Music was literally blaring at all corners of the house, mostly at the pool behind the house.

Alex and Abbie arrived the pool and Abbie’s eyes darted around.

“Her house is not even pretty” She scoffed.

Alex chuckled.

“Jealous girlfriend” He whispered and pecked her cheek.

“I’ll join the boys,, have fun Heart” He winked and left.

Abbie smiled and went to look for the girls.

“This party is lit!!!” Zoey screamed as she danced to the beat of the music with a glass of vodka in her hand.

She was putting on a red bkini with a transparent piece of clothing round her waist.

Though her chest was a bit flat, but her @$s was definitely something to write home about.

Some boys couldn’t help but ogle at how sxy she looked, wondering if she’s the ugly Zoey they once called her like.

Alma was laying on the lounge chair, sipping on her own glass. The guys out there were actually shocked that behind all those tomboy outfit lies someone this hot

She was putting on a black lacy bikini which had an oval shaped hole at the cleavage part. Her long slender legs glowing as the light shun on her body

The boys there couldn’t help but drool over them but sadly the couldn’t approach them. The last guy who tried to misbehave with them ended up in the hospital with 20 teeth instead of 32.

“Girls” Abbie approached them

“Finally! Thought you wouldn’t come..” Alma sat up.

“What are you still doing in your clothes.” Zoey asked.

“Was just arriving.. Will go change now” Abbie said and left for the changing room

She got there and dropped her back then began vndressing. She unhooked her b.ra and made to remove it when the door suddenly swung open.

She held the b.ra to her body and turned to see it was Lucas.

Lucas paused and his eyes darted to her half nked body.

“What are you doing here? Get out!!” Abbie’s voice brought him back to reality.

“Abbie we need to talk… Let me explain things to you” Lucas took a step forth and she took one back

“Lucas get out!! I’m half nked! What will someone think of us if they enter” Abbie frowned.

Lucas grabbed her arm

“Abbie please listen to me.. I love you and I’m sorry for what you saw earlier. I was just weak and she se..duced me-”

“Even when caught you’re still lying to my face..” Abbie cut him off, tears brimming in her eyes.


“Lucas please leave.. I’m gonna scream if you don’t, I’m serious” Abbie looked away.

Lucas slowly released her and looked down and like that he left. Abbie quickly cleaned her tears and finally removed her b.ra then her $kirt.

She began wearing her bikini..




“This party is lit girl!!” Della screamed ¢ràzily as she danced to the music with Blaire.

You think a bkini is revealing? Well you haven’t seen theirs. They were putting on tiny strings of rope that just covered their tips in the name of bra.. Their bbs so revealing with G-$trings as pa..nties.

Blaire kept dancing slowly, sipping on her wine as her eyes darted around in search of Alex.

👥 OH MY ABS… Look at those abs!!

👥 Are they real??

👥 Those lips gosh… Those lips!!

Blaire turned to where the murmurs were coming from and the glass she was holding fell from her hand as she stared at the perfectly sculpted creature in front of him.

Alex.. His hands was dipped in the pocket of his blue boxers as he walked like a model

His dark hair was disheveled and he was biting on his pink lips as he walked. A silver necklace was on his neck, resting on his broad chest. His six packs looks so appetizing like chocolate bars.

His arm muscles twitched as he raised his hand to his hair. Girls immediately began screaming loudly.

One will even think Alex was the one hoisting the party and not Blaire.

Alex sighed at all the attention he was gaining..

“These girls,, they’ll never change. Even when I announce to the whole world that I’m getting married the next day they’ll still be all over me” Alex sighed.

Blaire swept her hair to the back so that Alex could see her big bbs as he approached her way.

She bit her lips sxily as Alex walked closer.

“Cover those fallen bbs…. Slvt” He said and walked pass her to Julian and Rudy who was just arriving.

“Sorry dude,, it must hurt breaking your friendship with your childhood friends” Julian patted Rudy’s back.

“What’s-” Alex wanted to ask when his eyes caught someone..

His mouth parted as he stared at Abbie. She was wearing a white bikini with a long sleeve shirt on top of the bikini which she left unbuttoned.

Though he was once in her body but looking at her from another perspective, she looked so beautiful and hot yet super cute. The cutest girl he has ever seen

He didn’t know when a smile escaped his lips.

Rudy and Julian began looking at him, wondering why he’s smiling so much like a fóol.

“Finally you’re here” Whitney said when Abbie walked to them

Abbie caught Lucas staring at her and she looked away..

“Let’s swim!! Last person to enter the water will give Alex a blówjob” Someone screamed and they all began jumping in the water.

“Fk you to the person who said this.. Wait,, why me!!” Alex frowned and Julian chuckled

“Yay!!” Alma screamed and jumped in the pool

Whitney and Zoey immediately followed. Abbie removed the shirt she was putting on before jumping in the pool with them.

They began playing in the water, splashing water on each other as they laughed loudly..

Whitney’s eyes kept going to Tyler who was at a corner with girls swoon around him.. He was busy kssing one of them while another ran her hands through his bare chest.

She sighed and looked away while pouting.

“Argh!” A shriek escaped her lips when Zoey jumped on her and they went down in the water while laughing.

Alot of people were in the water, some were having fun while some were discussing, some were busy kssing and making out..

Abbie was still swimming when someone pulled her a to a dark corner in the pool. A gasp escaped her lips when she saw who it was..

“Heart..” Alex muttered, smiling at her.

His hair was wet, sticking to her face and his lips became more redder, more appetizing.

“Didn’t know I was this handsome that I can make a girl speechless” Alex said when Abbie kept starring at him.

He brought his face closer and Abbie’s eyes widened.

“What are you doing? Someone might see us!!” Abbie gulped down as her eyes darted to his lips.

She placed her hand on his chest with the aim of pushing him away but couldn’t, as if her strength left her body.

“I don’t really care if they see us.. It won’t change the fact that you’re mine,, mine alone.. Just the same way I’m all yours” Alex whispered, his lips brushing tantalizingly on her lips.

Abbie shivered and she didn’t know when her hands which were on his chest began moving, feeling how hard it was.

Alex held her hand moving on his chest, making her stop.

“Stop,, you don’t know how much effect you have on me” And like that, he claimed her lips.

Abbie happily welcomed his lips and her hands went to his wet hair as she stood on her toe, kssing him more deeper

He lifted her up and placed her on the edge of the pool, his hand clutching onto her tiny sxy waist as their lips melted onto each other..

“Alex..” Abbie let out a moan when he bit on her lower lips.

Alma smiled and dipped herself inside water for like 10 seconds. She brought out her face to catch her breath.

“I so much love swimming!” Alma exclaimed happily kicking her feet in water.

She spotted a b.ra floating on water which seemed so familiar.

Her eyes furrowed and she touched her chest. That’s when her eyes widened

“My b.ra!!!”


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