A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 1 – 10

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 1 – 10

By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 08

“I want to know the princess weak point so that I can use it against her”

“Are you serious?” Zaki asked looking as if he just heard the silliest thing in the world


“Chris,I thought you are competent enough to carry out this mission”

“Yes I am”

“Then why ask for her weakness?”

“She is very smart and careful and I don’t think she likes me enough to trust me yet. Also,there is this guy there who she seems to like and with that guy around,I don’t think it will be easy to get to her” Chris explained and Zaki clenched his fist.

“If that guy is a threat then kill him”


Zaki thought for a while then came up with a plan

“Chris no need to kill him I have a better plan”

“Then what is it?”

“I want you to make that guy your friend” Zaki smiled mischievously

“How is befriending him gonna help me?”

“Use him to get close to her and you’ll earn her trust from there”

“Zaki,that’s a nice plan. How come I never thought of that?”

“Because you’re a dummy”

Chris glared at him

“You think you’re smart right? Why don’t you do the job yourself?”

“You know Chris,you’re right. I want to kill her with my own hands so you will bring her to me alive and I will double your pay”

“I’m cool with that. I’ll see you when I succeed”

“Okay” Zaki gulped the remaining wine in the class while Chris left.

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 1 – 10



Jaden was outside the school. He looked like he was waiting for someone. Chris saw him and walked up to him

“Hi” Chris waved as he approached him

“Hey” Jaden wasn’t interested in anything this guy in front of him has to say

“Don’t you have friends? I hardly see you with anyone”

“If you wanna be friends with me just say it and stop acting like you care” Jaden snapped

“What’s up with that attitude?” Chris asked in irritation

“What’s up with you?” Jaden couldn’t stand him either

“Alright,I want to be your friend” Chris said

“Sorry I already have a friend”

“I don’t see him anywhere him or her anywhere or is it that girl Elena?”

“Yes and Stanley”

“Who is Stanley?” Chris asked and just then a guy walked up to them

“Jaden my man,so nice to see you after what seemed like forever” The guy said smiling

“Come on Stanley,you were only gone a week” Jaden said

“But I still miss you” Stanley hugged him

“Stanley you know I’m not a hugger” Jaden tried to protest

“Shut up and let me hug you” Stanley said tightening the hug.

Stanley and Jaden were cousins and the best of friends. Both had different characters and personalities but they got along very well.

Unlike Jaden who was a tsundere sometimes and also a very troublesome person,Stanley was very friendly and sociable. He was 185cm tall and was a year older than Jaden. He was a very funny person and there was no dull moments whenever he is around.

Chris felt like a third party seeing the lively interaction between the two. He cleared his throat to draw their attention. Jaden ignored him but Stanley turned his gaze to him.

“Hi,what’s up” Stanley said smiling

“I’m Chris” he extends his hand for a handshake

“Stanley. Nice to meet you” Stanley took the hand happily

“Stanley let’s go” Jaden said tugging at his shirt

“Can he come with us?” Stanley asked

Jaden shook his head

“Why not? Isn’t he your friend?…before Jaden could say anything, Stanley shushed him…He is coming with us whether you like it or not.

Look at a very handsome dude dying to be your friend and you’re ignoring him. Shame on you!”

Jaden smacked his forehead in resignation while Chris was happy Stanley had unknowingly made a way for him

“Thanks Stanley” Chris acted innocent

“Stanley if you keep making friends for me like this,I will make sure you get sick again and leave the school for another week” Jaden teased

“Shut up you fool!!! Now come show me that person you were always talking about on phone” Stanley said

“Let’s go to the cafeteria” Jaden said

Stanley smiled and dragged Chris along

“Must he come with us?” Jaden was upset

“He is our friend so he has to come along too” Stanley said and Chris smiled inwardly

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 1 – 10


Elena was on a table with Kira and they were eating when Mitchell and her gang walked up to them.

When Kira saw them she dropped her fork on the table and asked

“What are you doing here?”

Mitchell ignored her and turned to Elena then smirked

“Hi Elena”

Elena looked at her

“Hi Mitchell”

“I can see you are enjoying your food”

“Yeah. Do you have a problem with that?” Elena asked looking at her

“Of course not. Make sure you don’t choke okay”

Elena smiled

“I should be the one telling you that. Have fun in the restroom”

Mitchell eyes widened and she turned to Elena and asked

“What did you do?”

“Exactly what you did” Elena responded

Mitchell felt a rumbling in her stomach and ran to the ladies restroom

Earlier that day before lunch,Mitchell had told the lunch lady to put a substance she had given her in the food she would give Elena which will send her to the restroom every now and then.

