A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 21 – 30

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 21 – 30

By Rejoice U Jason

Chapter 21

Elena and Tasha glanced at themselves in shock

Tasha gave her the “How did he know?” look

Elena shrugged and shakes her head

“Jaden I can explain” Elena said

“Explain what exactly? Tricking me?” He acted angry while he was jubilating deep inside. He wanted her to admit it herself

“I’m sorry Jaden. I felt it wasn’t time for you to know yet” She explained dabbing her index fingers together

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“Because you didn’t trust me right?”

“No it’s because I was…” She trailed off

“You were what?” He asked

“Because I was…I thought you would stop being my friend” She said

“Why would you think that? You were the first girl I talked to immediately you came to the school.

You were the only girl I hang out with Elena. So tell me why I won’t treat you same if I found out you were a princess”

“I didn’t think that through. I’m sorry” She bent her head

“How are you going to make it up to me princess?” He asked

“Buy you a horse?” She suggested

He laughed

🌺If only she knew how many horses he had🌺

“Nope” He replied

“What do you want then?” She asked

Tasha was busy watching the two of them mostly Jaden cause gosh he was really cute

“Promise you’ll grant my request” Jaden said

Elena looked at Tasha and Tasha gave her a warning look but she ignored

“I promise and a princess never goes back on her words” She raised her right hand

“Very well then. I want you to follow me to my kingdom before the month ends” He said

Tasha laughed at Elena

Elena had no choice after all she was the one that promised

“Okay Jaden I’ll follow you to Zulu” She replied

Zulu was Jaden’s kingdom but not everyone knows. He only told her and Kira.

“Thanks” He smiled

“So am I forgiven?” She asked

“Of course”

“Now that everything is over,can I go back to being Tasha now?” Tasha asked

“Yes” Elena replied

Tasha walked over to Jaden

“Hey Cutie,I’m Tasha. Pleasure to meet you even though you know me and I don’t know you” She shakes his hand

“It’s a pleasure meeting you too”

Kira cleared her throat to draw their attention

“And Kira your personal maid is same Kira you’re in school with”

Elena nodded

“Wait till Stanley hears this” Jaden said and they laughed

“I’ve been meaning to ask how you knew princess Tasha” Elena said

“This stubborn girl? We all know her. She is everywhere” Jaden said and they laughed again

“Am I that popular?” Tasha asked

“Popular is an understatement”Jaden said

“You’re popular for beating up princes that come for your hand in marriage” Elena teased

“I like that” Tasha smiled

They played games and chatted happily. Jaden and Elena still behaved with each other like nothing happened.

Jaden still call her by her name and she was okay with that. Kira also joined in the fun. They also took pictures.

Tasha wanted to follow them back to school that evening but Elena stopped her cause she was still dressed up like a princess.

She decided to visit some other time and left for her apartment while the rest went to school and separated to their rooms.

Jaden’s joy knew no bounds as he rushed into their room

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 21 – 30


Stanley was sleeping when Jaden entered. Jaden couldn’t wait till he woke up so he shook him

“Wake up Stanley” He continued shaking Stanley till he woke up

“What is it now?” Stanley asked and yawned sleepily

He had looked for Kira in school all day since Elena wasn’t around but couldn’t find her.

“Elena is princess Helen” He said

Stanley eyes snapped open and the sleepiness vanished


“I found out and she confirmed it”

“I don’t get it”

Jaden took his time and explained everything to Stanley

“Woah. So,if Elena is princess Helen then Kira is her personal maid” Stanley said


“Wow this is awesome” Stanley exclaimed

“Yes it is”

“So when are you taking her to meet your dad?”

“Before this month ends. I haven’t thought of a day yet”

“You better hurry cause king Zaire is one impatient man”

“I know Stanley. The problem now is if she will accept me as prince Derrick”

“I’ve told you not to worry yourself. She will accept you” Stanley said

Jaden sighed and laid down

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 21 – 30


Elena was sitting on the bed while Kira laid down

“I can’t believe he found out” Elena said

“He is smart. I knew he would” Kira said

“Then why didn’t you tell me?”

“Cause I wanted to watch the drama” Kira laughed

“So should I tell him I know he is prince Derrick too?” Elena asked

Kira sat up in shock

“He is what!!!”

“So you don’t know?” Elena asked

“No I don’t. How did you know?”

“His hair” Elena replied

“His hair? I don’t understand”

“There is only one person I know that has silky and beautiful black hair across Gatrish boundary and it’s prince Derrick.

We’ve met in some occasion. I usually followed my dad to the kingdom of Zulu to honor the invitation of his father king Zaire” Elena explained


“His father had told me then that he was the only one with that type of hair in that Kingdom. No one had it in Gatrish too.

But the hair isn’t noticeable unless you go close but unfortunately no one knows this secret except his parents and I”

“Wow. If you knew all these,then why did you refuse marrying him?” Kira asked

“I was scared. I liked him at first but I wasn’t in love with him then.

I was scared he might not have the welfare of my kingdom at heart. I was scared he might be like other princes who are after the throne alone so i refused” Elena sighed

“What about when you found out he was Prince Derrick? Why didn’t you tell him?”

“I wanted to observe him. The first time we met,I didn’t know he was the one. I found out when we became friends but I wanted to know if he was worth it and I ended up falling in love with him. I fell in love with same person I’ve been refusing to marry”

Kira smiled

“Awwwn. I know he loves you too” Kira said

“I know too”

“This means you knew his secret first” Kira said

“Yes. I wanted to surprise him but he found out I’m Princess Helen by himself”

“Birds of same feather” Kira teased

“What do you mean?” Elena asked

“Well Mr Smart meets Mrs Smart. Mrs Smart thought she could outsmart Mr Smart but it backfired and Mr Smart ended up outsmarting her” Kira laughed

“So you’re saying I’m Mrs Smart while Jaden is Mr Smart”

“Exactly” Kira said

Elena laughed

“So are we going to trick him into revealing his true self?” Kira asked

“Trick him? I’m not tricking that guy again. He will definitely catch me again”

Kira laughed

“I’ll wait till he takes me to his Kingdom first”

“Okay. I wish you luck” Kira smiled

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 21 – 30


A lady was getting ready to go out. She wore black jeans,red top and black jacket with canvas. She took a gun and was loading it with bullets. She didn’t look happy. There was another lady by the side sitting on a couch

“Must you seek revenge? I heard that man is dangerous” The lady on the couch said

“I will get my revenge Marie. That stinky scumbag betrayed me” The lady with the gun said

“I know but let it go. I don’t wanna loose you”

“You won’t loose me. I’ll go and I won’t come back till I see his lifeless body on the ground. That man spoiled my ten years of hard work. He tarnished my image and I’m going to do same”

“Can’t you think of another way?” Marie asked

“There is no other way. Master Zaki must perish for his sins”

Elena knew all along that Jaden was Prince Derrick😱😱😱

Who can guess who this lady with a gun is🤭

A SEARCH FOR TRUE LOVE: Chapter 21 – 30

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