A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 1 – 10

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 1 – 10

By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 02

“Zaki are you saying that I should make the princess fall for me then kill her?” Chris asked and Zaki replied


Chris started laughing and Zaki asked

“Why are you laughing?”

“This is the most ridiculous assassin mission you’ve ever sent me on Zaki”

“I know that but you have to do it. You are a good looking young man and I am sure she will fall for you in no time”

“Okay I will do it. so how much are you paying me for this?”

“Millions. Come on Chris, you know how I always reward you”

“Consider it done”

Zaki smiled

“I know that you won’t let me down”

“When the job is done, you better fulfill your part of the deal or else I will kill you”

Zaki gulped

“I will. You have to go now and I am going to register you in that high school”

“Okay. I will meet you there. Chris said and left while Zaki was smiling maniacally.

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 1 – 10


Princess Helen had changed her name to Elena and tied her black hair in a bun because it was very long and people may notice.

Although she hid some things about her, her beauty still remained. Nothing changed about it.

She even tried hiding her princess aura but what is part of her is already part of her and some are difficult to hide.

She was walking through the Halls of the college with Kira.

She noticed that most of the guys were drooling over her while the ladies were murmuring about how she was more beautiful than them and taking the attention of the guys from them.

Some glared at her hard that if eyes were bullets,their glare would have shot her dead by now.

Suddenly,three girls came and blocked their way.

🌷Yup that’s school life for you,there must be bullies and little barbies who claims that they own the world 🌷

“What’s the meaning of this?” Kira asked getting annoyed

“Shut up! We ain’t here for you” the girl by the left later known as Claire snapped.

Helen patted Kira’s shoulder for her not to talk. As far as she was concerned,she has her own ways of dealing with those Bimbos

“Claire be cool. Hey newbie, my name’s Mitchell”

🍀Principal’s niece, very proud,cocky,sassy and pompous🍀

“What’s your name?”Mitchell asked

“Elena”she answered with a straight face

“Alright Elena I just came to warn you to stay off my turf”

“Your turf?” Elena was confused

“Yeah. I am the beauty queen of this school and you can’t just come out of nowhere and take that away from me”

Elena was smart enough to know what she meant so she refused to say anything and smiled which annoyed Mitchell

“You’re smiling right? Next time I come here to warn you about this, you won’t be able to smile.

Let’s go girls” she said and the third girl known as Ella gave Elena a scornful look and they left.

“Impressive” Kira said in a mocking tone and Elena smiled.

When she turned to leave, someone mistakenly bumped into her and her books fell from her hands and she immediately bent down to pick them up,she looked up and saw the cutest eyes. Then she froze unaware that the guy was looking at her too.

She tried to look away but his eyes were very captivating. No! She had to snap out of it.

She is a princess and shouldn’t be easily withdrawn but this guy was dmn cute. He had long hair that fell freely on his shoulders and had a pointed nose.

“Helen snap out of it”she said in her head, packed her books and stood up. He also stood up. She comported herself and smiled

“Hi” she said and he smiled. Awwwn he even had cute dimples when he smiles.

“Hi,sorry for bumping into you” he apologised

“No problem”

“I’m Jaden”


“Hmmm Elena” he repeated the name and the way he called it made her heart flutter

“Nice meeting you Jaden” she smiled and the smile made him warm inside

“Nice meeting you too Elena. You’re new here right? ”


“So am I but I resumed 2weeks ago. Mind if we hang out sometime?”

“I wouldn’t mind” She was elated

“Okay I have to go now. See you later Elena”

She nodded and he left. She stood there staring at his back while he was leaving until amazed Kira who had witness everything touched her shoulder.

“My princess, are you alright?” Kira asked concerned

“Yes. Why are you asking?”

“My princess,it’s unlike you to act like that. You just froze and found it hard to pronounce your words right. Or is he the one?” Kira winked

“Come on Kira we just met”

“I think he likes you”

“That is for me to find out”

“Okay Princess”

“Kira,I am not a princess for now. Call me Elena okay?”

“But I am your maid. It will be hard for me to call you that”

“You are not my maid for now but fellow student, class mate and school mate so call me Elena”

“Okay pri…I mean Elena”

“We better get to class or we will be late”

She held Kira’s hand and they left for class.

Mitchell had seen Elena with Jaden and she is angry now.

“Who does she think she is? Smiling at him, showing off and acting like she’s the most beautiful girl in school. She’s even acting $eductive.

I will make this school a living hell for this little brat until she stops taking everything that belongs to me”

Mitchell pouted and stormed out

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 1 – 10

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