The lunch lady was very fond of Elena and had told her what Mitchell was planning then Elena told her to put it in Mitchell’s food instead.

Mitchell’s plan had backfired

Claire and Ella were confused

“What did you do to her?” Claire snapped

“What she was planning to do to me” Elena laughed at their stupidity

Ella who was the smartest in Mitchell’s gang got hold of what happened and whispered it in Claire’s ear.

“You’re heartless Elena” Claire was upset

Elena only smiled

“Look at the kettle calling pot black. Do you have a heart yourselves?” Kira asked rhetorically

Some distance away,Jaden,Stanley and Chris had witnessed the whole scenario. Stanley couldn’t stop laughing

“That girl Elena is really brave. She is just like you Jaden even better” Stanley said laughing

Jaden smiled

“That’s the person I want you to meet Stanley”

“Are you serious?” Stanley thought he had just heard a joke.

Jaden had never been the type that socialize especially with girls. Since that heartbreak 2years ago,Jaden had distanced himself from women and wouldn’t talk to them.

It was after his father wanted to force a lady on him that he decided to find someone. Who was this lady that stole his cousin’s heart? She must be special and he would looooove to meet her.

“I’m serious. She’s the one I was telling you about” Jaden said and Stanley exclaimed

“Hallelujah!!!!! Come on introduce me to her already” He dragged Jaden to where Elena was and Chris caught up with them there.

Elena ignored the nagging from Claire when she saw a very cute guy with brown hair not too short and not too long drag Jaden to them. She even saw Chris with them.

“Hi Jaden who’s your friend?” Elena asked smiling

Before Jaden could utter a word,Stanley pushed him aside and introduced himself

“Hi,my name is Stanley but you can call me Stan for short. I’m Jaden’s cousin plus I am handsome too”

Elena and Kira laughed

“I can see you’re very handsome” Elena complimented him and Jaden frowned

” Come on Elena he isn’t that handsome” Jaden complained

“Why little cousin are you jealous?” Stanley teased

“No I’m not”Jaden turned away

“Elena meet Chris” Stanley said

“Oh we’ve met once” Elena said

“Nice seeing you again” Chris said and Elena smiled

Mitchell came back from the restroom and snapped at Elena

“You’ll pay for this” She looked at Jaden and leaves angrily followed by Claire and Ella.

“Oh Elena you’re very beautiful just as my cousin said you are” Stanley said and Jaden smacked Stanley’s forehead

“Not cool Stanley”

“What! Aren’t I telling the truth?”

All the way Stanley’s eyes were on Kira. She noticed it and Elena did too. Elena winked at Kira and she lowered her head.

“Stanley here is my best friend Kira” Elena introduced her and they shake hands

“Oh my!!! Just a week from school and angels dropped from the sky” Stanley said and Kira blushed while Chris scoffed.

Just then Mr Martins made an announcement from the Mic in the halls.

“Good day students,its a pleasure to inform you that Queen Zara of the kingdom of Gatrish is here”

When the students heard this,they abandoned their food and rushed out to the hall where they normally assemble.

Elena was surprised and Kira whispered into her ear


Elena was happy,Chris was shocked while Stanley and Jaden looked at each other.

“Excuse me” Elena said and leaves with Kira while Chris followed behind

“Do you know why she’s here?” Stanley asked Jaden

“Let’s go find out”Jaden said and they went to the hall

The queen stood on the podium and addressed the students. Some of the brave ones asked

“My queen where is our beloved princess Helen?”

The queen turns her gaze where Elena stood and smiled

“She travelled and will be back soon”

Another one asked

“My queen,the school dinner party is coming up next week and the princess has always been in attendance according to school norms. Please will she be around for this year dinner party?”

“Yes. She will come” the queen replied

When the queen was done the hall shook with applause and everyone returned to their classes while others hang around.

The queen walked up to Elena and walked past her whispering

“I miss you sweetie”

Elena smiled and whispered back

“I miss you more”

The queen was happy to see her daughter safe and sound.

On her way to the princpal’s office,the queen bumped into someone she didn’t expect to see in same school with her daughter. Though he was in disguise she recognized him and the person with him immediately.

Jaden bowed to the queen

“Your majesty”

Stanley greeted her too. She nodded at their greetings and gesture for only Jaden to come outside with her.

When they were outside where no one would hear their conversation,she dismissed the guards and asked Jaden in a surprise tone.

“Prince Derrick,what are you doing in Star Crown College?”

What just happened😱😱😱😱

Jaden is Prince Derrick😯😯😯

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 1 – 10

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