A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20

By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 13

She slowly closed her eyes and started drowning. Chris who had been watching the whole thing from a corner gave her a sign to start screaming for help and Mitchell waited for a while before doing so.

Back in the water,Elena recalled all those hurtful memories as tears stream down her cheeks

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20


It was a beautiful and peaceful afternoon. Prince Diego carried her on his back and led the way to the river.

17 year old Helen looked around and saw different canoes

“Brother Diego”She tugged at his shirt

He stopped talking to the palace guards and faced her

“What’s up Princess?”

“There are a lot of canoes here. Which are we going to use?”She asked

“Which one do you want us to use?”He touched her soft cheeks

Princess Helen looked at them and picked the one at the middle

“How about the one at the middle?”She pointed at it

“Okay little sis. We are gonna use that one”

The palace guards helped him to untie the canoe and he entered with her

“You guys should stay here okay? We’re aren’t going far”Prince Diego ordered the guards

“My prince but we need to watch over you and our princess”One of the guards said

“Don’t worry. We’re going to be fine. It’s just water”Princess Helen smiled playing with the water

“But-“He tried to protest

“Don’t worry we’ll be fine”

“Okay my prince”The guard bowed

The prince paddled the canoe to the middle of the river while they were chatting happily.

“Bro Diego,my birthday is coming soon. What are you gonna get me?”Helen asked smiling widely

“It’s a surprise”He poked her nose playfully

“Tell me please”

“If I tell you,it won’t be a surprise again would it?”


“Then wait till I give you okay?”

“Okay”She smiled

They got to the center of the river and Prince Diego noticed something was off. The water was getting wild. Helen noticed it too

“What’s happening to the water?”She asked

“I don’t know but I think we should go back”

“Yes please let’s go back”She was scared

Prince Diego tried turning the canoe around but it was stuck

“It’s stuck,I can’t turn it around”He said

“Let’s call the guards”She said

When they turned,the guards were no where to be found

“What’s happening?”Helen panicked

“Calm down Helen. We’re going to be fine”Prince Diego assured her but deep inside, he knew all wasn’t fine. He had to think of something

The water were already in waves and started tossing the canoe to and fro but they couldn’t move. Water was already entering the canoe

“Bro Diego,I’m scared”

Prince Diego held her shoulders

“Don’t be scared okay? We’ll get through this”

“Are we going to die?” A tear dropped from her cheek

“No we are not going to die. We’ll live and play our games again okay?”

She nodded

The wave was getting too wild and Prince Diego knew there was nothing he could do to stop it. There was no hope. They were going to die.

He looked at Helen as tears dropped from his cheeks. He can’t let her die. If anyone must die,it should be him

He picked her up in both hands

“What are you doing?”She asked

“I want to throw you over there. Once you land there,run straight home okay?”

“What about you?”

“I will be fine”

“I’m not leaving here without you”

“You need to go and get help. I’ll wait for you here”


“Promise”He kssed her forehead and threw her to the other side. Immediately she landed,the canoe he was in tumbled over and he fell into the water

“Bro Diego!!!”She screamed in fear

“Get out of here Helen”He shouted trying to swim but the waves won’t let him.

The water covered him and Helen could not see him again. All she saw was blood that formed on top of the water flowing

“He’s gone”She muttered and held her chest

She felt empty

“He’s really gone. Is that his blood? No it can’t be. He promised me he was going to come back”

She looked at the blood once again and screamed


Elena’s eyes snapped open

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20


Elena thought of all the good times they had. His death was still a fresh wound to her and whenever she sees pools,rivers etc,the nightmare comes and rip the wound wide open.

She was strong,powerful and feared by the most powerful warriors men and women. Even Kings dare not go to battle with her but here she was drowning into oblivion with no hope.

She looked back at her life and that of her family and many questions ran through her

Is this how she was gonna end?

Is this the story people are gonna tell about her? That their princess went to college in search of true love and was drowned to death?

How long is she gonna be afraid of this nightmare?

How long is it going to take her to face her fear?

There and there,in the water,she made a decision. A decision to move on,a decision to face her fear,a decision that all these nonsense must stop. She won’t fear any longer. She will face that fear

She held her breathe and was struggling to go up with the last strength in her when she felt a hand grab her and carried her swimming up. When they finally got up and she saw that they were out of the water,she fainted

Mitchell on the other hand pretended to faint too after calling for help and was taken to the school clinic.

Jaden laid her down and pressed her chest as some water came out of her mouth and nose. After that,they expected her to wake up but nothing happened and Jaden got scared

He rushed her to the school nurse while Kira followed behind shedding tears.

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20


“Nurse Eva! Nurse Eva!”Jaden shouted her name before he got to the door and she rushed out

“Bring her in”She said and Jaden obeyed quickly

She was placed on the bed as the nurse started attending to her

“She’s so cold and she is shivering”Eva said still working on her

“She drowned”Jaden replied

“I thought as much. It seems she recovered from a shock or something”

Kira gasped and started crying

“This is all my fault. I shouldn’t have allowed her follow Mitchell”

“It’s no one’s fault Kira”Jaden tried to console her but she refused

“I’m done. She should be taken home after waking up. She needs to rest for at least a week cause the way I’m seeing it,I think she got over something but I can’t place my fingers on it”Eva said

Jaden walked to where she laid and looked at her

“Elena,if you can hear me,please wake up. I will go crazy if anything happens to you. I can’t loose you please”He pleaded

“I’m sorry Jaden. It was my fault”Kira bent her head

“It’s not your fault. The only person that can be blamed for this is Mitchell”He pointed to Mitchell who was also pretending to sleep on the opposite bed

She heard all their conversations but kept her eyes shut

“I know what to do”Jaden muttered but Kira heard it

“What are you going to do?”She asked

“You’ll find out soon. Please watch her closely. I’ll be right back”He stormed out

He was heading for Mr Martins office when he met Chris

“How is she?”Chris asked innocently

“Why are you asking me and acting like you care?”Jaden snapped

“I care about Elena so much”

Jaden scoffed

“If you did,you would have jumped in immediately she fell into the pool instead you stood there like a pile of nothing”

Jaden was in the boy’s changing room when he heard that Elena fell into the school pool. He ran as fast as he could and met Chris there but Chris didn’t do anything so he jumped into the pool

“I don’t know how to swim” Chris replied and Jaden hissed before leaving

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20

He got to Mr Martins office and flung open the door

“Mr Martins,we need to talk”He said

“It’s so rude to open the door without knocking Jaden”Mr Martins said

“I’m not in a good mood now so it’s better you cooperate with me and we’ll have a trouble free discussion”Jaden snapped

Mr Martins sighed

“What do you want Jaden?”

“I want the school security footage”

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20

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