“What did I told you about getting into trouble Ha-rin!! Your first day of school, you already fought two people and that guy you kneed hope he’s okay… Gosh! What I’m I going to do with you!!” Mr Jeong kept ranting on the video call they were doing.

Abbie called him and told him everything that happened on her first day. She doesn’t know how to hide things from her father.

“Appa mianhaeyo (dad I’m sorry)” Abbie pouted.


“C’mon, give her a break Jeong.. You weren’t expecting Abbie to just stand there and get bullied” Veronica walked to them.

Abbie immediately beamed up.

“See? Mom is supporting vawulence!” Abbie beamed.

“You two..” Mr Jeong frowned.

“Stop frowning, that causes wrinkles and you’ll age even more” Veronica smirked.

“I wasn’t talking to you!!” Mr Jeong snapped and Abbie laughed.

Well when Veronica and Jeong divorced they remained friends for the sake of Abbie. Things weren’t that compatible in their marriage but atleast it were in their friendship…

Not all family get to have their happily ever after.. So long as they’re happy with their new family, that’s what matters and Abbie is okay with it,, it feels like she has two mothers and two fathers which is cool…to her.

“My lecture starts by 9AM.. Have to go now dad, take care.. Saranghae appa!!” She blew ksses at Jeong and Veronica waved before they disconnected the video call.

“I’ll leave you to get ready.. Be fast, breakfast is ready” Veronica blew ksses to her before leaving.

Abbie stood and immediately went to the bathroom to shower. She began singing a song as she took her shower. “Tally” By Blackpink

🎼 I said fk it when I feel it!!
‘Cause no one’s keeping tally, I do what I want with who I like!!

I ain’t gon’ conceal it
While you’re taking all that sh*t, I’ll be getting mine, getting mine🎼

She finished having her shower and settled down in a white crop top and black high hips mini skirt with white sneakers. She curled up her hair before going out of her room.

“Good morning everyone!” She exclaimed when she got to the dining room.

Abbie was surprised to see Mr Lewis in the dining room. When did he get back home?

“Dad, look! Its Abbie… She’s pretty right?” Kate said.

Mr Lewis smiled.

“She sure is! A photocopy of Veronica.. Please have a seat” Mr Lewis said

“Thanks sir” Abbie smiled and sat down.

“Just call me father,, we’re one big family here! Too bad I have so much business trip, I would really love we all spend time together” Mr Lewis said

Abbie smiled widely. She dished herself some food and began eating while chatting with the others..




The prestigious Leighton family was sitting round the table, having their breakfast in silence.

Alex was unusually putting on a beanie.

“How’s school so far son” Mrs Leighton (Lillian) asked.

“Well mine is going pretty well” Lucas smiled.

“Same here mom” Alex replied.

“Alex, please can you come back home early today.. We have someone to introduce to you” Lillian smiled.

“Who?” Alex asked..

“It’s a secret son,, just come home and you’ll see” Mr Leighton (Marshall) said.

“Oh alright” Alex shrugged.

“Just let us know when the 5 million we wired to your account finishes” Marshall patted his back.

Alex nodded with a smile. He was smiling meanwhile his heart was angry at a particular person… Abbie

Meanwhile, Lucas took his breakfast in silence.. Minding his business.




Julian and his mother were both in Whitney’s room as they watched the doctor slowly removed the bandage from her face.

Well these past two days went really well on their side. Thankfully, Whitney didn’t forget how to read and write so she can resume her education..

“Wow, the surgery is a success..” The doctor smiled as he checked her face.

He made way and Julian gasped when he saw her face. He began wondering if it’s a doll or what?

She was so freaking cute! With her pretty eyes and small pink lips plus her natural blonde hair added more to her beauty.

“Wow! You look so cute!!” Mrs Adams exclaimed, bringing Julian back to reality.

He blinked severally and cleared his throat.

“Really!! I wanna see!!” Whitney said excitedly.

Mrs Adams gave her a mirror and she gasped when she saw her face.

“OMG!!” She screamed happily, kicking her feet in excitement.

“Lian, how do I look?” She asked with a big smile on her face.

Julian smiled.

“More than cute” Julian said and she smiled more..

“I’ll take my leave now,, just keep using the ointment I prescribed and all the scars on your skin will fade within a week” The doctor said.

“Thanks so much Owen, let me escort you” Mrs Adams said and left with the doctor.

Whitney stretched both her hands forth.


“Carry me” She pouted.

Julian shook his head and dipped his hand in his pocket.

“You can now get walk properly” Julian said.

“But you said you’ll do what I say” Whitney frowned and pouted.

Julian chuckled and shook his head. It’s really fascinating how he bonded so fast with her. On the norms, he’s not a lady’s man.. It took him months before he could talk freely with Violet and she’s his only female friend but her,, it’s different.

He looked at the time on his watch.

“It’s 8:50, need to go to school” Julian said.

“I want to go to school with you!” Whitney said.

“Tomorrow Whitney,, bye!” He touched her hair before leaving.

Whitney puffed out air in her mouth. She brought back the mirror to her face and began smiling back, admiring her face.




Abbie got to school and began walking to school. Rudy left for school before her so they didn’t come together

“Today is the official opening of the various club in our school. Hope I pass the audition for dancing and cheer leading” She thought as she walked to her LH.

Suddenly someone pulled her to a silent alley and pinned her on the hall. She was taken by surprise but when she saw the person, a smirk formed on her face..

“What’s up” She smirked at Alex who was glaring at her. If only looks could kíll she could have been six feet under.

“You!!” Alex growled at her.

He pulled off his beanie from his hair. His hair color had various colors in it,, red, orange, green, blue, yellow… Short it was like a rainbow.

Abbie bursted out in laughter when she saw his hair.. Actually, Abbie paid a guy who snuck into their suite to Alex’s room then exchanged Alex’s shampoo with a rainbow coloring one.

The thing with the shampoo is that it doesn’t take effect immediately but over night.

Alex got the shock of his life when he woke up to see his hair having this color. He needed no soothsayer to tell him it’s Abbie’s handwork.

“Wow! Never knew you look so good in rainbow” Abbie laughed.

Alex folded his fists tightly. He doesn’t hit on girls, but this wtch is giving him million reasons to do so..

“How do I reverse this!!” Alex barked.

“It goes off after two days sweetie” Abbie smirked and Alex’s eyes widened.

“How dare you!?”

“Awwn,, you’re the one who started it.. You ruin my reputation, I ruin yours.. Have fun being Rainbow Ruby for two days” Abbie pushed him aside and laughed as she left.

“Rainbow… Rainbow Ruby. Rainbow… Rainbow Ruby,, now” Abbie sang as she left while laughing.

“Just you wait and see..” Alex gritted his teeth.


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