Four girls could be seen walking while discussing and laughing. They were putting on their school uniforms so one could tell they were going to school..

“How was your night?? I went clubbing with my boyfriend!” One said and the other three gushed.

They kept discussing till a van stopped in front of them. It opened and out it came Rex with four of his men.

The girls abruptly stopped.

“Can we help you sir?”

“Of course, we’ll like you to quietly enter the van and stay quiet as we kidnap you” Rex smiled, bringing out his gvn immediately..

The girls began backing out and they made to run but bumped into his men.

“You heard boss… In the van!” One of them brought out the gvn..

The girls made to scream and run but they immediately closed their mouths and they began struggling while crying.

Rex’s eyes landed on a girl with strawberry blonde hair. He smirked as he watched the ho.rrified expression on her face.

He ran his gvn from her face to her bbs..

“Reserve me this one.. I wanna have fun with her” He said and the men nodded, taking the girls in the van.

He smirked and entered the van which eventually drove off.




Abbie came downstairs, wearing a set of clothes which Alex ordered.

She sat down on the dining table and Alex placed the food on the table..

“What are you gonna do? I mean will you go home or to school?” Alex asked, sitting beside her.

“To school.. I’ll go home and explain everything to my family” Abbie said.

“Wait,, by everything you mean us switching bodies?” Alex asked and she nodded.

“I don’t know how to líe to them” Abbie pouted.

“Hope they believe you. I’m also thinking of coming over and letting them know about us” Alex said and Abbie swiftly looked at him.

“What!! No!!” Abbie exclaimed loudly and Alex pouted.

“But why?” He pouted.

“Let’s start slowly okay??” Abbie pinched his cheek.

“But I want to let the whole world know that you’re mine” Alex pouted.

Abbie chuckled and pecked his cheek

“Just give me time okay?” Abbie said and Alex finally smiled then nodded.

He cut a piece of his meat and faced Abbie.

“Open up” Alex said and she shook her head.

“I.. I’m on a diet,, I only eat veggies” She said.

“But why?” Alex asked.

“I.. I’ve gained weight and I don’t wanna look ugly” She looked down.

“Heart…” Alex cupped her cheek.

“You’re not ugly, not at all… You’re the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen and honestly to me it doesn’t matter if you gain weight or not because I fell for who you are not for how you look… You’ll always remain the prettiest to me” Alex said

“Awwn” Abbie blushed and hugged him..

“Never knew you were romantic…jerk” She said and Alex laughed lightly.

“Now will you eat?” He asked and she nodded

They began feeding each other while smiling and chuckling.




Abbie got to school and smiled widely.. Feels so good to be in school but this time as Abbie, not Alex.

She began heading to her ward while humming a song to herself as she walked..

“Yay!!!!!!” She screamed loudly and people began looking at her, wondering why she’s so happy

Today, they just have one lecture and Alex left before her.

She began heading to her building when someone pulled her to a corner and pushed her harshly, she almost fell.

She looked up to see it was Violet glaring at her..

“Just when I thought my day will be peaceful” Abbie rolled her eyes.

“I’m here to give you one last warning.. Stay away from Alex if you know what’s good for you” Violet said.

Abbie chuckled but that was short lived. Her face immediately became serious.

“What if I don’t?” She asked.

“Then you won’t like what will come your way. You’re just like a piece of sht in front of me..” Violet said.

“I don’t know why my middle finger just gets a boner everytime I see you. Bet your brain feels as good as new, seeing that you never use it.” Abbie said boringly.

Violet’s eyes widened. No one has dared insulted her that way..

“What!! How dare you!!” Violet raised her hand and slapped Abbie.

Abbie touched her cheek and smiled. Without wasting time she gave Violet two consecutive sI.aps

Her hair started all over her face.

Abbie pulled her by the hair and she winced.

“This will help you alot” Abbie dipped her hand in her handbag and brought out a small bottle of glue.

Violet’s eyes widened when she began applying it on Violet’s mouth. Her mouth immediately gummed together.

“Here,, with this you’ll spare humanity from the infectious odor coming out of there..” Abbie smiled cutely.

“Bye cutie!” Abbie blew her ksses and walked off

Violet kept trying to open her but it couldn’t. She kept screaming and shouting madly that her face even began turning red but nothing came out.



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