not having anyone to help sponsor us in our academic sir” My elder brother pleaded with them but it was just a waste of time.

“You know what, I have children that are of your age even older than you, so I am not treating you bad but it is the way we do things here, if your mother had agreed to marry me because she is one of my late brothers properties, she would be alive at this time” Baba Kekere said to the ears of everyone around.

I was furious at the gibberish words he said, I was annoyed that I talked back at him.

“can you see that you don’t have any shame at all, you want my mother to marry you this old big belly, good for nothing imbecile” I shouted at him to the amazement of those that were around.

My brother was shocked, I could see it in his eyes, he came close to me and try to cover my mouth with his hand but I bite his hands, so he withdraw.

“Ahh, ahh, you don’t have manner, is it that you were not thought or you refuse to listen” One of those that followed Baba kekere said to me.

“You are the one that is stupid” I rebuked the man for what he said as I eyed him from head to toe.

Everywhere was silent until Baba Kekere decided to speak out with smiles all over his face. I have always wonder something in his behavior, he does not get annoyed at any insults I throw at him.

“My people don’t take her words to her, she is still mourning the death of her parent and brother, so I know it will be hard for her to reason properly” He said to them.

“It is your brain that dogs are feasting on, idiot Old man” I screamed at him.

A woman among those sitting could not stomach what I had said and she made a move to slap me but something happened that made her withdraw. As she was coming the spirit inside of me became alerted and my face was shining like lightening that she was afraid and sat back on the chair.

“What is that thing” One of the people asked.
I was afraid myself as I did not know what had really happened until Baba Kekere explained what happened.

“Don’t be surprise, I already knew she was possessed by the thousand years snake, she had been initiated into the cult of “Orule” she does not belong to this place and it is that power that is controlling her she does not know how to control herself” He said.

“Ahn, ehm, what!! you mean this little girl is my grandmother” The woman that wanted to slap me knelt down at my front and bowed.

“Am sorry, mother, I would not dare to raise my hand on you anymore” She pleaded.

Yes, that was what I wanted but only one man will not admit that I was superior to him, that is Baba Kekere even though I don’t still know that kind of spirit I possessed.

“Yes, she is very powerful but it will destroy her if care is not taken.” He added.

How did he know all this, who is this man, I was confused. I looked at him from head to toe but there was nothing special about him only that he was short which was the reason he was called “baba kekere”.

“ The matter is not about who is possessed now but about this property” He brought up the issue again.

“I command you to stop talking” The spirit inside me shunned him but he would not listen.
“My daughter, you are not having power over me because as far I can remember I was among those that had initiated you into the cult and posses more power than you do” He said to the those that cared to listen.

“What!! why would you do that to you brother’s child” One of those seated asked him.

He refused to answer them. My elder brother was furious as he ran to him and held his shirt, they tried to separate them but all to no avail. But how come I could not recognize baba kekere at the meeting when I was initiated but I noticed the drummer was not at the meeting when I was initiated.

“Leave him, he is just too childish, the child that says his mother will not sleep will lose his own sleep” He said and laughed.

A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 11 – 20

They left our house then with no meaningful achievement, my brother became scared of me after I confessed to him that I was possessed by some spirits.

“So you had that kind of secret and you refused to open up to our parents when they were alive” He said to me.

“Yes, I tried to tell them but they didn’t listen to me, I wonder what would have happened if they had listen” I said to him.

“Ah, this is bad, you have to see a pastor for deliverance or am leaving this house for you” He said to me.
“Really, you are leaving me behind now “ I asked.

“Yes, if you don’t find solution to this thing you are going through” He said to me.
“Okay, I will, I told him as I begged him to just spare me some time.

That night we went to sleep, but in the mid night, we started hearing a footsteps just like the one that occurred when our mother was killed, it was becoming more frequent that my brother was becoming scared we were unable to see the figure that was walking. Whenever we talked, it will stop but when we remain quiet it will start walking towards us.

“Alisa, I don’t think I can stay in this house anymore, it is becoming more of a hell” he said to me.
“If we leave where are we going to” I asked him

“But it is better than being killed over a property, see I have my life to live” he said as he was shaking visibly.

I was not ready to leave the house, I will not bow to Baba kekere’s moves, I will not be cowed. I thought to myself.

The next day, my brother started having a mysterious fever, he was hale and hearty that night but what could be the cause I don’t know. I called the family doctor who still answers us even though he was no longer working with us.

“You brother is seriously sick, he needs to be admitted in the hospital” The doctor said to me.

“But he was alright a night before this time” I replied the doctor.

“This your case is even mysteriously, I mean your family. You guys need spiritual cleansing because I doubt if you will be able to withstand all these troubles thrown at you” He said to me.

“We know sir but please help my brother” I pleaded.

We were about to help my brother stand up when he started screaming at the top of his voice.

“Don’t kill me please, take the house please” He was shouting at something that both myself and the doctor did not see.

“Calm down, no one is trying to kill you here” The doctor said to him.

‘Noo see him, he is holding a big stick, please stop him” He shouted again.

We did our best to help him but he gave up the ghost. I was devastated, I cried for many days. I could not imagine I could lose my family in just a little space all because of my action. Had I known I would have open up to my parents. Life is unfair. It was just one outing I went to that I met my problem, my friend Lara who had been involved since were doing fine.

I wanted to take my life as I felt useless myself. After my brother was buried, I could no longer stay in the house. One day after so much thoughts, I packed my clothes and left the house and never return till now that I am writing this letter to you.

(Hmm, she sighs and stood up from her seat and moved to check the window to know if the police were around but they were not. She felt a sharp pain in her stomach as she managed to stand up).
“Hello, young lady, are you going my way” A young man in his late twenties said to me while he was seating in his car.

“No thanks” I said.

“It is unsafe for a beautiful lady to be standing by the road side at this time of the night” He said to me.

“But am okay” I replied.

“Okay, but I will not take that as an excuse” He came down and after some talk, I agreed to follow him.

“Am not a ritualist nor a kidnapper, my name is Martins, I arrived into the country two months ago.” He said.

“Oh, really”

To be continued……

Do you think, a new chapter is about to open for a demonized Alisa or is the young guy wrong in helping her

Find out.

A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 11 – 20

Okegbemi Ebenezer.

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