A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 11 – 20

A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 11 – 20



I took the pesticides and I poured it inside the noodles that I cooked for the two of us. My hands were shaking and sweat were gathering at the centre of my forehead. I don’t want to do Martins any harm but the spirit tormenting was more powerful than I could imagined.

I took the plate of noodles to Martins in the sitting but the posture I met him surprised me, he was kneeling down, I noticed that his lips were the only moving but what he was saying I didn’t understand until he started speaking in a language I did not know, I don’t think I have heard that before.

“Never, you have no hold over this place, it does not belong to you, I command fire upon you demon” he shouted suddenly

I was afraid, does it mean that he knew I had posioned the food or what. I was shaking where I stood. I could feel the heat coming out of his body, he was shaking his head and body as if the head should fall and he was pointing towards my direction but what made me a little bit relax was that his eyes were closed tightly. As I was shaking the plates of indomie I had carried dropped from my hands and that was what drew his attention to me.

“Oh, I am sorry for disturbing your peace with my strange attitude, I am really sorry” he said to me as he stood up.

I stood there looking at him like a sheep that was about to be slaughtered. I was speechless, how could this be possible, what kind of power is in this young man that made him know that demons are in his house. I was looking at him as he tries to get hold of his prayer manual and arranged them back on the table.

“Am deeply sorry, Alisa, I scared you. Oh, I made you waste the food you spent much time to cook, am sorry” he said after he noticed that I had thrown the food on the floor.

“I hope you did not injure yourself” he came nearer this time and checked my two legs to see if there were any cuts.

I just stood there still baffled at his manner of prayer and how he was speaking in language I don’t seem to understand.

“Say something Alisa and stop making me scared.” He tap my shoulder .

“Am good and okay” I managed to say.

” Now that the food is wasted, we can eat another thing” he went to his fridges and brought out some fruits and loaves of bread with Sardins.

“Here is it, let’s eat this” he said to me.

I don’t even know what makes me confused, was it that I was surprise at the manner he prayed or how he escaped death or his caring habit. I was just wondering, many thoughts going on in mg mind.

“You see Alisa, am not scaring you with this but when you went into the kitchen cooking, I didn’t know the time I slept off.” He paused to check my facial expression as he tries to serve me drink.

“Oh thanks, you are such a caring man” I voiced out.

“Wow, I think I got that from my father, my mother always complain of being over pampered by him, she say he always make him feel like a baby” he laughed.

“Really” I asked.

“Yes, but you know what, anytime my father travels she will not be herself, she will be calling him every minutes. But when my dad, takes long in picking her calls she will start feeling as if something bad as happened and would be uncomfortable” he smiles this time revealing his gapped teeth the more.

He was dark, not to tall but well built and got a cool face..he is such a gentle man..that was my description of him. As he was talking all I was thinking was his appearance until he calls my name.

“Alisa, are you following, I was about saying something before your compliment” he said to me.

” Yes, am here” I said to him with a bit of shock.

“Like I was saying, I slept off and all of a sudden, I saw a huge snake in form of a phyton, it has the head of a woman but the remaining was a snake, it crawled inside the house, everywhere was locked and it went straight into the kitchen. After some times it came out and had your head on her body, that is having your own face, immediately, I jumped up because I was shocked. I have never seen anything like that before in my life…that was what made me to pray but when I noticed that the snake was stubborn I had to start speaking in tongues and called fire upon it. After that it ran away” he said looking at my face .

I was afraid when he said all that, I knew they had come for him because he helped me and if it was not that he was having a power greater than them, he would be dead as he will eat of the poisoned food.

“Alisa, I am not saying this to scare you this night but you see as a person who knows the God he is serving, there is nothing to be afraid of but you see visons and dreams has meaning, Alisa, I want to ask you some questions” he said to me.

Immediately he said that, my heart was beating very fast as if someone was pounding there. It was moving so fast that even the person in the next estate would here.

“Alisa, why all the worries, okay, let’s eat our food, we will talk better tomorrow, since you are not going anywhere and it is Saturday, we can know more about ourselves.”He said with smile.

