Chapter 21

He tapped the space next to him with a small smile on his lips.

Saturday, I found myself sitting on a purple yoga mat with ten women around me each having a baby bump.

I was the only with no baby bump, few people already gave me that are you suppose to be here? look.

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I was in the middle of two women who kept glancing at my stomach as we did what our Yoga trainer instructed.

I was enjoying it, maybe it was because I wasn’t pregnant like the rest.

“Sorry, what trimester are you?”
The lady at my left whispered.


They both said in unison nodding their heads slowly.

“You’re so lucky, you should see me in my 1st trimester.”
The one at my right said.

“Me too, even at two months the bump was already visible.”
The lady behind me said. I didn’t even know she was listening.

Everyone came to talk to me after our Yoga class because I was the only one with a flat stomach, they were all fascinated for some reason.

My waist was aching by the time I got home. I went straight to bed not bothering to shower.

I woke up to someone whispering my name and tickling me, I frowned at Tristan when I opened my eyes.

“What time is it?”
I asked looking outside, it was already dark.

“Almost nine, are you okay?”

“Yeah, just a minor waist pain.”

“You slept with your trainers on.”
He said as he untied the shoelace, he removed the shoe and massaged my toes soothingly, I really needed that.

“I enjoyed it, everyone was curious about my flat stomach.”
I said with a wide smile, I felt like a celebrity today.

He let go of my legs and climbed the b ed, he pushed my legs apart and stood between my legs.

“Ugh..what are you doing?”

“Giving you a waist massage.”
He said holding both sides of my waist, sweet currents flowed through my veins when he ran his thumb down the birthmark at my waistline.

The massage started nicely but it got sensual and I had to bite my lip hard to stop the moan forcing to leave my mouth, he stared at my face with a smirk.

You devl!

Like that wasn’t enough torture already, he leaned down and trailed wet ksses from my belly button up, I arched my back trying not to make any sound but failed.

He moved my shirt up as his lips got higher, he traced my ribs as he glided his hand up.

My stomach grumbled making him stop, I covered my face with my hands feeling embarrassed, I heard Tristan laugh.

“Someone is hungry.”
He pecked my belly button and pulled my shirt down.

“Let’s get you something to eat.”
He pulled away and got off the bed, he took my hand and pulled me out of bed.

Wrong timing stomach, of all times to grumble? I never told you I was hungry.

I argued with my stomach and it made the stupid sound again.

“Hang in there buddy.”
Tristan said tapping my stomach, we both laughed as we left the room.


It’s been a week since I started the yoga class, honestly, I felt better from the little exercise.

I made friends, I avoided conversations about pregnancy. Someone once came to me and asked some weird questions that I didn’t even know existed in pregnant women but I was also learning from them.

Karen and Adrian were back early from their vacation, they said it got boring staying at the hotel.


Adrian called three days later and invited me to their engagement party.

“Wow, things are really moving fast.”
I said to myself as I shopped for a nice gown.

I went for a mermaid red gown that had too many laces but it looked decent. It arrived the next day with a small purse I bought to go with it. I made sure the gown wasn’t tight because to everyone I was pregnant.

I started getting ready two hours before the time we were to leave, I didn’t want us going late because of me.

I wore my black Christian Louboutin rock stud heels and packed my hair in a neat ponytail, I smiled at how good it looked.

I applied my mascara and my eyeliner then little powder.
I used the Kylie Jenner nude lipstick and wore my jewelry.

Tristan knocked on my door immediately I was done, I opened the door with a wide smile.
Thank God he wasn’t wearing those sweats, he looked more handsome in his grey suit.

I opened my mouth to say something but he covered my lips with his, the kss was short but sent sparks to every part of my body.

“I just had to.”
He whispered softly when he pulled away, his hand didn’t leave my waist.

“You look too beautiful to be real.”

“That sounded like an insult.”

“Oh…uhm…you look stunning, is that better?”

I smiled at how unsure he looked.

“And you look like a prince from those Disney stories I read when I was little.”

“What?” He looked confused and disappointed.

“They’re too handsome to be real.”
I said and he laughed lightheartedly.

“You look good.”
I whispered adjusting his tie, his blue eyes stared at me like he had something to say but didn’t wanna say it.

“Thank you for cleaning my lipstick,” I joked.

“You want it back?”
He leaned down to kiss me but I held him back.

“We are running late.”
He groaned and I chuckled.

We left the house with his hand securing my waist till we got to the car, the ride lasted for twenty-five minutes.

It was a grand hotel, I knew this place but I had never been inside.
Tristan helped me up to the steps and we went inside the luxurious building.

The ballroom was big, the guests were many though we were five minutes early. The decorations were beautiful and very lovely, all I could see was glitter.

“There they are.”
I heard Adrian’s voice.

He was rocking a fancy black suit, Karen trailed behind him on a short gown that had glitter everywhere, she looked stunning.

We hugged and complimented each other’s gown.

“You look amazing.”
Adrian told me with a broad smile.

“You too.”
I grabbed a drink from the waiter passing, they all laughed at me.

“It’s non-alcoholic.”
I defended myself.

“You guys stick around while we welcome the others.”
Adrian told us before leaving with Karen.

I had one mission tonight, to ask Adrian who Nadia was. I was waiting to have some time alone with him and it didn’t take long for my wish to be granted.

Tristan was busy speaking with some business ally when Adrian came and offered me another a glass of apple cider.

“Red looks better on you than any other colour.”

“Now I feel like I will look ugly in other colours.”
I frowned.

“No, you look beautiful no matter what colour you wear.”
He said after a brief laugh.

“Aww, thanks.”
I said placing a hand on my chest, it was time to ask him about Nadia.

“Can I ask you something?”
I asked taking a glance at Tristan, he was too engrossed in whatever he was discussing with the man in front of him.


“Do you happen to know who Nadia is?”
He took a glance at Tristan immediately I asked.

“Is she Tristan’s wife?”

He looked confused.

“Is Nadia Tristan’s wife?”


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