A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 11 – 20

A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 11 – 20



I stood at the centre of the sitting room thinking to myself, I cried that night all through, I wished something can help me rewrite my past. I was unable to sleep, even though I tried to but it did not come, my heart was heavy.

I would not have been in this ugly position if it was not Lara that introduced me to something like that, I was seriously furious with myself. I sat down alone in the sitting room.

“Will you now die over a man” A voice said to me

“You better shut up, where were you when I was making the stupid mistakes that brought me to this situation, ehnn” I silence the voice, although I knew it was the inner spirit talking to me.

“Yes, you made a mistake and everyone is bound to make it but you letting it take over you is a sign of weakness” The voice continued but I hissed.

“You see, God has planned your life from the beginning since you were born into this world” The voice said to me.

“I said shut up, You mean God planned my life this way, he allows me to suffer, see my life, I have no one to call my family member, I lost my womb, I am useless” I said to the voice, and tried as much as possible to silence it.

“hmm, you are right, but why are you always blaming all your misfortunes and troubles on God, have you forgotten that humans also use their own hands to cause problem into their life” The voice said to me.

“You see, when you were contemplating that whether you should go into the line of prostitution, didn’t you hear a silent voice telling you not to go the wrong way” The voice asked me.

‘Yes, it did but I was suffering then” I replied.

“Can you now see for yourself, there are somethings that human caused by themselves but always blame the creator.” The voice said to me.

“But why did he allow my parents to die and my siblings” I queried.

“Yes, they wouldn’t have died if you have not chosen the wrong path, the devil only made use of you as a tool in destroying your family” The voice said clearly.

“This is no time for you to be pointing accusing fingers but you should find what will benefit your life” The voice said to me.

“If Martins is destined to be yours, he will have no choice than to accept” The voice added.

“But he is annoyed” I said but the voice talking within me had become silenced.

Very early that morning, I picked my bags and hurriedly left the house for my hostel before anyone woke up. I ensured that I was not noticed. I decide to pen down a letter that shows I appreciate all he did.

The letter read thus;

Dear Martins,
With heaviness of heart and sincere gratitude, I am writing this letter to you, thanks for all you have done for me despite that you did not know me, you provided shelter for me and fed me without any complain from you. I know I might have not been the kind of lady you desire to spend your life with but I wish you the very best in your future endeavors and I pray that God heals the wound I might have caused to your heart. My sincere apology to your sister. God bless you both. Amen.

Your friend and sister.

I place the letter at the centre of the table where he placed his phone and left for good. You would have expected me to be more sorrowful in the letter but No, I have made up my mind. I went back to the house he got for me and pack my belongings and left the place giving the key to my neighbor.

I went back to school and moved into one of my colleague room, who also accepted to house me, I did this in order to prevent further embarrassment from Lara as I don’t know what she might be up to. I decide to concentrate on my studies and I move more closer to God as I never stopped praying.

“Alisa, I learnt from your friends that you are no longer living in your school hostel, hope there is no problem” Dr. Lawrence asked me after one of his lectures.

“Yes sir, I decided to concentrate more on my studies” I said to him trying to dodge his look.

“hmm, or you don’t want us to keep disturbing you again” He said to me with some mischievous smile.
“I don’t understand sir” I replied him.

“Don’t behave as if you are a baby, you understand what I meant” He said to me.

“No sir , I don’t” I replied even though, it was glaring that he wants to satisfy his selfish desire.

In order for him to change the topic, I decided to ask him about his fsmily.

“How is your daughter sir” I asked him but he pretended not to hear but I kept asking him.

“How is your daughter sir” I asked again.

“Do you want to give her anything” He replied in annoyance which I noticed on his face.

“ I am sorry sir” I said to him bent down a bit to show a little respect to him but he just hissed and went away.

A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 11 – 20


It has been a close to a year and some weeks, I had not heard from Martins not that I was expecting but I thought he would have asked of me but nothing of such. Likewise, since the event of that night, I have not set my eye on his sister. I came across several guys but none of them was appealing to me, all they were after was my body which I was not ready to give then they left.

I engaged in many work to cater for myself, I sold some of the clothes bought for me by Martins, as I was not using some. I was only lucky that my school fee was already paid by Martins before I left.

I worked a server and an attendant in many eateries, it was not easy as I have to navigate in between my academics and work. Most times I have to miss classes to be in the working place because failure to do that might lead to dismissal from the place. Most people I turned to for help either wanted a s3x in exchange or make me serve them pending the time I pay back but I had promised myself never to involve in such things anymore.

Life was so hard that I understood the difference between, I have eaten and I am not satisfied, there were days I go on without food in my stomach. Most of the times I turned it to fast just to make sure I was doing something. I had complications many times but for the timely intervention of some of my mates, I was saved.

A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 11 – 20

It went on like that until one day a friend introduced me to an event that was organized by some young chaps for those that were seeking for scholarship and wanting to learn some skills that would help them in establishing themselves.

“Girly, you can attend this event and I promise you, your life would change for better, it is organized by some young people that has made it and want to contribute to the society, it is tagged “Catch them young”. She said to me.

“Wow, I would love that but are they not going to charge any money” I asked her

My fear was that after you attend such events, they would now tell you to invest or buy forms to become a member.

“You see these people are coming from Abroad and who knows, God might answer your prayers” She said to me.

I collected the flyer and looked at the name of the organizers, none of it looked familiar. I penned down the venue of the event and when the time arrived, I together with my friends went to the event.

It was a lively event with young guys and ladies sharing how they became successful in spite of their the kind of background they came from. The whole venue was charged and lit, we really enjoyed ourselves then, I was happy until when it was time for question and answer.

The M.C announced that a new personnel and important figure who was the brain behind the event would treat the question and answer section. The M.C was about to announce his name when I saw Martin coming up on stage. I was shocked and confused with the changes that had happen to him, he looked more handsome.

“It is no other person than Dr. Martins Bamidele, the CEO of Lets us shine company, co founder of My express, founder of your heartbeat (A device which I so much cherish a lot), founder of “Tell it all”, a real estate manager, a writer and most importantly a diplomat by Education. He is a young millionaire and a pace setter, please rise up as we welcome him on the podium” The M.C announced and gave him the mic.

He was more handsome and humble as he bowed his head. He smiled at a lady beside him which reveals his gapped teeth. The people in the hall were screaming as they were amazed on how a young guy like that can have all these wealth.

“Oh my God, this is the kind of guys I need in my life” One of my friend said to me but I only smiled.

I was shocked and surprise but when I remember the incident, I became sad. He talked for several hours while the students were asking various questions. He was not annoyed but kept smiling as he was answering them.

“Any other question he asked” looking around in case there was anyone raising up their hands. I used my book to cover my face so as to prevent our eyes from seeing each other when a lady beside me raised up her hand to ask question then his attention was drawn to my side.

“Please, the person covering her face should remove it so that we can have a better view, we are all learning please” He said.

I felt reluctant to remove it but my friend took it away from me and our eyes met.

He was shock to see and I was feeling shy as my skin began to rise, I noticed that eyes were turned on me.

“Alisa, Alisa” He screamed..

I wanted to run but my friends held me back..

“Alisa, Please, give the mic to that lady” He ordered the M.C.

To be continued….

Question- Is there any hope at all? What makes Martins scream her name like that.

A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 11 – 20

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