A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 11 – 20



I checked the paper to check what he has written there. It reads.

Dear Alisa,
With a heart full of bitterness and sorrow I am replying your letter after a month of reading it. At first, I thought it would pass over, maybe you intended to give me some space to heal but with the steps you took made me more bitter. You left without any trace, I searched for you and asked from your friends if they knew where you went to, but no one knew your whereabout, I asked my sister if she finds you in school but she told me she has not set her eye on you. Hmm, you disappeared into thin air. It is true I was annoyed with you because you kept that secret away from me but nevertheless, I still have a place in my heart to forgive you but you didn’t wait. My sister later told me the truth after you left like three days interval…there are more to say but I pray you succeed in whatever you lay your hands upon. I only reply your letter so that I can free my heavy mind and anytime I come across you, I will give it back to you. Feel free to call my line if you still have it. Wish you happiness.
Your Friend

A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 11 – 20

When I finished reading it, tears filled my eyes, it seems as if Martins was no longer having any space for me in his heart. I sat down holding the letter, the last part made me really sad. I was there thinking with my friends who had read the letter begging me to summon up courage and call him.

“If you think, sobbing will solve this issue, my dear you are on your own” One of my friends said to me.

I don’t know what I should do, I kept looking downcast until the silent voice came again.

“You are doing as if you are no longer a special being” The voice said to me.

“Hmm, hmm, how? I asked the voice with my mind, it was a mind discussion, lolz.

“You have neglected the ways of God and how marvelous he has been doing things” The voice said again the second time.

“Ehn, ehn, really but nothing seems to be working out well any longer” I replied the voice.

“Just relax and see what I have for you, your thought are not my thought neither is your way my way” The voice said to me.

“But, I am not seeing anything visible with Martins” I replied the voice but it kept quiet not answering anymore. It was then I noticed that anytime I try to argue with it, it will remain quiet.

“So, what is your plan, we are getting late already” My friend asked me.

“I don’t know yet, but I know by the time I sleep and wake up, my brain would function well” I replied them.

“Your brain had better function well o, because you can’t because of one foolish act of your throw away this golden opportunity” Another one said to me.

A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 11 – 20

We left the venue with me in deep thought, I was not even thinking straight as I was imagining different things on my head. That night I could not sleep. I tried to sleep but it was not coming, I was lying at my back facing the ceiling and was just sighing throughout the night.

My roommate was just enjoying her sleep, I tried to wake her up so that it will not be only me not sleeping but the more I tap her with my hand the more she adjusts herself to a better position and sleep.

I noticed that my effort in waking her up was useless, so I decided to take some of my spiritual novels and began to read them. Oh, lest I forgot, did I tell you I now focus more on what God tells me to do but still I was a bit obstinate at times.

A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 11 – 20

Hmm, she paused her writing to check the time after writing in so much pain and agony. (She paused and adjusted herself, by her time it was already 5:00pm, the dead body beside her has begin to swell, she had to move it away and stretched herself. She muttered words to herself and then went into the kitchen, although she didn’t know where food was kept, it was not her house..she was only invited before the fight occur. She found some corn flakes and milk, she mixed the two and eat little quantity from it leaving the rest on the table. She made a move to the table to write but her eye came in contact of a big diary, she was skeptical about what was written there but she felt it was not necessary. She picks it up but place it beside herself.

I will read that later on, let me continue with my letter but what about the police I had called, why are they delaying their coming…(Hissed and spit on the dead man) ( But what could have attracted so much hatred for someone that is dead, who is the dead man, aren’t you confused, you want to know, then I will have to finish up my letter but that is if I am able to finish up. (She moved to her desk and continued her writing)

Early in the morning, after I had uttered few prayers and read through the Holy book, I woke up my roommate who was always the last person to get up.

“I think you should go for pregnancy test because the way you are sleeping these days is something to worry about” I said to her.

“Ehn, sebi na you give me, nonsense girl” She replied.

“Is it because you woke up early today now, we will no hear word, ehn” She said still adjusting herself on the bed.

“You are a lazy fellow, ahn, ahn, you slept through out the night” I told her.

“Who told you, I knew the time you were tapping me, but I don’t want to lose a sweet dream I was having” She said smiling.

“What kind of dream o, sweetheart” I asked her.

“You are still a baby, with time you will know” She replied still rolling on the bed.

“You better have good and sensible dream o, because of these your dreams that you usually think in your brain is something else o” I replied her.

“Ehn, my dreams are useless abi, don’t worry by the time they start chasing you for dream again you will know whats up” She added.

“I reject it, no body will pursue me, anyways what are we cooking today” I asked her.

“That’s my friend, you know what I love you because of your cooking ability, please na that your Igbo soup, you will cook today o” She said as she finally stand up and hugged me.

I freed myself from her and went to adjust my hair when there was a knock on the door.

“Who is there” I asked while my friend started packing our belongings and clothes that were scattered on the bed.

‘It is me” the person replied.

I whispered to my friend to hurry up as it was a man’s voice.

‘Please, give me some minutes, thanks” I replied.
“Okay, no problem”. He said and within few seconds we had the room well arranged.

“So na guy make us do morning exercise like this but if it is that our troublesome neighbor, I promise to slap am today” My friend said to me but I asked her to be silent.

I sprayed the room quickly as the air freshener was finished, I used her perfume in the room and in no time we started coughing as it was too strong for us.


“Abeg, open door, make person no die for here o” My friend shouted at me and I moved towards the door.

As I opened it, I saw this figure standing in front of me.

“What!!!, you…what are you looking for here…. You..” I almost collapsed but my friend who was confused held me…

To be continued..

Now, the suspense, who is the person?



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