A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 11 – 20

A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 11 – 20



Story by : Okegbemi Ebenezer

I check the message and was shocked…I should meet him at a private resort at evening, what for?

I was curious and at the same time afraid, the fear of Lara showing up another thing that makes my heart to beat very fast, I was not feeling too good. I sat on my bed and thought over and over many times just to make up my mind.

“what if he decided to bring his sister along to talk things out. What if Lara is monitoring my movement around her brother. Do I really know her plans.” Those were the thoughts that had filled my heart. I was so bothered that I remained on my bed for a long period. As I was thinking, the message of Martins kept coming in.

I opened it and read but my mind was just too weak to make a decision. After several attempts calling me, I decided to pick his calls and I dressed up to meet him.

It was not far from my place in school, so I got there in no time, he was already seated. I had to peep inside the place to check whether Lara was around or her friends. As I was peeping, I felt a gentle tap at my back.

“Alisa what are you doing here at this time of the day” Mr Lawrence George asked me with surprise on his face.

“Ehmm, ehmm, I came here to see a friend sir” I replied him.

“Oh, you are here to see a friend but you didn’t consider it nice to be in the lecture room today” He said to me as he shakes his head.
“And if I may ask who is the so called friend, a guy or a lady” He said to me.

“Ehmm, ehmm, the guy you say earlier today sir” I said to him looking down, I was not happy as I was murmuring to myself.

Why would he be asking me those questions as if I was his child and it was not that he was nice, it was a result of his devilish interest he had in me.

As he was talking, I noticed a beautiful lady beside him, she should not be up to eighteen years of age.

“Hello” I said as I wave to the lady.

“Hy” She replied with a little smile, she has a nice dimple that made her more beautiful.

“I am Alisa and you are” I asked her with a faint smile while my lecturer was looking at me with a kind of eye I don’t understand.

“I am Janet but you can call me jane as the short form of my name” She replied me.

I looked at the young lady and was shaking my head because she must have fallen for the sweet talk of Dr. George.

“Alisa, why are you looking at her like that” He asked me.

“Nothing sir” I replied.
“Do you guys know each other somewhere” he queried me.

“Not really, am just seeing her for the first time” I said to him while the lady nodded in affirmation,

“Okay, that’s good” He said.

As I was about to take my leave from his presence to go and meet Martins who was constantly checking his time, he had message me close to twenty texts and calls but my phone was in silent. I placed it on silence when I was doing the surveillance check on the environment and a ring could spoil my plans. Like I said earlier. I was about taking my leave when I heard the young lady call Dr. Lawrence Daddy.

“Daddy lets move in and enjoy our time, you know mum would be worried if we keep late outsides and the time is already going” The young lady said.

I was shocked at the revelation as I stopped immediately and looked back. Our eyes met at the same time, I think Dr. Lawrence would have wanted to hide the fact from me, so that I will not know anything about his family. That means he is the father of this beautiful lady while he was trying to destroy my life as his student. Oh my God.

I slapped my head to be able to think normally, so this is the lady he calls and cherished, he would not allow anyone to go near her but he wants to destroy other people’s children.

A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 11 – 20

After some minutes of pausing and expression of shock which I noticed on his face, he grabbed his daughter’s hand and walked past me into the resort. It was his presence that drew Martins to my side.

Immediately he saw me, he stood up and came for me with his hands on his waist.

“So you were around for sometime now and you kept me waiting” He said to me.

“Am sorry, I could not” I stuttered as I was about to talk.

“Never mind, I understand, he said as he was looking at the direction my lecturer and his daughter.

“That is his daughter right” He asked me.

I nodded.

“he has a nice family; I love the bond he is having with his daughter” He said to me.

I smiled.

I think he is yet to know who the lecturer was, if not he will not be saying things like that.

“Okay, can you please come in, I have booked a silent place for the two of us, just for this night, so that we can have our privacy and talk somethings out” He said as he held my hand and I followed sheepishly.

My heart began to race very fast as we were going, we passed through some guys who were staring at me, and some commenting on the two of us.
“What a perfect combo, the two of you match yourself really well” One of the said to us.

Some ladies there were making comments on Martins while the guys were talking about me.

“Oh my God, see how cute he is, he is dark, tall and well built” Another lady said but I just fake a smile.

“Oh no, he is my spec” Another said.

All those praises and admiration did not move Martins a bit as we walked pass them. As we were going, I could feel that eyes were following me, as I was feeling their stare through my clothes.

A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 11 – 20

We got to the private place he booked, it was so beautiful and well decorated, nice smelling of hibiscus flowers and sweet scent filled the air. I was looking at him with surprise but I could not say a word.

“Yes, here we are” he said to me

I nodded.

“Don’t you like it” He inquired but I smiled and said I love it.

He brought out a chair and helped me to sit down, he then sat face to face to me, at first he was shy, I could see him looking at my hair not my eye.

“Alisa, you see, I will not waste our time because I would love you return home quickly, the reason why I called you here is that I want to tell you something” He said.

At this point, I was no longer comfortable, my heart beat increased a lot.

“You see, there is a wise saying that says ‘One has to put away fear to get what he or she wants. You see since I have seen you that night my heart has been drawn to you, I was having this strong feeling in my spirit about you. You see don’t take me as just someone that is clouded by wealth, No. I have my own feelings, you see I really love you at first sight” He said to me.

When he started, I was listening but along the line, I was no longer listening, my heart was divided, tears had gathered in my eyes, how I wish I can change the hands of time and correct my mistakes.

“Alisa are you there” He held my hand as he calls.

“I am” I replied.

He then went down on one kneel and said to me, “Alisa I want you to accept my love and be my …”

I didn’t wait for him to finish when I collapsed….

To be continued……

What do you think made Alisa to collapse.? Was Martins not to forward about his proposal to Alisa.. what lies ahead for them two…

Find out in the next chapter.

A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 11 – 20

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