A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 11 – 20

A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 11 – 20



As Lara and her other friends walked away hissing and murmuring bitterly to herself. I knew trouble was coming. Martins was surprised at the harsh attitude his sister had displayed. He was really sorry for me.

“Am sorry for what happened just now, I was the one that dragged you into this mess, I never knew she would react like that” Martins pleaded with me.

“No problem, am okay. It is a normal thing for a lady to protect the interest of her brother, if you are the one you might act like that” I said to him just to ease the tension but deep down inside of me I was feeling uneased it was as if I should be able to correct the wrongs I had done.

“But do you girls know each other before, like the way she called your name, it sounds like you two had seen each other probably have a quarrel” Martins said to me as he was looking at my eyes demanding for an answer.

“Not really, like I said she may be having her reasons for behaving in the manner but mind you, I am not holding it against her, she might be going through a lot, you know girl’s things” I said as I forced myself to smile.

“Hmm, really but are you saying it could be mood swing but it is not yet the end of the month, we are just at the beginning, so what could have caused the mood swing in her.” Martins asked shaking his head in displeasure.

“Anyways, that is by the way who is that lecturer” Martins asked with his eye opened a bit.

“Oh, Mr. Lawrence George. He is just a lecturer that loves to know about my welfare.” I replied him praying he did not ask any further questions because it will be the more revealing.

“okay, that’s fine” He said and made a move into his car. He ignited it and greeted me bye.

“So when you are free, you can come over to my place” H said to me and wave.

I waved back at him as he drove away. My mind was filled with so many thoughts, I had never imagined that Lara could be the sister of Martins, what am I going to tell her or how will Martin convince his sister.

I got to my room that day, it was already filled with dust and there were cobwebs at some corner which showed that it has been a while I had used the place.

I dropped my bag and utter some few prayers as I took my long broom and was trying to remove the webs from it place. It took me several hours before I could finish with my cleaning. When I finished I had already developed catarrh as a result of the dust I had inhale during the process of sweeping and dusting.

A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 11 – 20

I took my bath and had a change of dress, I was very tired when I was done and famished as I have not eaten that morning. I lay down on the bed reminiscing about what had happened in the morning.

“But why, why must it be Lara, this girl would definitely stand as an obstacle between myself and her brother” I thought to myself.

“I should have known earlier, if only I had asked for her name, my mind just skipped that part” I thought to myself as I used my hands to roughen my hair and rolled on my bed from side to side just to have a clear thinking. It was like a dream to me.

“My God, she already know every bit about me and would not hesitate to tell her brother, although she is not to be blamed, she just doing the sisterly duty, I would have acted the same way if it was the other way round.” I thought as I was now sitting by the end of my bed.

There was a knock on my door, I went to open it only to find Lara alone standing at the front door.
“Good afternoon, Lara” I managed to say.

“Please, hold your greetings, what is good about the afternoon” She said to me.

I felt insulted at the way she replied me but I don’t want to add petrol to a fire that is already burning so as not to lose my chance.

“Am sorry Lara it is not what you think, I never knew he was your …” She didn’t allow me to finish my words.

“Am not here to listen to your pleads, neither am I here to joke but to tell you my mind about the situation of things. How did you two met in the first place” She asked.

“The last time you left the school, you left school like someone that was been possessed of something, like you were going to die, so how come as in, I can’t just put it together” She said to me with her hands gesticulating.

“ He was my savior, he was instrumental to my being well mentally and spiritually” I replied her.

“Oh, oh, so out of all the men in this world, it is my own brother that is instrumental in making you sound and health again, you must be a joker” She said to me.

“Do you think because he is rich you can just use him like you do with other people, dear this is my own blood brother and not just any person, I can do anything to make sure he gets the best” She said to me.

“But Lara you are taking this issue too far, after all there is nothing between myself and your brother” I replied her

“Hmm, hmm, see the lie of the day, you should be given a place in the Guinness book of record for making the world breaking lie, see your mouth, there is nothing between us” She mimicked me as she twisted her tongue like someone that was just learning to talk.

I stood there speechless because I knew she was determined and her brother was never a joke to her.

“You said you are not having any thing with him but he was speaking so much about you on phone,, don’t you know he can’t do anything without informing me his Kid sister, we are just too damn close” She added.

“My brother since last four days has been like, ehn ‘Lara, I have see a lady, I loved so much, she is just the kind I wanted, I hope you will see her soon, she is also a student of your school’ that is what he said to me anytime he calls, that he wants me to meet a lady and I was happy for him not knowing that it is you” She said.

I was shocked by what she said, Martins has never reveal to me that he loves me with the few time we spent together, why was he telling his sister even before he confess his love to me. No doubt, I will have said Yes to him if he asked me out but right now my head is not just able to comprehend and with Lara in the look of things it is seems to be impossible.

“Alisa, let me tell you something girl, if you fail to realise it, I will never and will not allow you marry my brother, even if you succeed in wining him over, my parents will never agree to this marriage, one you are Igbo while we are Yoruba’s and to be sincere with you, my mother really wish him to marry a Yoruba lady” She said .

“But why all these” I asked.

“Just telling a friend” She replied.

She made a move to leave my room with out any form of greetings and murmured some words under her breath.

“Shameless pro$titute without womb looking for green pasture to hide and enjoy what she has not labored for” She said and left.

I heard her right , my heart was broken at her revelation, she was right, my womb was damaged as a result of the drug Banji gave to me to abort the baby when I was ignorant.

I sat on my bed weeping when a message popped up on my phone, I checked to see what was it, it was from Martins. My heart was beating really fast.

I check the message and was shocked…I should meet him at a private resort this evening, what for?…

To be continued…..

With the behavior of Lara to Alisa, is she right or just being jealous and over protective. If you are in Lara’s shoe will you do the same..

A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 11 – 20

Okegbemi Ebenezer.

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