I was happy he said that, what questions will he ask me, I was confused. I could not eat anything any more, my appetite for food went sour. I was thinking heavily on what I would do to prevent him from asking any questions.

A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 11 – 20

We ate the bread and fruits in silence after we were through, he showed me the room I will sleep. It was a large room with a big bed size.

” Just manage the room for this night” he said to me.

“Manage, this is more than what i should manage” I replied him with a smile

I locked the door and laid on huge bed. I was unable to sleep, now that I know that Martins is someone I can trust, I was not having the fear of him having anything to do with me but what took my sleep was the questions he said he would ask me the next day. I was calculating on how I will be able to answer him without him detecting or suspecting any foul play.

But I was wrong, he was someone that has a power greater than I do. It is as if he is gifted in dreaming and able to see what is happening around him. After some minutes I slept off.

“You think you can escape from me, it is not possible. You are meant to be destroyed just like we destroyed your family” A figure said to me backing me.

“Never, I can’t be killed” I replied.

The figure laughed so loud that I became terrified. The figure Came nearer and I look at the face closely, it was the face of Martins.

“You, what do you want from me” I asked him.
“Do you think here is safe for you, you have to flee before morning, or else I will kill you” He said to me.

“But you just helped me, why do you want to kill me” I asked him as I was shaking.

He jumped on me, and I tried to struggle with him till I woke up from my sleep feeling weak and sweating all over my face.

I couldn’t sleep again, I sat upright on the bed and was waiting for the day break as it was around 4:00am then.

As I was still thinking, I heard a knock on the door. I was afraid but managed to ask who it was.

“It is me, Martins” he said.

I was afraid..I felt reluctant to open the door.

“Am sorry to disturb you but I just have a strange dream again, I saw that you were holding a nice and trying to kill me, you were saying I shouldn’t help you that you don’t need my help or else I will be killed but” he wanted to complete his words but I cut hi short.

“I had similar dream as yours, you wanted to kill me for helping, I am scared right now” I said to him as I was troubled within me.

” Okay, I now understand, this called masquerading powers that want to prevent your helpers from locating you” he said to me.

“What is the meaning of masquerading powers” I was surprised at what he said.

“You see those powers, they make use of a person image to attack ones helper. For example I remembered when I was still seeking admission into University, I met a lecturer to help me out into the university. The man already promised to do that but all of a sudden he changed and refused to help me again.

I begged but he said I was tormenting him in his sleep and that I would kill him if he decided to help me. His words shocked me as I did not believe something like that.

I felt he was not willingly to help until my own uncle said the same thing when he was trying to process my going abroad because I was jobless as at that time.” He continued.

“You see, my uncle lost his own job because he wanted to help me, he was stubborn until he went to consult some spiritualist who told him that he needs to stop from helping me or else he will lose things that are precious to him. It was then he desist and it was then I knew I was been followed by some powers.

” you see these powers would do anything to hinder you from becoming successful not until I became closer to God and became a prayer addict that I was able to overpower them. But you see, it was by God’s grace.

“This power would use the face of those closer to you so that you will develop hatred for them and that is if they want to punish someone. So you have to be ready to pray yourself out of these mess…but I have some sincere questions I need you to answer” he said to me.

My heart started skipping very fast and beating hard.

“WHO ARE YOU?” He said as he stares at my eye.


“Yes, he replied.

As I was about to talk, I started coughing out foams from my mouth, and I went down on the floor and started behaving like a snake,

” What!! I command fire upon you in Jesus name” he shouted with shock in his eye.

“I am a thousand snake’ I shouted and immediately the presence of the demons were felt in the room, the bedroom.began to become disorganised.

” you cannot send us out, we are in her because of her sins, there is nothing you can do” the demon replied.

“As he was about to talk, I jumped on him and hit him with a stick that was used to hold the bed together, my power like that of a legion, he could not hold his stand, he staggered to the back and fell on his back..(blank out)

A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 11 – 20

©Okegbemi Ebenezer.

A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 11 – 20

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