A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 1 – 10

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 1 – 10

By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 06

Elena was surprised when she saw these men. She was surrounded so running away isn’t an option right now.

She was contemplating on whether to act like a damsel in distress or just start beating these men mercilessly.

“Hey pretty lady, come to my bed tonight and I will give you the best treatment” the leader said

Elena felt like tearing that mouth of his but decided to remain calm and warn them first

“I don’t want to have anything to do with you so leave now before you regret it” Elena warned

“I see you are brave. I like it. Come with me” He said trying to hold her hand but she brushed his hand off

“Don’t touch me. I want to go away from you guys”

“Come on pretty, don’t be in a rush to go. You can go after you give us what we want” the leader said looking at her from head to toe and licking his lips.

He tried touching her breast but she pushed his hand away and gave him a look that says “don’t try that again or else…” the man ignored her and tried to touch her again. Elena got angry and gave him a resounding slap.

He held his cheek in anger and Elena looked at him and gave her last warning

“Leave now while I am being nice”

“How dare you? Since she refused to cooperate with me, she will be forced to do so”

When Elena heard this,she packed her hair and was ready to deal with these men.

Thank God she decided to wear t-shirt and jeans that evening.

“Get her and if she objects deal with her” the leader commanded and four other men started coming towards her.

Elena smirked

“This should be fun. It’s been quite long since I kicked some asses”

One rushed to her and wanted to hit her. She dodged immediately and gave him a hard kick on his chest which sent him to the floor. He quickly stood up and ran for his dear life.

The leader was surprised but he kept his cool look on.

“Next!” Elena said and another one rushed at her holding a dagger

“tsk…tsk…tsk…what a fool” she said and before the dagger could hit her she summersaulted over him and held his hand putting her nails into it. Blood started oozing out of his hand and he fell on his knees begging her to stop instead she put more pressure into it and he fainted.

The leader was dumbfounded and yelled at the remaining two

“If you can’t take her one on one then fight her together you cowards”

Elena stood up and faced the two of them. They came to her and started throwing punches at her. None of those punches touched her cause she was dodging them. She was too fast for them and they realized that they were no match for her but their ego won’t let them surrender to a woman never.

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 1 – 10

After,they had exhausted themselves trying to land a blow or kick on her,they became tired and Elena laughed at their stupidity.

“Seriously,I thought you guys were tough not knowing that you are bunch of weaklings. You two have been throwing blows and kicks at me for awhile with out giving me the chance to raise a hand but none of them touched me. Guess what? It’s my turn now”

After saying this,Elena gave them the beating of the century. Both fell on the floor and couldn’t move.

The leader was shocked. How can a woman be this strong and agile. Elena walked up to him and he got scared

“Are you going to stay and fight me?” She asked

“I don’t hit women” After saying this,he stood and turned to leave

“It seems you’ve learnt your lesson. Now,go and tell whoever sent you on this mission that you didn’t succeed” Elena said

He didn’t answer and left immediately

“Wow! Elena, I never knew you could be this fierce” Someone said and she turned to look and it was Jaden.

“Jaden” she didn’t know what to say

Jaden had seen when these men surrounded her and wanted to come and help but when he saw her bravery he decided to wait and see what happens next.

To his surprise, this gentle lady in front of him took down four hefty men with out much effort. Her hair was not even scattered and her clothes were still neat. She was a fighting machine.

He nodded in admiration. This is the kind of lady he wants. He has found what he is looking for and he is going to do whatever it takes to get her.

“Elena, I really enjoyed how you dealt with those good for nothing riff-raffs” He said giving her a thumbs up

“They deserved whatever they got”

“I agree with you” he said and pinched her right cheek. She has very soft cheek. He never wanted to let go

“Do you want me to beat you up too?”She asked jokingly

“I’d like to see you try” he teased

“Jaden let go of my cheek”

“But it’s very soft”

“I will bite you”

He quickly removed his hand and started laughing

“Come on, let’s go into the school. Don’t come outside the school’s premises without guide again. It’s very dangerous okay?” he said and she nodded then he led her into the school. Mitchell was surprised when she saw her.

She paid those men to get rid of this girl. Why is she still alive?

She took out her phone and dialled the leader’s number

“Scot,why is that lady still alive? I paid you to get rid of her”

“You sent I and my men on a suicide mission and you have the guts to call me” Scot said on the other end of the phone

“What are you talking about?” she asked and Scot told her everything. She was shocked and cut the call. Scot also sent her a picture of his men’s condition as proof.

“Mitchell, what did he say?” Ella asked

“Look at what Elena did to them” She showed Claire and Ella the picture and they gasped

“I can’t believe this” Claire muttered

“That girl must be a wtch” Ella said

“I won’t spare her. I will deal with Elena” Mitchell said

“What are you going to do?” Ella asked

“I have a plan”

“Mitchell tell us” Claire said

“Don’t worry you will find out by tomorrow” Mitchell said and they went to their rooms.

Jaden brought Elena to her room but stood at the door

“Thanks” Elena said and he smiled

“For what?”

“For bringing me to my room”

“Is that all?”


“I should be the one thanking you for giving me a good show tonight”

Elena lowered her head

“Goodnight” he said

“Good night” She said and he left

Elena laid on the bed and touched her cheek where he pinched her and smiled.

Yup she was in love

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 1 – 10


Kira came back and Elena told her all that happened. Kira gave her thumbs up and also told Elena about her visit to the palace but didn’t tell her her mother was coming the next day. She wanted it to be a surprise.

When it was fifth period,the students heard the principal’s angry voice from the mic around the hall.

“Elena, report to the principal’s office immediately”

Elena was surprised. What happened? Kira looked at her and she said

“I’ll be fine”

Kira nodded and Elena headed to the office while the students were looking at her anxiously.

Elena came to the door of the office and knocked

“Come in” a man’s voice came from inside

She entered the office and saw Mitchell who glared at her. Now,she knows what is going on.

“Good afternoon principal Martins” she greeted ignoring Mitchell

He didn’t answer but looked at her scornfully and said

“Elena, you are suspended”

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 1 – 10

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