A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20

By Rejoice

Chapter 20

After laughing at each other,Helen stood up and helped Tasha up to too.

“Helen you’re really trying. This isn’t called princess hood,it’s called eternal punishment” Tasha pouted

Helen and Kira laughed

“Now you know Tasha. Let’s take it from the top” Helen said

They continued and Tasha kept falling and standing up but she kept trying. After what seemed like forever,she finally got it right but not perfectly.

“You did it” Kira applauded her

“Yes I did” She held her waist proudly

“You’re a good learner Tasha. Now that you’ve learned how to walk properly,tomorrow you’re going to learn how to sit properly. That shouldn’t be difficult”

“Easy for you to say” Tasha rolled her eyes and they laughed

They chatted for a while before Helen left for school with Kira.

Tasha went into the royal courtroom to inform the king of her departure

“Good evening uncle” She curtsied and smiled widely

“Evening my lovely niece. How was the training?” The king asked

“It was hectic uncle. Helen is really trying” She went and sat in Helen’s throne

The king didn’t mind. Besides,Helen and Tasha were like sisters. He just laughed

“Don’t worry dear. You’ll get used to it” He patted her head

“I hope so”

“Thank you for helping my daughter”

“Don’t thank me. I should be the one thanking you for having a beautiful and lovely daughter like Helen”

The king smiled

“Permit me to take my leave now your majesty” She stood up

“You may go dear”

She hugged him before leaving the courtroom.

Immediately she stepped out of the palace,she got a phone call from her dad telling her to come to his mansion. She sighed and headed for it.

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20


Tasha drove her car into the compound and came down after turning it off. She had already changed her clothes and entered the house. She walked into the spacious sitting room with a flat screen television,silver made couch,golden centre table and glassy chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

She saw her dad sitting on the couch and greeted. Even though they don’t get along well most times,she still had that respect for him. She has a mind of her own doesn’t mean that she is a rebellious daughter.

“Good evening father” She curtsied

“Tasha sit down” He ordered without even looking at her

She sat down. She wondered why he was in a bad mood today? She hasn’t beaten up any prince for the past week or stolen his horse for a ride? She hasn’t gone to the neighboring kingdoms to look for trouble either so why is he angry?

“Father I-”

“Tasha what is wrong with you?” He asked

“Nothing is wrong with me father” She answered

“If nothing is wrong with you then why do you keep associating yourself with Helen?” He sounded pissed off

“Father,Helen is my cousin and my best friend. Why shouldn’t I associate myself with my own family? Isn’t that wickedness?” Tasha retorted

“It isn’t. Can’t you see Helen is trying to take what belongs to you?”

“What do you mean?” She arched her brow

“That throne her father is sitting on belongs to me”

“Father,you of all people should know and understand the rules guiding the ascension of thrones in this kingdom. The thrones are ascended by the first child of every family. Helen’s father is your senior brother and was the heir apparent to the throne before grandpa died and he took over. So tell me how it belongs to you now?” Tasha said

“Those norms were a long time ago. We are in a new age where anyone can ascend the throne. That’s why I want you to join me in taking it back” Zaki tried persuading her but she was adamant

“Let me ask you this simple but tricky question father. If for example I agree to help you take over the throne and we eventually succeed then I’ll wake up one day and plan to overthrow you therefore ruling as queen,are you going to like it?” She asked and he was quiet

“Answer me please cause I want a taste of power too” She mocked him indirectly

“That can’t happen”

“Then me,helping you to overthrow the king won’t happen either. My friendship with Helen will still go on till our last breathe leave our nostrils”

“Tasha stop being stubborn for once” He half yelled

“I’m doing the right thing” She stood up

“Where are you going to?”

“My apartment. Here isn’t comfortable for me. I also have a request more like a warning,if you continue scheming against your brother,I will be forced to alert him and if you harm Helen…” She trailed off purposely and chuckled before leaving

Zaki face palmed. He wondered where she came from. He even doubt sometimes if she was his daughter cause he expected her to obey him and follow in his footsteps but the lady was something else. He sighed

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20



Elena was walking down the halls when she bumped into James. He was the guy that wanted to date Kira the time they came to the school newly.

“It’s been a while James right?” She wasn’t sure of the name

“Yes I’m James” He smiled

“Where have you been?” She asked

“I actually traveled for something very important but I’m back now”

“Welcome back”

“Thanks. How about Kira?” He asked

“She is fine. She went for classes so I decided to stroll a little”

“That’s cool. My feelings for her hasn’t changed a bit and I hope she accepts me soon” He prayed

Elena smiled

“Cheer up James. The one for for you will come”

“Thanks. I’ll have to go now” He smiled and left

Elena continued walking and swinging her hands enjoyably. She has had a lot of time for herself since she left the palace. They were no more rules to abide by.

