A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20

By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 11

“Can you swim?”

Mitchell was taken aback by his question. Why is he asking if she could swim. What is he up to?

“Chris,why are you asking if I can swim?”

“Just tell me first” he said getting impatient

“Yes. I can swim” She still couldn’t figure out what he was planning

Her answer made Chris smile. He now knew what to do now

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“Mitchell,I have a plan”

“Okay tell me”

“You’re going to push Helen into the school pool”

Mitchell looked at him in confusion

“How is pushing her into the school pool gonna help me? She will just swim out and cut through my soul with her words”

Chris smiled

“Girl,that’s where you are wrong”

“Excuse me?”

“Elena is a tough and smart lady but she has only one weakness”

“Which is?” Mitchell was anxious to know

“Rivers and pools” he replied straight faced

Mitchell thought she had heard the silliest thing in the world. She burst out laughing

Chris was annoyed

“What’s so funny?”

“Elena is afraid of rivers and pools? You can’t be serious”

“Of course I’m serious” Chris rolled his eyes at her

“Look,Elena can’t be afraid of rivers and pools. I sent five hefty young men after her the other day and she beat them nearly half to death. Such people can’t be scared of rivers. Get your facts right young man”

Chris poked her forehead

“Do you want revenge or not?”

“Of course I do” She answered

“Then you have to trust me”

Mitchell sighed “Fine. What do you want me to do?”

“The physical education teacher will be coming on Monday for swimming class and all the students will be gathering near the pool. You are to lure Elena to the pool before the teacher’s arrival” he paused

“Then what?” Mitchell asked

“You will pretend to trip then drag her into the water with you. Both of you will fall into the pool”

“Why must I fall into the water with her? I could just push her in” She was getting suspicious

“Elena doesn’t know how to swim but you do. If you push her in,you may get punished but if two of you fall into the water together you can swim out and pretend to call for help and you won’t be suspected. That’s gonna keep her from school for some days and she won’t be able to come to the party on Friday.

It will give you a chance with Jaden and me a chance not to see her annoying face for a while” Chris smiled mischievously

Mitchell pondered on the whole plan for a while. It was awesome. Elena would finally be out of her way.

“Chris you’re a genius!” She exclaimed

“Yeah. Make sure you carry out the plan without mistakes okay?”

“You can count on me”

“I have to go now”

“Okay. Thanks” Mitchell smiled

He nodded and left.

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20


Zaki was in the palace with his brother the king. He was trying to discourage the king from letting the princess complete her task.

“Your majesty,the princess is wasting time. Let’s just make her marry prince Derrick and all this will be over”

“Zaki exercise patience. It’s not even up to two months she left” King Darius defended his precious daughter

“My king,a month is enough to find true love. Isn’t she smart anymore?”

“The princess gave her word and I trust her for it. She has never let me down and I’m sure she won’t. I also have the feeling she has found what she’s looking for but she wants to be sure. Have faith in her Zaki”King Darius said filled with hope

Zaki knew he couldn’t persuade the king much longer. He just hopes Chris plan of throwing her into the water works. He was the one that told Chris the only thing the princess was scared of.

After her brother died in that river,Elena had been terrified of rivers that she refused to learn how to swim.

Even when she clocked 20years and the king hosted a pool party for her,She had a panic attack and fainted.

Since then,the king closed all the swimming pools in the palace. Zaki was well aware of all that and had told Chris.

His plan was if she falls into the water and faints,,she will be brought to the palace and that will get the king to change his mind and keep her in the palace where his chances of killing her is 90.9 percent possible.

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20


The kingdom of Zulu is one of the neighbouring kingdom surrounding that of Gatrish.

Zulu was known for it vast landmark and its people were known for one thing which is mining.

Although it was a prosperous kingdom,it was nothing compared to Gatrish which is why the king wants his youngest son to get married to the powerful princess of Gatrish so as to extend its boundaries and also form an ally with the king.

Jaden had gone that Saturday to see his father the king of Zulu. His mother was late and thus his father refused to remarry.

They had two sons of which Jaden was the youngest but he wasn’t the heir to the throne. Prince Marcus,his senior brother was the heir.

Prince Marcus would use every single opportunity he has to taunt and look for his trouble which is why he and Stanley were close.

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20


The palace was a complete replica of the one in Gatrish except that the one at Gatrish was bigger and more sophisticated.

There were beautiful flowers everywhere and a chandelier hang on the ceiling. The interior designs were pleasant to the eyes and it was well furnished. If a poor manshould step into this palace,he would think he was in Heaven.

King Zaire seems to be having an argument with his son Prince Derrick. King Zaire was getting old and knew he didn’t have much strength left. He was good looking but age was already telling on him.

“Do you think you are getting any younger?” The king snapped

Prince Derrick looked at his father

“I know Father and I am working on it”

“How long are you going to work on it? Look at your brothers,they are already married. Even though you are not the heir to my throne,you are also entitled to marriage”

“Father I know but it’s not easy to get a wife”

“I want you to introduce the lady you wish to marry to me before this month ends else you’ll have no choice but to marry Princess Helen”

“No father. I can’t marry Princess Helen”

“Then do something”The king snapped

“Okay I’ll show you the lady before the end of this month”

“Now you’re talking” King Zaire finally smiled

“May I go now?”Prince Derrick said

“Yes” He nodded and Derrick left

He was about stepping outside and came face to face with his elder brother

Prince Marcus smiled

“If it isn’t Jaden my little brother. Haven’t you found a wife yet, that’s so bad”Prince Marcus teased

“When are you going to learn how to mind your business Marcus?”He asked rhetorically

“When you get married. I knew Princess Helen would reject you and instead of you to try and woo her, you’re here wasting your time on paupers”

“Why don’t you go woo her then? Or are you scared she will reject you cause you go about impregnating people’s children? I’d be careful if I were you cause the more you continue this lifestyle,the higher chance I stand of taking away the throne from you”Prince Derrick smirked

“How dare you Derrick?”Prince Marcus got angry

“Why are you suddenly outraged? Weren’t you cheerful few minutes ago?”Prince Derrick laughed

“This is why you’ll never get a wife. You have a very sharp tongue and bad mouth”Prince Marcus stormed in angrily

Prince Derrick shrugged and left for school before his absence will be noticed. He was saying the truth after all. Truth is bitter they say right???😂

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20

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