A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20

By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 16

“Guards!!!!! Guards!!!!!”Kira screamed as tears found their way down her cheeks

Princess Helen went on her knees and passed out

“No please stay with me. This is all my fault. Guards!!!!!”She cried and carried her outside

The guards rushed to them and collected her. The whole palace was thrown into a state of panic as the guards kept her in the car. The King and Queen ran out only to see their daughter in a disheveled state.

“What happened?”Queen Zara asked already in tears

“We…were sparring…and…and suddenly she screamed holding her tummy and blood rushed out of her mouth and nose. I’m sorry my Queen. I should have watched her closely. It’s all my fault” Kira wept

“Its okay Kira.Let’s rush her to the hospital Immediately. I know my daughter. She is a fighter and will get through this”The King said with confidence

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20


They rushed her to the royal family hospital and she was admitted immediately. The doctor and nurses started working on her immediately.

Kira sat on the chair crying. In all her years of being the princess personal maid,she has never see Helen in such condition.

She blamed herself for ignoring the strange changes she noticed with the princess.

If she had said something to the king,things wouldn’t have gone this far. She felt useless

Queen Zara sat close to her and held her shoulder

“Kira”She called softly

Kira looked up with swollen eyes

“Yes my Queen”

“You’re like a daughter to me. Do you know that?”The Queen asked

Kira shakes her head

“You are. I love you that’s why I made you my daughter’s personal maid. I also trust you Kira so don’t blame yourself for whatever happened to her.

Helen can be quite stubborn when it comes to issues concerning her health”Queen Zara said

“I’m sorry your majesty. I should have been there for her. I feel useless”She bent her head

“No Kira,you’re not useless dear. Cheer up,Helen will be fine”The king assured her

“You really think so?”She asked

“I know so”

“Thank you my King,Thank you my Queen”She wiped her face

“It’s our pleasure”Queen Zara smiled

The doctor came out few minutes later and they all ran to meet him.

“How is my daughter?”Queen Zara asked

“She is fine now your majesty. She’s asleep”Doctor Amos answered

“Thank goodness”Kira said

“So what really happened to her?”The king asked

“She was poisoned”

They gasped

“Poisoned? How?”The King asked

“That’s what I’ve been trying to figure out. The kind of poison we found in her system can happen in two ways. It could be in a food or by injection”The doctor explained

“It can’t be by food cause we trust our palace chef. Olivia can never poison the princess” The queen was confident

“I agree with you Zara. It could be through injection”The King said

“Then who would inject the princess with poison?”Kira asked

“We’ll find out soon. All that matters now is that my daughter is fine”Queen Zara said

“Hope you got all the poison out of her system?”King Darius asked

“Yes your majesty. She should be awake soon”The doctor replied

“The princess is awake!”A nurse shouted from her ward and they rushed in

“Thank God she’s alright”Queen Zara teared up

Doctor Amos examined her and faced them with a smile

“She is very fine now. Indeed the princess is a warrior. Unlike others I’ve encountered,she survived and also is strong all of a sudden.”

“Does that mean she’ll be discharged?”Kira asked in anticipation for a positive answer

“She will stay here for us to watch her till tomorrow then if we confirm she’s completely okay,she will be discharged”

“Thank you so much doctor”The queen shook his hand

“My pleasure your majesty”He smiled and left the ward with the nurse.

Queen Zara sat beside her on the bed while the king sat on a chair while Kira stood.

“My darling,how are you now?”She asked

“I am fine mother”She smiled

“What is wrong with you? Why didn’t you tell anyone you weren’t feeling well?”The queen scolded

“I am sorry mother. I didn’t want you to worry”

“You could have died dear. How is that any different?”

“I am sorry. I won’t do that again”She bent her head

“Apology accepted sweetie”

“Father,I’m sorry”She faced her father

“No problem dear”

She faced Kira

“Thanks for your help Kira”

“My pleasure your highness”Kira smiled

She was relieved that the princess was fine.

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20


Princess Helen was discharged from the hospital and brought to the palace. Zaki was in the palace at the time and when he saw her,his countenance changed. He stylishly called Olivia to one side

“Didn’t you put the poison like I asked?”He asked

“I did sir. I don’t know how she survived”Olivia said

“When you serve her dinner tonight,make sure you put in more than before. I don’t care whether she dies immediately”

“Okay sir”

Just then Rita walked by

“Olivia leave”Zaki commanded and she left

“Rita”He called and she stopped

“Y…Yes…Master Zaki”She stuttered

“Did you hear anything?”He asked with a dangerous look in his eyes

“No sir I didn’t hear a thing in fact I wasn’t even here”She was already shaking

“Good. If I hear anything then you’re as good as gone”He threatened

“My mouth is closed sir. You won’t hear anything”She said

“Now leave”He commanded and she left

Zaki left for the royal court room to meet the king. He was sure Rita won’t dare else he will end her my himself.

Rita walked in to the maid’s room and sat on the bed panting heavily. Her heart was thumping really hard against her chest.

She just found out Olivia and Master Zaki were behind what happened to the princess and now they were going to poison her again. They might kill her this time.

She made a decision to help the princess but she won’t call master Zaki’s name so that he won’t kill her.

She stood up and went to meet Kira. She dragged Kira to a corner

“What is it?”Kira asked

“Kira I need your help”Rita said looking both ways to make sure no one is coming

“What do you need my help for?”

“Please I want you to be in the kitchen when Olivia is dishing the princess’ food”

“Why?”Kira was confused

“Please just do it. For the princess sake”

“Rita,I don’t understand what you mean”

“If you want the princess to live,be there”She said and walked away

Kira wondered what was going on but she decided to do it anyway. As far as it involved the princess,she wasn’t ready for any mistakes

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20


Olivia just finished preparing dinner and was dishing it. She dished for the king and queen then sent the other maids out when she wanted to dish for the princess.

They left and Kira was about to enter when she saw Olivia looking both ways to see if anyone was watching.

She decided to hide and see what she was up to. She peeped through the door and watched Olivia. Olivia dished the princess food and closed the kitchen door.

Kira went to the window and watched from there then she saw the greatest shock of her life

Olivia was poisoning the princess food


A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20

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