A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20

By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 19

Princess Helen arrived at the palace and set off for school with Kira after changing into normal clothes.

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20


They arrived in school and went straight to their rooms. Her sneezing was gone and her health was back to normal.

Kira cleaned the room and they slept off. It was a long night

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20


“Come on Jaden. Elena can’t be princess Helen”Stanley said

“But what about the royal mark?”Jaden asked

“It could be a coincidence”

“No Stanley. They have same eyes”

“And so? Stop worrying yourself and go see her now. I saw in the group chat that she just got back”He waved his phone at Jaden

“Are you serious?”Jaden stood up immediately

“Where are you going to?”Stanley asked

“To see her of course. You just told me to go and see her”

Stanley laughed and followed him

They got there and knocked. Elena wasn’t much of a sound sleeper. She got down from the bed and went for the door. She opened it and saw Jaden


“Welcome back”He smiled

“Thank you”She yawned

“Sorry for waking you up. You must be exhausted” Jaden said

“No it’s nothing”She waved it off

“Hope you’re better now?”

“Yes thank you. Hello Stanley” She said

“Where is Kira?”Stanley asked

“Oh she is sleeping”

Stanley frowned

“Wake her up then”

“No. I don’t want to disturb her”

“But Jaden disturbed you”Stanley retorted

“Don’t drag me into this”Jaden said

Just then,Kira walked to the door

“Look now,you’ve succeeded in waking her up. Are you happy now?”Elena asked

“Yes” Stanley replied

“Good evening guys”Kira greeted sleepily

“Good-“Jaden wanted to reply but Stanley pushed him away

“Evening Kira. How are you?”

“I’m fine. How about you?”

“I’m good” He replied

“We’ll see you guys tomorrow. Try and get some rest”Jaden said while dragging Stanley out of there

Elena and Kira entered to continue their sleep.

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20



Kira had gone for math class leaving only Elena. Jaden and Stanley are also in class. She was the only one without class that day or so she thought.

She decided to get something to eat in the cafeteria. After the food poisoning incident,she eats with caution now.

She was eating chips when Chris approached her

“Hi Elena”He smiled

“Hey Chris. Good afternoon”She smiled back

“Same here”He replied

“Care to join me?”She asked

“No thanks. I’ll pass”He sat down facing her

He saw how she ate elegantly and admired her. The princess is cute. Many thoughts ran through his mind. She was like the most beautiful lady he has ever seen. She is also nice and he couldn’t help but keep staring at her. He wondered what was wrong with him?

Ever since she left school,he found himself wanting to see her face. He had this feeling whenever he hears her voice and it makes him want to reconsider. Could he be falling in love? Snap out of it…His inner mind warned him

“So what’s up? What has been happening in school?”Elena asked breaking the silence and snapping Chris out of his numerous thoughts

“Nothing happened that is too exciting except the dinner party”He replied playing along with her

“I heard the princess came”Elena looked up to meet his gaze

“Why are you looking at me like that?”She asked

“Nothing. It’s just that you’re really pretty”He answered and wondered how he said that

He has never told a lady that she was pretty before?

“Thanks”She smiled

“The princess actually danced with Jaden”He said

“Oh…okay”She smiled again

Just then,Jaden walked in and came over to the table. When Chris saw Jaden,he stood up

“I have to go now”

“Alright. Thanks for keeping me company”

“My pleasure”He hurried and left

Jaden sat down and took her chips

“You’re not a gentleman Jaden” She said

“What do you mean?”He asked innocently

“You took my chips with out asking for permission”

“Seriously?”He rolled his eyes


“But I missed snatching your food or snacks away from you Elly”He winked at her

“Did you just call me Elly?”She asked

“Yes. Don’t you like it?”

“Like it? I love it. I really missed you Jaden”

“I missed you more”

She smiled.

“I also have good news for you?”Jaden said

“Okay I’m listening”

“I invited the princess to hang out with us this Saturday”

“Really?”She acted excited


“Oh my gosh. I can’t wait to see her. What will I wear?”

“Calm down. It’s not the time yet”Jaden laughed

“Sorry”She smiled awkwardly

Jaden looked at her in admiration. He would be very happy if she was the princess. Though he and the princess didn’t like each other,it will be thrilling to know that the princess he didn’t have feelings became the lady he fell in love with. He couldn’t wait for her to meet his dad too.

“Elena I’ve been meaning to ask about that day you fought with those men,where did you learn to fight like that?”

“I’ve been taking lessons in an online martial arts class”She said

“Wow that’s nice. You must be a good learner cause you fought like a professional”

“Thank you”She looked and saw that her chips were gone

“Where are my chips?”She asked

Jaden shrugged

“Did you distract me so you could finish eating my chips?”