She was still thinking when Mitchell,Claire and Ella came to her

“Just look at her. Her job is to be seducing the males in this school” Claire said

“Excuse me?” Elena asked

“Stop pretending. We have found out already. First it was Jaden,now it’s James? Tsk tsk tsk” Mitchell glared at her while shaking her head in disapproval

“Shameless thing” Ella added

Elena smiled

🌺If only they knew the person they were insulting now,they would have been on their knees begging for mercy by now🌺

She ignored them and left. She didn’t have time for their trouble now. She has alot of things to take care of. Some of which involved couching Tasha and getting her to act like her.

“How dare she ignore me like that?” Mitchell snapped

“Don’t mind her. She is nothing Compared to you” Ella said

“I bet she is jealous” Claire said and Mitchell smiled

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20

Days came and went and Saturday was fast approaching. Helen taught Tasha how to behave,how to eat,how to sit,the different cutleries to use with different kind of food.

It wasn’t easy but Tasha managed to grab somethings. The rest were history.

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20


Helen left Kira and Tasha in the palace as Kira worked on Tasha’s facial appearance. She gave her a pink satin gown with crystals embellished on the chest and gold on the waist. The length of the gown was just right. She was given hills and Helen’s royal scepter.

“You’re good to go” Kira said

Tasha looked at herself in the mirror and a WOW escaped her lips. She looked stunningly beautiful. She was almost like princess Helen. Thank God she had a royal mark on her neck too but it was in different directions. Helen own was right while hers was left.

On the other side,Elena was all dressed. She still packed her hair and rolled it. She wore a velvet gown and black hills. She didn’t apply much makeup before leaving.

Jaden had already texted her the location. He also texted the princess.

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20


Jaden arrived with Elena and both waited for the princess. Elena was really nervous. They were in a beautiful garden with seats that people can sit on and relax or hangout. There was also a beach

“You look beautiful” Jaden smiled at her

“Thank you” She smiled

“Princesses are not supposed to be late you know”Jaden said

“Let’s give her sometime. Maybe she’s being delayed”

Few minutes later,she and Kira arrived

Jaden and Elena stood up and bowed

“Thanks for honoring my invitation”Jaden said

“The pleasure is all mine” Tasha who was now princess Helen smiled.

She was fascinated by how good looking Jaden was. She remembered Helen telling her that she liked the guy. She would have seduced him and snatched him from Helen if she wasn’t her cousin.

Jaden ordered food and before the food came they had a small talk. He was confused on whether he thought wrong or maybe he missed Elena too much and everyone looked like her cause this princess was pretty but not Elena.

Food was served and it was time to eat. Elena gave her a signal to start eating but she had forgotten which spoon to use

Jaden watched as she tries to pick a fork but there were different types so she was confused. Elena face palmed

Elena cleared her throat and pointed stylishly to the one by the side. Tasha picked it up and started eating.

“So princess,can you tell me more about yourself?” Jaden asked looking into her eyes

Tasha became nervous

“I am a warrior like everyone knows. I like to sing and dance and I’m jovial” She smiled nervously

“So can you sing for us please?” Jaden asked

Tasha sucks at singing. She doesn’t even know which voice notes to use.

She gave Elena the “Help me” look and Elena nodded

“Um…Jaden I don’t think she can sing while eating so stop pestering the princess” She said

“Fine” Jaden said and both sighed in relief

When they thought he had finally left them and their plan worked,Jaden shocked them

“Princess Helen,if you don’t mind me asking,when I saw you during the school dinner party,your royal mark was on the right but now I’m seeing that it’s on the left side of your neck. Why is that so?”

Elena coughed

“Maybe it shifted?” Tasha didn’t know how to defend herself. She hasn’t met a guy this smart in her life

Kira was quiet all through watching the ongoing drama and enjoying it too

“It shifted?” Jaden laughed

“Jaden you’re making her uncomfortable” Elena said

“Now to you Elena”

Elena’s heart jumped

“Your own royal mark is by the right side just like princess Helen’s which means that you are princess Helen” Jaden sipped his wine and looked at the two of them

“No I’m not” Elena lied even though she knew he won’t believe again. The evidence is there

“What about the eyes?” Jaden asked smiling

They forgot about their eyes. Princess Helen’s eyes were blue but Tasha’s own wasn’t

Both became quiet and knew they had been caught


“Why are you two suddenly quiet? No more excuses to give right?” He laughed and asked

“Princess Helen and Princess Tasha,Do you think I don’t know what you two are up to?” He asked and their eyes widened


Jaden has caught them o😂

Even though the princess was smarter than Jaden,he outsmarted her😏

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20



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