A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20

By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 15

Olivia entered the palace and greeted the King and Queen

“Greetings my King and Queen”She bowed

“Welcome Olivia”The King said and she smiled

“Thank you my King”

“Did you get the fruits?”The queen asked

“Yes I did my queen”

“Alright. I need you to prepare something for the Princess to eat okay?”

“Okay my queen”

“You may leave now”The queen ordered

She bowed before entering the kitchen where other maids were.

“Rita,I’m so happy to see that the Princess is back safe and sound”Maya said

“Me too Maya. I even heard that she went outside the kingdom”Rita said

“Are you serious?”

“Yes my dear. I heard some of the maids talking about it the other day”

“Rita,Kira is so lucky. She gets to go everywhere with the Princess. I wish I was the Princess personal maid” Maya said and Olivia scoffed

“What was that for?”Rita asked

Olivia ignored them and put the pot on the electric cooker

“Olivia I’m asking you what that was for”Rita snapped

Olivia turned to face her

“Oh were you talking to me?”She asked

“Is any other person called Olivia in this palace?”Maya asked sarcastically

“Look,you two I’m not in the mood for your shenanigans this afternoon so it’s better you go make yourselves useful by washing the vegetables we are to use and cook for the Princess than gossipping”Olivia turned to face what she was doing

“So because the queen made you the palace chef,you have the guts to stick your nose where it doesn’t fit right?”Rita said and Maya added

“Don’t mind her. She thinks I don’t know the kind of life she is living in this palace”

“What do you mean by that?”Olivia asked

Maya laughed and dragged Rita out of the kitchen.

“What is she talking about?”Olivia muttered and continued with what she was doing

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20


The Princess just finished taking her bath and the maids were helping her dress up. They chosed a red ball gown with gold embellished on the waist and hands.

She sat on a stool and faced the mirror while her maids dressed her hair and Kira applied Make up on her.

“You look beautiful my Princess”Kira said and she smiled

“She is an epitome of pure beauty. Queens from different kingdoms are envious of you our Princess”One of the maids said

“We really missed your presence in the palace”Another maid said

“Thank you all”She smiled again

They smiled and continued what they were doing. They finished later she dismissed them.

After they left,she stood up,held her gown and went to sit on the sofa in her room.

Since her hair was packed in a ponytail,Kira could notice the mark of royalty on her neck. The mark of royalty is a mark given to princes and princesses immediately they’re born.

Princesses mark were tiaras while princes own were crowns.

“My princess,I’m wondering if Jaden saw your Royal mark when he saved you?”

She touched her neck

“I don’t think he saw it. If he did,he would have asked you or confronted me”

“I hope so cause if he sees it, he’ll know you’re the Princess”

“I hope so too”She sneezed

She sneezed again and Kira went to meet her

“Princess,your health is deteriorating. Are you sure you don’t need extra attention?”She asked worriedly

“No Kira I’m fine. It’s just a cold. No big deal”

“I hope”Kira said

They heard a knock on the door

“Come in”The Princess said and Olivia walked in with a tray of food in her hands

Kira collected it and dropped it on the table

“Welcome back my Princess”Olivia curtsied and smiled

“Thank you Olivia. How are you?”

“I am fine my Princess”

“Hope your mother is fine now. I heard she was sick”

“She is fine now my Princess”

“Okay then. You may go”

“Thank you my princess”She curtsied and left

“Come my Princess,eat and take your drugs”Kira said

“Okay”Princess Helen stood up and went to her table

“Kira come and eat with me”She said

“Oh no my princess. Eat first”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m very sure”

“Okay then”She smiled and started eating

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20



Stanley took Chris round and he finally chosed Ella,one of Mitchell’s minions as his dance partner.

Jaden was alone since Stanley was spending time with Chris so he decided to take a walk round the school. It’s already 2 days to the dinner party and the person that was supposed to be his date was sick.

He really miss Elena. He hasn’t been himself since she left.

He went and sat on a chair under a tree receiving fresh air from there when Mitchell came to him.

“Good afternoon Jaden”She waved at him but he ignored her

“Jaden I’m greeting you”

“Mitchell,what is it? What do you want from me?”He asked in frustration

“I’m glad you asked….she sat beside him…You know the school dinner party is two days away and I haven’t got a dance partner. You haven’t gotten one too”

“So?”He rolled his eyes

“So I was kinda thinking if we could be dance partners”She said biting her lower lip and Jaden laughed

“Are you serious?”He asked

“Yes I’m serious”

“And you think I’ll be dance partner with you?”

“What do you mean?”She frowned

“It’s like you’ve forgotten about your crime”

“What crime?”

“You dragged Elena into the water so as to drown her and made it look like an accident. Then you have the guts to come and ask me to be your dance partner”

“I didn’t do it on purpose Jade. Please believe me”

“Like I don’t know who you are? What do you take me for? A fool?”Jaden snapped

“No it isn’t what you think. I slipped and we fell”She tried holding him but he brushed her hand off

“Don’t touch me”He stands up

“Jaden please”

“If I find out you and Chris are behind all these, I’ll make sure both of you are expelled”He said and left

“What’s the meaning of all these nonsense? Can’t I get my own happiness?”She wept

“What is it?”Chris asked walking towards her

“Our plan failed Chris”She said

“What do you mean?”

“Jaden doesn’t want to go to the school dinner party with me”

“Is that why you’re shedding tears? Come on, you’re more than this. There is still 2 days left. Try your possible best to persuade him”

She sniffles

“Okay. I’ll try”She said

“That’s more like it”He said and they sat under the tree together

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20



Queen Zara just came to check up on her before leaving for the Royal court room.

Princess Helen sat on her bed and held her tummy. She was feeling a bit awkward. She has been weak since yesterday evening and doesn’t know why. She decided to spar with Kira so she won’t stay idle

“Kira can you please spar with me?”She asked

“My princess, you’re not fit to spar yet” Kira said

“No I’m fine. I can’t stay like this doing nothing please spar with me”

“Okay my princess. You need to change first”

“Okay”She managed to get down from the bed and started changing her clothes

Kira watched her closely and noticed her pale face

“Princess,hope you’re alright?”She asked

“I’m totally fine”She replied

After Changing to trousers,they went to the Court room where she informed her parents that she was going to spar with Kira.

They gave her their permission after much pleading and they left for the palace spar room.

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20


The room was a spacious one where all the warriors come to practice with themselves.

Princess Helen picked up a sword and Kira picked one also

“Take it easy on me Princess”Kira smiled

“I’ll try”She smirked and struck first but Kira blocked it

Kira struck next and she dodged. But she wasn’t as fast as before as a result of the poison. Kira kept observing her while dodging her strikes.

She noticed the Princess was slow in her strikes. When they train before,she never sees the Princess coming talk more of dodging but now she is dodging the Princess strikes.

A scream jerked her out of her thoughts as she sees the Princess on the floor holding her belly

She dropped her sword and rushed to her immediately

“My princess,what is it?”

“Kira…call father”Princess Helen muttered as blood started coming out of her nose and mouth

Kira gasped as she saw the blood

“Guards!!!!! Guards!!!!!”Kira screamed as tears found their way down her cheeks

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20

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