“If you put it that way then yes” He replied with a smug look on his face

“I’ll get my revenge”

Jaden laughed

“I need to stretch my body. I’m a little tired” Elena said

“Let’s take a walk then”Jaden suggested

“Okay”She took her plates to the lunch lady and thanked her before leaving with Jace.

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20

Kira was on her way back from Math class when she met Stanley on the way.

“Hi Kira” He smiled

“Hey Stan. Where are you coming from?” She asked and smiled back

“From geography class. You?”


“Great. I guess we’re heading same place cause I’m sure Jaden is with Elena” Stanley said

“Yes. Now where are we going to find them?”She asked

“I don’t know”He scratched his head

Kira couldn’t help but admire this guy in front of her. She had feelings for him but kept them to herself but Elena knows. She tries stopping the feelings but she couldn’t

“You can’t stop what is happening naturally”Elena had told her then

She wanted to help Elena find her own love and ended up falling in love too.

“What are you thinking about?”Stanley asked yanking her out of her thoughts

“Nothing”She bent her head

“Since we don’t know where they are,why don’t we hang out for sometime?”He asked

“That will be nice. Where do you have in mind?”She asked

“School garden would be great”

“Let’s go then”

They left for the school garden and sat down. Unknown to them,Jaden and Elena were at their back.

“Awwwn look how perfect they are together”Elena couldn’t help but admire them.

She suddenly felt guilty. Kira is in love but don’t want to give in because of her. She have to do something about it.

“What are you always thinking about ma?”Jaden poked her forehead playfully

“Kira and Stanley. Do you think Stanley like her?”

“Stanley loves her but he doesn’t want to rush things. He likes taking things slow”


“Why did you ask?”

“I just wanted to confirm something”She smiled


“Let’s go so they can have fun in peace cause I know you’ll ruin it for them”She teased Jaden

“I was thinking of interrupting them when it gets to the romantic part”Jaden smirked

Elena dragged him up

“Too late mister. Let’s go”She dragged him away

He tried to resist but gave in later.

“What’s your relationship with Elena?”Stanley asked

“She is my best friend. We live in same neighborhood”She replied

“That’s nice. Jaden is my cousin”

“I thought as much”

Stanley smiled and she smiled back.

They talked and laughed. Kira had fun. This was the first time she really had such a nice time with a guy.

She left later cause Elena was to go to the palace that evening to couch Tasha.

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20


Elena came to the palace and Tasha was already waiting for her. She greeted her parents and changed her outfit before taking Tasha to the palace garden where she would be taught.

Tasha was putting on Jeans and top with Snickers. Helen shook her head and beckoned on the maids to get her changed. They came back few minutes with Tasha in a ball gown and hills.

“Helen I’m gonna fall”Tasha clinged to Helen trying to stabilize her legs

“You’ll be fine”Helen said and dismissed the maids leaving her,Kira and Tasha.

Tasha managed to stand properly

“Okay Tasha. First step of being a princess,I know you’re already a princess but your own case is different”Helen teased

Tasha rolled her eyes

“I’m a diva dear. Do you think I have time for boring family dinners and meddling princes” Tasha said and Helen laughed

“I like to have my own life. Explore the world and have fun of course”She said

“That’s great and now you don’t know how to act like a princess”Helen said

“That’s why you’re here to teach me”

Helen shook her head. God really gave her a cousin

“Now you’re going to do whatever I tell you okay?”

“Okay” Tasha was still having trouble standing perfectly

She wondered how princesses walk like this. She really pitied Helen. She can’t survive a day with this on. She felt like a Christmas present. And look at the hills,how can someone walk with this?

“Now Tasha. Shoulders back,tummy in,chin up”Helen said and she did it

“Smile,stand straight and walk like that. Take steady steps with your head up” Helen started showing her and she followed Helen

“This is a punishment. Why did I agree in the first place?”Tasha complained

“You can’t back down now dear cousin. A princess always keeps her word” Helen said and Tasha frowned

“If this is how princesses suffer then I think I’ll quit being a princess for ten years” Tasha said

Helen and Kira laughed

“Why are you laughing? Look at me,I look like a birthday present. Look at the hills I’m wearing,the bottom is as tin as a pencil. I pity my poor toes” Tasha face palmed

“Okay Tasha. Quit complaining and let’s get this over with. I still need to get to school remember?”

“Okay okay” Tasha watched the way Helen did hers and did same but she slipped and bumped into Helen.

They both stumbled and fell kssing the floor with their bums.

Helen looked at Tasha

Tasha looked at Helen

Kira looked at the two of them

And everyone burst into laughter

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 11 – 20

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