A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 1 – 10

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 1 – 10

By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 03


King Darius was pacing to and fro in his royal court room. He was worried about his precious daughter. He was aware of how college is. There were bullies everywhere and also bad people.

He was with Zaki.

“My king,stop worrying. Helen is going to be fine. She is 22years old and isn’t a child anymore. She can take care of herself.

Remember she is not an ordinary lady but a warrior who can take down hundreds of men in a single fight all by herself” Zaki said pretending to care

“I know Zaki but I am still worried. She is no longer the powerful princess Helen but Elena now.

What if one of those rich students pick up a fight with her and she gets hurt. She is all I have and I can’t afford to loose her” the king complained worriedly

“Your majesty,the princess had gone and fought many dangerous and life-threatening battles but had always returned victorious.

You were never worried about her in the battlefield. Why are you worried over her going to College?

It’s no big deal. Stop acting like a child over this issue and pray for her to accomplish her mission”

“Zaki I don’t worry over her in the battlefield because I fight alongside her and can protect her from any harm but she is alone now and I can’t do anything about it”

“Darius,I am your brother and won’t lie to you. Don’t worry she will be fine”

“The king is right Zaki. Helen is just being careful cause any slip can disclose her secret. I know what poor students go through in that school”Queen Zara said

“My queen,My King,you’re worried over nothing. I trust Helen is going to be fine”

Zaki was only trying to calm them down so he could have his chance of winning their trust and putting his plan in motion. He hates them all and us determined to wipe them out one by one.

“Okay. I will send for Kira so that she can tell me all that is happening around my daughter very soon” King Darius finally sat down and the queen sat beside him

“Sounds good your majesty. Permit me to leave and go deal with urgent matters”

“You may leave” the king said and Zaki bowed and left sneering.

These people don’t know what he has in store for them

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 1 – 10


The students moved around the halls attending to one thing or the other.

Princess Helen or should I say Elena was walking through the halls with Kira. They just got out of History class and were discussing on the way when a guy approached them.

“Hello”He waved

“Hi how are you doing?”Elena smiled

“I’m good and you?”

“I’m great”

“Can I talk to you for a sec?”

Elena looked at Kira


They moved aside

“So what do you want to talk about?”Elena asked

“I want you to help me talk to your friend”He pointed to Kira

“About what?”

“I like her but I’m not brave enough to tell her in person”

“Oh really?”Elena smiled

“Yeah”He nodded

“So what’s your name?”


“Okay James. You like my friend right?”


“And you’re not brave enough to tell her”


“But you told me so use that courage you gathered to tell me and tell her how you feel” She dragged him to Kira’s front

Kira glanced at him and he became nervous

“Kira,this guy over here has something to tell you” Elena smiled and excused them

“Hi what do you want to tell me?” Kira asked

“Um…I…em…”He stuttered

Kira was confused

“You what?”

“I like you and I was em…hoping if we can hang out”He said

“Do you know me?” She asked

“No but we can date and get to know each other”

“That’s cool but I’m not interested”

She had better things to do like helping her princess find love not hanging around with guys. She doesn’t even like him

He’s handsome with black curly hair and cute eyes but she doesn’t have his time talk more of dating him

“Why aren’t you interested? Am I not good enough for you?” He asked

“No it’s not like that. I just don’t want to get into any relationship yet. I’m sure you’ll find plenty girls who are willing to date you”

“But it’s you I like. I don’t like them”

“Then get to like them cause I’m not interested. Please don’t bother me”

“Please just accept me. I can take care of you” He begged

“I can take care of myself. Thanks” She went to meet Elena

Boys can be so annoying sometimes

The guy stood watching her for a minute before leaving

Kira walked up to Elena

“How was it?” Elena asked

“I didn’t accept him”


“We’re here in this college for your sake and not mine”

“Just because we’re here for my sake doesn’t mean you can’t leave your life or socialize”

“I know but I don’t love him”

“I understand”Elena smiled

“Let’s go”Elena held her hands and they left for their rooms

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 1 – 10


Jaden was sitting on a chair outside of his classroom. He was thinking of Elena again.

Ever since his encounter with Elena,he had not been himself. What was happening to him?

He was known in school as a rude, arrogant and sharp-tongued person who doesn’t care whether his words hurt you or not.

They called him that just because he decided to always mind his business.

He wasn’t the type that socialize or make friends easily.

Though many of the girls drool over him but he never gave them his attention. But this girl made him feel what he has never felt before.

Who else is having the feeling that Jaden is in love with our Princess

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 1 – 10

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