A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 11 – 20

A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 11 – 20


Story by : Okegbemi Ebenezer

After I had hit him on his head with the stick, he fell down with a loud crash. I thought he is going to lose it and become unconscious but inspite of his state he was still saying he commands fire weakly.

I wanted to hit him again on his head but all of a sudden there was rush like a mighty wind, it blew across the room and I felt a hard push which made me fall down flat on my chest. I was groaning in pain. Apart from the rush of wind, there was fire that surrounded Martins, It was burning seriously, I could feel the heat from fire which made it impossible for me to go near him. I have never seen that kind of fire in my life, it was so real, I thought he was going to burn to death.

A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 11 – 20

After about few minutes, I noticed he began to regain his strength then I saw a figure with a sword coming for me, it was then I knew the battle was more tougher than I can imagine. I had to shout and scream. As the figure was coming towards me, the dem©n that had possessed me was screaming like it was going to burst my stomach, I started rolling and twisting my body. While all these was going on, Martins was still lying on the floor with his eyes now opened. He was muttering something I don’t understand, the language was like someone that was speaking in French or Arabic I can’t say specifically but all I know is that he was not speaking the words I understand.

The figure shunning like halogen light advanced towards me and speak with a loud voice that troubled my spirit, the voice was so thick that my ear began to tingle and my body began to swell like ballon that was about to burst open.

“No, leave me, leave me alone, I have no business to do with you” I was seen talking to the figure but it was not listening to me.

“I have been in her for many days , months, you cannot send me out of my habitation” The demon in me shouted at the figure advancing but it was not talking.

“Even if you send me out, where will I go, I will come back and when I do, I am coming with more harsh and tougher dem©ns with me, she belongs to us and no one can take her away from us” the voice screamed again.

“Nooooo” the voice screamed as the figure raised the burning sword.

There was silence in the room, I became conscious of what was going on around me. In was shocked when I saw Martins lying on the ground.

“What happened to you, why are you on the floor” I was asking him but I discovered that his eyes were becoming dim and he was struggling to talk.

Immediately I went to the kitchen to get some water and I poured it on his face, after several minutes of reviving, pressing and beating his chest, he speaks.

“If you continue beating me like this I might eventually die” he said to me as he was smiling weakly.

I helped him to stand up on his feet as he sat on the bed. He was looking tired, I went to get him some water inside the bathroom and after he had his bath he looked fresh again.

“Can you tell me what really happened” he asked me because all I know was that I was asking you who you were before you turned violent and hit me with a stick which made me unconcious.

“Yes, you are right, am sorry I turned violent, I was possessed by a thousand snake that had been troubling my life for sometimes now, it had ruined my family as it made me an agent of destruction to my family” I said as I was weeping.

“It is okay, you don’t have to feel bad, you were possessed doing those wickedness but next time you should have told your parents or a spiritual leader that can help you out, don’t you know a closed mouth is equal to a close destiny” he said to me as he smiled just to ease the tension.

He talked to me about himself and how he was able to overcome his own problem, he narrated how he had almost joined that bad gangs because thing were not going as he had planned.

“You see my mother gave birth to five of us, they are rich but something happened and we lost three of us just remaining myself and my little sister who is also in the university and of your age.” As he was talking he paused and asked me a question.

“Wait which university did you say you are” he asked me.

” TUI university” I mentioned it to him.

“Wow, that’s nice, that means you attend the same university as my sister but am not sure if you guys have met before.” He said to me as he smiled.

“You know it is a big place so we might not meet” I replied.

“What is your plan now, I mean what you are…” I didn’t allow him to finish before I interrupted again.

“I want to return to school but am afraid because of lack of money and for the school fees I had owned like three semesters now.” I said to him

“Really, thats not fine enough, I will see what I can do with that.” He said to me.

I spent few days in his place and he took me to his pastor who put me through what I needed to know about how to be spiritually sound and fight away demons anytime they want to attack again.

“You see, demons will only come back to place that is full of sinful lifestyle, so if you want to remain free, you must live a good and holy life.” The man of God said to me. He guided me through some scriptures and after some prayed for me.

Martins never take his eyes of me for once, anytime he was not around, he will put a call through to check on me and ask about how I was faring. It was like a daily routine on his part and with time I was really growing spiritually.

He paid for my school fee and cleared the outstanding debt I had for the previous semesters. He bought nice clothes for me, and helped me secure a decent accommodation.

“You can not continue staying here, it is not proper” he said to me.

