Whitney sniffed and shook her head, right now her head was in a complete mess and the part that hurt the most is her parents.

She could still remember that fateful day, how her family were driving back home in their father’s old truck when suddenly two cars blocked their way.

Out of his came out Leo AKA Tyler with his men

They wanted to take Whitney away but her father made to interfere so he shot him déad, same with her mother.

She was so scared that she couldn’t do anything and that’s how she was abducted and taken to that h’ll

That h’ll where she was to..rtured each time she misbehaved, nked to the hundred of men working there. As if that wasn’t enough, Leo he,, he,,

Whitney broke down in more tears. Julian just hugged her and led her to her room.

They both sat down on the bed and she cried for a while. When her cries slowly díed down, she explained everything to Julian..

“Lian, I’m sorry.. I lied to you I was going to Alma’s place but I instead went to Tyler’s place.

I went there because, because I wanted to clear the air between him and I..

To tell him that I couldn’t reciprocate his feelings but I don’t know what got into me and we kssed and made out till suddenly I felt a pang of headache h!t me and like that, I regained my memory… Tyler he’s..” Whitney continued the story.

Julian’s face expression was second to none. His eyes kept growing wider by the second as Whitney explained.

He didn’t know how to feel. Angry, jealous, hurt, happy??

“So Tyler,, he’s a member of a bad gang. And he klled your parents then kidnapped you.

He ràped you when you were in that place and somehow you escaped from there, that’s how our paths crossed” Julian recapitulated, everything she is saying sounds so unreal.

Whitney nodded…

“I see, so what will you do now?”

“I don’t know,, but I need to see my sisters. I need to know how Aileen is doing and to tell them that I’m alive” Whitney said and looked at Julian who was lost in thoughts.

She took his hand and he looked her way.

“I know what you’re thinking,, the fact that I’ve gained my memories changes nothing between us.

You and your mother helped me in ways I can’t repay you back and for that, I’ll forever remain grateful to you two” Whitney smiled and Julian nodded with a smile.

“About Tyler, he seem to now be into you and I think you have a soft spot for him. Will you forgive him?” Julian asked and Whitney chuckled.

“Forgive him? After all what he has done to me you think I’ll forgive him? Never!

You have no idea how much I loathe him and I swéar I’ll make him pay for what he did to me and for klling my parents..

He made one mistake in his life and that is falling for me for I’ll make sure I crush him down.

He and that organization” Whitney said, with so much resentment in her voice.

“I’ll help you in any way I can” Julian said and Whitney smiled at him

She looked front and began thinking about everything.



“Noo!!” Abbie screamed loudly.

The rain has stopped and while driving to Alex’s condo since he told her he will be staying there, they saw his car parked at the middle of the road.

She rushed to the car and her eyes widened and refused to close when she saw bI.ood everywhere on the driver’s seat.

“Alex..” Her knee gave up and she began crying loudly.

“Abbie” Rudy touched her shoulder and she looked up at him with red teary eyes.

“What is the meaning of all these? BI.ood? Where is he? Nothing should happen to him, I swéar I won’t be able to take it… Alex, no!!” She cried loudly, shaking her head in tears.

“Calm down Abbie, let’s call the cops I’m sure there must be an explanation to all these” Rudy said


Abbie’s phone began ringing. She brought it out and her eyes widened when she saw it was Alex. Without wasting time, he picked it.

“Sunshine!!” She exclaimed.

“He saved your number as Heart, you must be his girlfriend right?” Bryce’s voice came up.

“Who are you!! What are you doing with his phone!?”

“Come to the Presbyterian Hospital, your boyfriend got st..abbed I think” Bryce said and hung up.


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