A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 11 – 20

A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 11 – 20



Martins was afraid and began to panic, he did all he could to revive me, he was screaming my name. He was restless as I was not waking up anytime soon. He was moving from one end to another, as he was slapping my face gently. He went out to inform two of resort workers to assist him in reviving me which they immediately rendered their help. After minutes of pouring like three full buckets of water on me, I finally came back alive.

“What happened to me” I inquired

“You passed out” Martins replied as he was thanking the guys that had come to his rescue.

“I really appreciate your help” He said to them with a weak smile and handed them few cash as a show of appreciation.

He helped me to relax on the long sofa that was there. By then, it was already late in the night and to make things worst rain started to fall gradually.

“Alisa what are we going to do now, it is raining already and with the way you are doing it shows as if you are not still feeling Okay” He said to me.

‘Yes, but I will manage myself to my hostel” I said to him. the rain had started to fall heavily by that time and darkness was so thick that to see was a problem.

“I can’t allow you to go like this to your hostel, if you don’t mind, you can come to my place” He said to me.

Although, I was feeling reluctant to accept because I don’t really know what would happen there as to whether he will continue with his proposal but it was better than staying alone in my hostel all night.

He assisted me into the car and we drove into his house in no time, he went on an average speed.

We got out from the car and with his help climbed the stairs but Martins noticed that someone had entered into his house.

“Wait, it seems the lock has been tampered with” He said to me.

“How come, you are the one with the keys now” I said to him

A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 11 – 20

After some minutes of hesitation and moving round the compound to check if there has been any intruder, he then asked us to move in.

“We can enter now” He said

He walked in first, guarding me with his side arm just in case there could be ab attack, I noticed that he was walking quietly and moving to prevent his footsteps not to be heard.

A bit of fear and tension was in his whisper and in his walking, he was looking around like he was expecting a thief to show up.

“Just remain silent and careful Alisa” He said to me as he helped me on the sofa.

I had barely sat down when we heard the running of the tap in the kitchen.

“I said it, someone is in this house” Martins said to me as he was moving like a cat into the kitchen with a big iron from the set of his television set.

He beckons on me to keep quiet so as not to alert the person in the kitchen.

He was about nearing the kitchen when he heard a ladys’ voice singing and closing the water.

“Oh, no, it is Lara my sister” He exclaimed.

What! Lara is in the house, oh No, what kind of situation is this, I never prayed for this.

As he went into the kitchen to announce his presence to his sister, I was praying within me, immediately the ache I was having in my head disappeared, I just received strength from nowhere, I think it was the effect of fear.

A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 11 – 20

I was waiting at the living room with my heart skipping when Lara walked into the living room with her brother by her side. She was laughing as she was coming but when she saw me she stopped immediately and made a long hissing.

“Greet your colleague now” Martins said to her.

“Who is she, please” Lara replied while she continued to eye me and sat on the Sofa.

“Are you saying you don’t know her” Martins asked as he was looking at the two of us.

“Please, tell her to leave this house or else” Lara threatened.

“But what is the problem, do you know she is the lady I want to marry” Martins said to her.

While all these was going on, I was praying silently that God should touch the heart of Lara.

“Who is your wife, not when I am still your sister, it will never happen” Lara shouted at her brother.

“Please someone should tell me the reason for all this fuss before I lose my head” Martins said as he looked at Lara and myself.

“It is not a story for today but for another day but you should tell her to leave this house or else, I will go violent on her” Lara screamed at the top of her voice as she was staring straight into my eyes.

I could not talk, the saliva in my mouth had become dry, my throat was itching me, I already felt like I was having a goose bumps growing on my skin.

“You can’t just ask me to send her out at this time of the night without you telling me what was happening” Martin said to her

“Okay, you have decided to place her over me right, ehn, ehn” Lara shouted at Kelvin and she began to sob.

“Not like that, nothing can come in between us, you are a pillar in my life, and you have always wished the best for me.” Martins said to her as he tries to pat her back.

“Please, leave me alone. Since, you have agreed that you can’t send her out of this house, I am leaving for you” Lara said as she went to the drawer to take her purse and attempt to leave the house but Martins tried to hold her back.

“You are not going anywhere, it is late already and I will not let you risk anything this night” Martins held her by her waist and pulled her to himself, she struggled in his hands with kicks and biting but he would not release her, after several attempts by Lara to free herself, she finally gave in and surrendered.

“Okay, leave me, I am not going” She said with little breath in her.

“That is my baby” Martins said as he pats her head.

A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 11 – 20

I stood there looking at them, my heart was full of sore, I never knew what could happen next, should I wait or I should leave was the thoughts going on in my mind.

“Alisa, am sorry don’t mind my kid sister, sometimes she behaves like that but she is a very nice person, I wish you guys get along soon” ,Martins said to me

I responded by nodding while Lara was murmuring to herself and hissing at me.

“Am sorry” that was the words that came out of my mouth.

“Sorry for what” Martins asked me.

“I am not the lady, you think I am” I finally burst out myself while Lara was looking at me with her left eye.

“What do you mean, someone should shed more light to this” He asked.

“I am sorry that I would not be able to reciprocate your love to me, I have a dirty past and have made a lot of mistakes” I said to him.

‘You are funny, babe, everyone has a past but just that we should not allow it get into us” He replied and stare at his sister.
“I used to be a good girl but circumstances occurred that I lost my good character and virtue” I said to him.

“Please, enough of all this parables and suspense, tell me what you have in mind, at least a problem share is a problem solved” He said to me.

“The circumstances made me to become a runs girl as a result of the advise of a friend, I became possessed which led to the killing of my own family, I was initiated into things I could not control” I said to him.

I checked Martins face, it was already turning sad, I don’t know whether he was having pity for me or he was annoyed with my confessions.

“And so” Lara asked as she was expecting the last bomb shell.

“Ehmm, ehm, I don’t have a womb” I Said to Martins,

“What”!!, are you joking or acting drama, I am not in for all these, you better stop now.

“I can’t give birth anymore, my womb is already damaged” I burst into tears
Whatt!!!! You mean that.

Martins stood their transfixed and after some minutes went into his room and slammed the door. I stood there crying while Lara walked away into her room also.

To be continued……

What will happen now that the secret has been revealed? Do you think Martins can still accept Alisa, what do you think…

A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 11 – 20

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