A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 1 – 10

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 1 – 10

By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 09

“Prince Derrick,what are you doing in Star Crown College?” The queen was surprised

Jaden looked at the queen and sighed

“My queen,it’s a long story”

“Then cut it short sweetie. I’m all ears”

“I’m here in search of a wife” he said

“A wife? What of my daughter princess Helen? Can’t she be your wife?”

The queen knew what he was going to say but she wanted be sure so that she would hook him up with Elena

Jaden was a straightforward young man and the queen knew that. He doesn’t lie but tell you the plain truth whether it hurt or not.

“Sorry to say but I have no feelings for the princess and I’m aware the feeling is mutual”

“You never came to meet her so as to know her better”

“I’m sorry my queen. I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to visit her”

Of course he wasn’t ready to meet her then because at that time he was traumatized and wanted nothing to do with women after all it was a woman that made him emotionally unstable for one and half years.

If he had gone to meet the princess,he would have disgraced himself and she would have hated him for the rest of her life.

When he found out she wasn’t interested in meeting him too,he was relieved and happy.

“I completely understand your point”Queen Zara nodded

Jaden was like a son to her and she was aware of what he had gone through

“Thanks your majesty”

“Have you found someone yet?”She asked

“I think so” he replied and lowered his head.

The queen could see through his smile. Whoever that girl is,she must be special for the prince to smile just by thinking about her.

“Tell me who the lucky girl is” The queen was excited. Could it be her daughter?

Just then,Elena and Kira walked out of the school gate and headed for the provision store across the road.

Jaden forgot about the queen and started staring at the girl who makes his heart skip a million times when he is with her.

The queen was looking at him and turned her gaze to the girls. She wondered if it was Kira. She decided to follow his gaze and was filled with joy when she discovered that it was Elena. She gave Elena a thumbs up. Even in her disguise as a pauper,she drew the attention of the most handsome prince of Zulu kingdom.

Jaden wanted to follow them. What if they got into trouble? He knew Elena would handle it but he was still worried about her. When he came back to himself,he said to the queen

“Your highness,may I take my leave now?”

The queen knew what he was planning but she wanted to tease him a little bit. She smiled and replied

“Prince Derrick,why are you in such a hurry to go? I am not done with you yet”

“Okay my queen”

“You know,marrying my daughter has huge benefits. You will become the most powerful king alive. Even your brothers won’t dare challenge you” The queen wanted to test him

“My queen,it is inappropriate for me to marry your daughter because of what I will gain from it. It is wrong and selfish for me to do so. If I love princess Helen,I won’t love her for material possession or power, I would love her with all my heart and if she reciprocates the love then I will give her all the love in the world”

The queen was impressed with his answer. This is the right man for her daughter.

“I am in full support of your decision my noble prince. What name are you bearing in the school?”


“Okay. You may go now Jaden”

Jaden smiled,bowed and left while the queen watched.

Elena and Kira were back and Jaden went to meet them. The queen saw how Jaden teasingly pinched her cheek and she smiled and pushed him inside the school compound then they laughed.

The queen was happy. This was the first time since that incident that she saw Elena laugh wholeheartedly without forcing herself to do so. She could feel tears trickling down her cheeks at the thought of what happened years ago. Elena had lost her brother then and attempted suicide.

Prince Diego was two years older than Elena and the two siblings got along so well with each other that they would play and run around the castle like age mates. Their mum gave them a nickname “The troublesome two”

The boy was a very jovial and loving type and was extremely handsome. Elena had even told him one day that assuming he was not her brother,she would have married him in the future. He would buy her favorite snacks for her and would take her sailing in the sea of Gatrish.

All was perfectly going well until the day they went sailing as usual and her brother died. Elena was devastated and refused to believe it. She was 17years old when he died. She would laugh,cry and scream telling her parents that he was alive and they were lying to her.

She thought he was pranking her like he normally did but the day she saw his corpse was when everything became clear. She still forced herself to disbelieve them. She watched as they lowered the coffin and buried her brother and she went crazy.

She refused to eat or drink anything. She tried to commit suicide but Kira was there to stop her.

A year later,her father put her into martial arts class to distract her and she slowly recovered from everything that happened. Every year,she would go to the grave and drop flowers.

Queen Zara dabbed the corners of her eyes with a handkerchief and left the school premises in her car.

When she got to the palace,she told the king what happened and he was glad.

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 1 – 10


Elena pushed Jaden inside the school compound and they all laugh. Before Elena could say anything,Jaden snatched her biscuit from her and started munching it.

Kira leaned on a poll ready to enjoy the drama that was going to take place. She knows how much Elena loves eating biscuits.

“Jaden,give me back my biscuit” Elena said pouting and stomping her feet like a 3 year old whose lollipop has been taken away.

“Oh you mean this biscuit? This one right here?” Jaden said waving it in front of her as she struggles to catch it.

He was taller than her and used it to his advantage. She kept jumping to catch it while Kira was laughing. Stanley came and joined Kira

“What’s going on?” He asked

“Jaden snatched Elena’s biscuit from her and she is trying to get it back” kira said still laughing

“What a show!” Stanley exclaimed and started watching too.

“Give me my biscuit”


“If you want one so badly go buy one and give mine to me”

“Yours is sweeter”

“Jaden for the last time.Give.Me.Back.My.Biscuit” she said stressing every word

“You want it,come get it” Jaden said and started running away with the biscuit

“Hey,get back here” Elena chased after him and when she finally caught him, both of them struggled for the biscuit while Stanley and Kira laughed their hearts out.

They kept struggling and Elena bit him and he released the biscuit. She collected it and ran back to Kira and Stanley smiling victoriously. Jaden came later and was complaining

“Stanley her teeth are so strong. Look at how she bit me” he said showing them his hand

Stanley replied mockingly

“Don’t tell me anything. I don’t want to hear it”

Jaden turned to Kira

“Kira look what your friend did to me”

Kira looked at him and started laughing

“Serves you right”

“You two are taking her side? Not fair” He said pouting

They laughed at him while he stared at them. Elena finished her biscuit and dropped the leather in his hands

“Eat this one okay?” She said and they laughed again

“I’ll get you for this Elena”

“I’m waiting for you”

Elena said and started leaving with Kira and Stanley.

“Wait for me” he said and ran after them.

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 1 – 10

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