“Hmm, I understand but …” I smiled and was about to talk when he replied.

“Thanks for understanding” he replied.

A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 11 – 20

The following day, he drove me to the school, it was a lovely ride back to school as I was excited within me, I could not wait to see some of my friends even though they had not check on me.

“I will be seeing my sister in school, maybe you can wait for her so that you guys can know each other.” He said to me.

“Wow that will be nice of you, I can’t wait to me her, I am anxious already” I said to him.

I stepped out of the car and he put a call to his sister to come and see him, I could hear the sound of exictment from his sister on the phone. It was so loud her voice was full of joy.

As we were waiting, my lecturer passed by and saw me, I tried to dodged him as I had covered my face with my hands and face the other side but when Martins called my name it made the lecturer to notice my presence.

“Alisa, so it has turn to that, you are hiding your face, you can’t say you don’t know us, or us it because of your car you are having pride.

” am sorry sir, I dont mean to hide, it is just that I was shy” I lied to him.

“Shy, you of all people, are you busy now” Mr Lawrence asked me.

“Ehmm, hmm, somehow sir” I knew he wanted to excuse me.

A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 11 – 20

Martins who has been looking at the two of us, greeted him but Mr. lawrence replied nonchalantly. Anyways Martins did not mind his rude actions, he smiled back.

“So you are now following Yahoo boys because of money” Mr Lawrence said to me as he stared into my eyes and held my hands to follow him.

“I hope you don’t mind if I excuse your girl away for some minutes” he asked Martins who was looking at him with surprise.

“You mean Alisa, she is my Friend sir” he said politely.

It was as if I should tell him that I am not going anywhere but the fear that he was my lecturer made me shut up.

“You know am like a father to you and I can’t see you going the wrong way and I should leave you alone” he said as we move away from Martins and going to a place I was yet to identify.

” but sir, he is …” He asked me to shut up.

” he is not what, you see material things should not be the reason why you should claim you love a guy” Mr Lawrence said to me.

“I know but he is not my boyfriend, we are just friends and he has helped me a lot, we are just waiting beside his car to meet his sister. He brought me to school sir” I explained to him. This time we are far from where Martins was, I could see he was straining himself to check out on me. I receive his text message asking I all was well but I did not reply. He sent another one but I could not reply because Mr. Lawrence was talking and he hate it when you press phone in his presence, he terms it as an act of indiscipline.

“Why are you checking your phone, I know he is the one texting you” he asked.

I did not reply him as I was looking at him. We went out of sight and on my way, I met Lara and her two other friends.

“Oh my God, my eyes can’t be deceiving me, Is this not Alisa” she shouted as she came forward to hug me.

“Yes o, I am” I relied her.

Dr. Lawrence was looking at us but could not say anything, I noticed the anger on his face but I pretended not to be bothered.

“Girlie, you are very beautiful, wow, how is everyone, hope you are good” Lara asked me.

She asking about my family made me remember the ugly incident, my mood was about to change emotionally but I quickly control myslef.

” see babe, gist dey o, am going to see someone, when I am through, I will come and see you, are you coming to the hostel today” she asked.

” hmm, Yes , No..”I replied.

“which one is that, or is it what …” She gestures with her eye towards Dr. Lawrence who didn’t understand what she met.

“Oh, Not at all, that is the past dear, this a new me” I replied with smile.

Dr. Lawrence coughed to signify that we were wasting his time.

“I will check on you babe” she said and walked away.

“Who are those girls” Dr. Lawrence asked me.

“Hostel mates and friend” I relied.

” you mean that girl” he asked.

“Yes sir” I replied.

“Hmm. okay” he replied with a grin but there was more to his questions he has had one something with Lara but he quickly covered up.

We discussed at length, and he tried to bring up the old discussion that almost ruin my life, but I quickly excuse myself from him. I left him standing. He called me but I did not look back at him.

As I was moving towards Martins I noticed that he was laughing and talking with a lady that has almost the same figure as Lara. I moved closer to them and discovered she was the one.

“This girl will never change” I said to myself.

“Never, I will not allow her to get close to him, never” I said.

But little did I know that surprise awaits me.

“Yeah, Alisa, this is my sister” Martins said to me.

“What, Lara is your sister” I asked.
” you mean Alisa is the Lady you brought to school, you mean this is the lady you are saying you met and love and want me to meet her.

“Alisa of all people” Lara shouted.

Martins was confused as Lara walked out on us…

To be continued.

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A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 11 – 20

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