A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 11 – 20

A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 11 – 20



Story by : Okegbemi Ebenezer.

I wanted to run but my friends held me back.

“Alisa!!, Please, give the mic to that lady” He ordered the M.C. with shock in his eye.

The M.C came to my side and tried give the Mic. to me but I was shy. Is it that I was shy or I was feeling guilty probably because of the decision I took back then.

I could not look up as I noticed that everybody’s eyes were on me, their look was penetrating into my skin, that it seems as if it was that day they will remove my skin from my body. Most of them that do not know us together were starting to murmur.

“Abeg, wetin do dis one now, why is she wasting our time, if she no get anything to say, please make she siddon dey look” A lady sitting across said in annoyance.

“This is what always piss me off about all these ladies o, because say you fine now and the CEO dan call una name, you dey form, abeg, if you get anything to yarn for una mouth, make you siddon. Abi, wic kain wahala be dis one self” A guy said to a friend beside him.

“Na so dem dey do, maybe she wan make the guy dey fall for am and look her side, nonsense, that one no go happen” He added.

“Awon set of slay mamas, see am, fine, fine, she no sha fine reach Kim K or Rhianna oo, all these yeye girls forming posh” Another guy added.
My friends were already pinching my leg, some were winking at me to talk while the one that was close by was pulling my gown gently.

“Alisa, you too talk now” My friend whisper to me.

Tears had already gathered in my eyes, my voice was already becoming crack and throat getting dried, if I talk, it will be such a huge mess because I will just burst into crying.

Martins noticed this and immediately save my face from embarrassment which is one of the reasons I so much love him. he knew how to handle situations that are tensed with his sense of humor.

“My distinguished ladies and gentlemen” He cleared throat as he made the students and those present take back their attention to him.

Some of them hissed so long most especially the ladies that were present.

“You see, Alisa has been a friend of mine so I understand the reason behind her inability to voice out. She is very jovial if you get to know her. It has been long we saw each other’s, over a year now and I think that is enough to be surprise when she sees me because I was also surprised when I saw her at this gathering. It is my honor having her around as she made me reminisce the time we spent together. Thanks.” He concluded.

As he was talking, those that were shouting then looked at me again for the second time, I knew some will not still believe because how can a lady of my caliber be friends with someone who is a million and a billionaire in the making. While jealousy was another thing that made some stares at me for so long.

“So, like, I was explaining, the problem that had made some people to remain stagnant in a position without any success is not that they don’t have ideas but they are always conscious of what the brothers and sisters in their fellowship would say. Some allows their religious beliefs to cage them whereas if they think outside the box to do something that will help humanity then you are doing the right thing.” He advised

“Yes, capital is necessary but once you want to start and the business and idea is worth the investment, there are people that will invest in your dream but majority of us here are not ready to dream or start anything.” He added.

“I did not become a millionaire in a day nor was I in a night, it takes gradual process but with commitment and dedication, it took me years to get to this level so don’t have the mindset that you will become wealthy in a day” He concluded and there was loud applause from the people seated.

A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 11 – 20

Some minutes to the closing time, there were packages that were shared to those around and a sum of money for those that are less privilege.

The students were so happy that they all rushed to take a picture with him but I just stood like a fixed a statue waiting to receive life.

As the closing remark was made, students trooped out in numbers and were chatting excitedly. My friends beckoned on me to start going as they drag me along and I was following them sheepishly.

“Alisa, wait” It was the voice of martins.

I could not believe my ears, my friend who was holding my hands stopped immediately and left me alone. I was still turning my back against him when he embraced me.

He wanted to talk but his voice was full of tears both of pain and of happiness. I wanted to free myself from his grip but he held me tight and wept a bit to my friends surprise.

“Can someone tell me what is going on here” One of them asked.

He changed my posture making me face to face with him. he hugged me once again and in no time the two of us starting shedding tears. The people that had followed him could not believe what their eye was seeing that it made one of them to ask question.

“Is this the lady, CEO has been searching for so long, it is not possible, Martins and a lady like this, never, it is a lie” He said.

I heard what the assistant said and I cried the more.

After some minutes, Martins then speaks, “Alisa, why, why have you behaved like that, you left without …” He began to sob again.

I was not feeling to happy. My friends who could no longer stand looked for a chair and sat down watching the drama we were performing.

I could not talk, my eyes were heavy with tears. After some time Martins reached for his purse and brought out a piece of paper from there.

“This is the letter you wrote” He returned it back to me as he shifted a bit from me.

I was surprised, it was just roughened a bit, it was still the way I gave it to him. I could not believe my eyes.

“So, you kept this…” I could not finish as I went emotional again. My friends started to stand up so as to peep at the paper.

I checked the back and it contains another writing which was that of Martins. As I wanted to talk, Martins and his team members were already leaving, he only smiled and wave at me.
I checked the paper to check what he has written there. It reads.

Dear Alisa,
With ….

To be continued.

A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 11 – 20

What made Martins leave the place like that, what is the content of the letter?.

A LETTER TO YOU: Chapter 11 – 20

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