A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20

By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 18

She turned to her right and her eyes met with that of Jaden. They were staring at each other with neither unwilling to look away.

Jaden was astonished. So this is who his parents wanted him to marry. He had to admit the princess was stunning. And look at her blue eyes,its like that of Elena. And then something clicked in his head. Could she be Elena? He waved the thought away immediately

The princess was the first to get herself and quickly looked away

They were all given light food to eat. Jaden watched as the princess ate her food slowly. He had that feeling inside of him that this was Elena but Elena doesn’t look like a princess or act like one. Also,the princess hair is longer than Elena’s.

Helen noticed his stare. Is he suspecting her?

Dinner was over and the table was taken away while the dance floor lit up and music started playing. Princess Helen was surrounded by many of the students who wanted to talk to her but Mr Martins sent them away.

Mitchell walked over to her

“Look princess,here comes your biggest fan”Kira said

“Oh Mitchell?”


“Greetings my princess”Mitchell curtsied

“Greetings Mitchell”

“You know my name?”


Mitchell was over the moon

“The princess actually knows my name. Princess Helen you’re so kind and beautiful”She said

“Thank you”Helen looked at Kira and Kira smiled

The princess removed one of her bracelets and gave it to Mitchell

“Is this for me?”

“Yes Mitchell. It’s for you”

“Thank you my princess. It’s a huge honor”She ran off to go and show it off

“Why did you give her your bracelet?”Kira asked

The princess chuckled

“I want her to enjoy her pride for some time then crush it. She thinks she can get rid of Elena that easily? She better prepare cause Elena is coming to school tomorrow”

“Nice one”

“Kira,I think Jaden is suspecting me already. He hasn’t taken his eyes off me since I got here”

“I noticed that too. What do we do?”

“I don’t know for now”

“My princess,he’s coming this way”Kira said pointing at him

“Oh no”

When he approached them,he cleared his throat

“Would the princess like to dance with me?”He smiled and Helen felt weak in the knees. He was more handsome than ever tonight

She smiled and nodded. How can she say No when she had always wanted this? She placed her hand in his as he led her to the dance floor.

The dancers gave them room as all eyes were on them. The DJ started playing a slow music

She puts one hand on his shoulder and he wrapped one hand around her waist while the other was intertwined. Both waltzed looking into each other’s eyes.

“My name is Jaden your highness”He began

“Nice to meet you Jaden”She replied and smiled

Jaden admired her. Between the princess and Elena,he was having a headache figuring out who was the most beautiful. He couldn’t comprehend why he felt for this princess same thing he felt for Elena.

In the process of dancing,Helen’s hair pulled away a little and he saw her royal mark. He then remembered when he was saving Elena. He saw that same mark on Elena’s neck too. Could it be that Elena is princess Helen?

If she is then he would be killing two birds with a stone. He would get to marry the one he loves and also fulfill his Father’s wish of marrying a princess too.

He needed a plan

“What are you thinking about?”The princess asked

“Nothing my princess. I wanted to invite you over for a hang out with one of my dearest friend”Jaden said

“A hang out?”


“So who is this dearest friend?”Helen asked


She stiffened


“Yes my princess. I’m sure she’ll be thrilled to meet you. She is sick,that’s why she has not been here”


“Please don’t say No. A princess always keeps her word and doesn’t let her subjects down”

Helen sighed

“Okay when is it?”

“Next week Saturday”He replied

“I’ll be there”She smiled nervously

“Thank you my princess”He bowed

“My pleasure”She curtsied

The party later came to an end. Princess Helen greeted Mr Martins before leaving for the palace.

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20


They arrived at the palace and she briefed her parents on what happened before rushing to her room.


She dismissed her maids leaving only her and Kira

“Kira,I think he found out”She said

“That you’re two in one?”

“Yes and he has arranged a hangout on Saturday between me and my alter ego”

“Wait…he wants you to meet Elena?”


Kira face Palmed

“I’m so nervous I don’t know what do”

“Then tell him who you really are?”Kira suggested

“I can’t tell him yet. The time isn’t right for him to know”

Kira thought for a while

“Then let’s find someone to act like you while you act like Elena. Some one that looks almost exactly like you”

“So…who is that?”

Kira thinks for a while then snaps her finger


“You mean…my cousin?”Helen asked

“Yes my princess. She looks almost like you. Just talk to her and get her to agree and leave her facial appearance for me to handle”

“That girl is carefree and crazy sometimes”

“But she loves you and vowed to do anything that will make you happy so see her”

“Okay Kira. Thank you”

“My greatest pleasure your highness”She smiled

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20



Chris entered and met him

“You sent for me”Chris said

“Yes. Our plan failed”Zaki said in annoyance

“I know. I saw her dancing with that fool yesternight”Chris replied

“I want you to earn her trust now. She will be going back to school this evening. Make sure you get her to like you. I’m sick and tired of seeing my brother on that throne”

“I’ll do as you say Zaki”

“You may go now”

Chris bowed and left.

Zaki looked round his empty house. His wife was a traveler and isn’t always around. She took their last
child to another kingdom and hasn’t been back but they communicate with each other.

He has two children. Easton was his younger son’s name and he was with his wife. Tasha was his first daughter and also a feisty warrior. She and the princess were age mates and looked a little alike. She also follows the king to war most times.

Zaki had tried to make her follow his footsteps but the lady had a mind of her own.

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20


A beautiful and perfect skinned lady sat in her silver couch watching a movie. Princess Tasha was the daughter of Zaki and heiress to his wealth and assets. She is 20 years old,tall and very lively.

She was busy eating chips when she heard a knock on the door. She stood up and opened it

“Helen wow”She hugged her and dragged her in to sit down

“Good afternoon Tasha”

“Perfect afternoon my beloved cousin. What can I get you?”

“Nothing. I really need your help”

“Anything for you cos”She smiled

“I want you to act like me for a hang out this coming Saturday”

“Are you serious? Why?”Tasha twitched her brow

Helen took her time and explained everything to Tasha.

“Okay. I will do it for your sake”Tasha said

“Thank you”Helen hugged her

“But you’re going to teach me some of this princess stuffs. You know I refused to learn them”Tasha smiled sheepishly

“I will teach you. Thank you once more. Let me go,I need to go back to school today”She said and stood up

“I won’t see you off. Bye and see you soon” She laughed and Helen laughed too before leaving.

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20

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