A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 11 – 20

A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 11 – 20



After the brief introduction he made, I entered into his car and he started the engine. He asked about where I was going and living but I could not reply him because I didn’t have any place, I had planned to sleep in some of the open space in the area. I had made contact to some of my mother’s relative that had promised to be of help to me after their deaths but none was willingly to help.

“Alisa, as you can see, we are also managing in this place. If we decide to bring you in now, it will not be comfortable for us all” my mummy younger sister said to me.

“But ma, I can still manage if I can have a place to sleep. Don’t bother about my feeding, I will do that myself.

That was how I do beg them to help but none was ready, they always find one excuse or the other to avoid me especially when they learnt I had the thousand spirit in me. it was as if luck was not on myself any longer.

“So young lady, may I know your name” Martins asked me.

“My name is Alisa” I replied him with a weak smile but my eye were kept straight.

“wow, such a nice name, I love that but what were you doing in that area at the odd hour of the day, are you not afraid of being molested or harassed by some dangerous guys or what is your motive” He said to him.

I knew where he was driving at but I just pretended as if I didn’t know anything. I knew he was thinking maybe I was into pro$titution.
“So where are you going because I am about to reach my place” He asked me.

“Hmm, actually am an orphan with so many troubles, I don’t really have a place to stay in this area, I sleep where ever the darkness meet me and I lay my head.

“Oh, am sorry about that” He said as he noticed the tears gathering in my eyes.

“You don’t have to cry, but what are you doing to fend for yourself” He asked me with a bit of pity written all over hid face.

“Actually, I have nothing doing for now, I live by the grace of God” I replied him.

“Ehyah, hope you don’t mind if I take you to my house this night and by tomorrow you find your way or better still talk more about yourself, so I can assist in any way I can” He said as he swap to the other lane and pull up at a big mansion in an estate.

“Yes, here we are, this is my house but you are yet to give me your response concerning your staying for the night” He added.

“Hmm,” I was not sure about staying in a big house like this with a guy I had barely known but my mind had the contrary

“This is not your first time of staying with a man, how about the ones you had been doing before” A voice said to me and my heart began to pound heavily.

“Okay, I will take your silence as a yes” He said as he ushered me into his house.
I looked at around at the magnificent mansion, well decorated. The sitting room was a wow and beautiful in its decoration. I marveled at this luxury.

“Sorry, are you really the owner of this place” I asked in surprise because considering his facial look he is much younger to have such a luxury and with the way ritual killings was on the increase, I was afraid.

“Yeah, by His grace, you don’t need to be afraid, am not a ritualist neither am I into fraudulent acts” He said to me with a smile on his face.

A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 11 – 20

Since I was given birth to, I have not entered into a mansion like this, all I could do was just imagining things. Had it been things were right, I would have taken pictures but what was happening to me was more than that.

“So, you can use the bathroom if you want to shower, I will be in the sitting room” He said to me as he walked to the television set to put it on.

“You don’t sleep early” I asked him.

“Hmm, Yes, I keep vigils for some of my programs” He said to me.

“vigil” I asked him as I was yawning covering my mouth.

“I can see you are tired, take your shower and have a good sleep” He said to me and concentrated on what he was watching.

Still, I don’t trust him, I hurried into the bathroom and had my bath. I came out with tip toes so as to not alert him that I was through but was shocked when he told me to walk properly and not tip toe around the house.

“You are afraid right, never mind, I don’t do shits, just take your time” He said to me.
How can a young guy in his late twenties be having so much wealth, all these were questions going through my mind, I wonder where he got so much money and for the fact that he stays there alone.

“Do you live here alone or your wife travelled” I inquired from him as I was cleaning my face with his short towel.

“You can make use of my night gown, it is new” He said as he points to a wardrobe beside me.

I opened it and was shocked with the set of costly wears and clothes neatly arranged in the place.

“Thanks I said as I took one of the gown and went back into the bathroom to change.
As I was coming out, I felt some sounds in my stomach, it was loud that he had also and he laughed immediately.

“I sense you are hungry, don’t mind me, I don’t cook much because of the limited time I got, so I rely on fast foods” He smiled revealing his set of neatly arranged and gapped teeth.

“really but that is just a waste of fortune, why don’t you just cook and eat balanced meal in your house” I said to him.

“If you say so, but I would not mind if you can go into the kitchen and cook something we can eat together before you sleep” He begged.

‘No problem, I will do just that, I was already famished so, I walked into the kitchen but was surprised with the way the kitchen was neatly arranged.

How can a bachelor know how to arrange kitchen stuff like this as if there is a woman in this house. I was suspecting him probably he might be lying.

“How manage, you arranged this kitchen” I asked him.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you, I have a sister of your age, she comes here anytime she is free, although it has been a while since she came along. She is the one that arranged it like that” He said to me with a smile.

He went back into the sitting room and continued with what he was watching. I picked some noodles and started cooking. Within few minutes it was done, as I was dishing it out, the spirit inside of me started with its tormenting voice.

“Now, you are here, you have another assignment to carry out, he is the next target” the thousand serpent voice said to me

“No, I can’t, someone that just helped me, I just met him” I replied trying to rebuke the voice.

“You must do it, now take that pesticide beside the cupboard” The voice said to me.
How it knew something like that was there still baffles me till now.

I checked beside the place and Lo, it was there.

“Now, take it and put it inside the food” The voice said to me.

Immediately, I took the pesticide and …

To be continued…..

Now what will happen, is this not trouble ?

A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 11 – 20

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