Written by Ayodawha Ejaeta Victory

Episode Twenty one

I woke up to find myself in the hospital but I wasn’t feeling any better. I could still speak but I was slowly losing my will to live. It was as if I was closer to death and there was no reason to battle to live.

“You’re finally up?” One of the nurses said touching my body. I was too weak to answer immediately so I managed to blink my eyes. I was still wondering who brought me to the hospital when Lola walked in.

“Ayo, you’re finally awake. You scared the h’ll out of us you know.” She said hitting me gently on my elbow.
“Allow him to rest first. He needs it.” The nurse said and left.
“How did I get here?” I managed to ask.
“Shhhh, I think you should rest first. We’ll talk about that later.” She said.
Knowing that I was really dieing and might not live another one hour, I begged her to take me back home.
“Please take me back to mama.” I said with a faint breath.
“Ayo, you can’t go in this state. The nurse said you should rest and besides it was Mr Omotayo who brought you here so he is the one who has the right to take you out too.” She said.

“Then call him. Tell him I want to see mama Please.” I said as I began to feel weaker.
Lola stood up and went outside. Everything was beginning to appear blurry to me and my heart beat was slowly going down.
She returned with Mr Omotayo and I could tell that she had already told him of my wish to go and see mama.
“Ayo, why now? Your exam is two days away. Why not concentrate on making you well first?” He said panicking. If only he knew that the Ayo he was talking to might not live to write that exam.
“Please sir, take me to mama. If I see her, I’ll be better.” I said.
“Ayo are you okay? Why is your voice sounding like that?” Lola asked. They were already wasting too much time and I was getting irritated already but I didn’t have the strength to raise my voice.
Mr Omotayo had no choice but to have me discharged from the hospital and to start the two hours journey to Utti. With the drip on me, I was carefully placed at the back seat of Mr Omotayo’s car while Lola sat very close to me.
“You’ll be alright.” She said.

“Please get me water.” I said as I was beginning to feel I had to do all I could to make sure I don’t give up before we get Utti. The journey was a long one and I wasn’t sure I could hold myself that long.
She got a bottle of cold water as I had requested for and gave me some to drink. I felt a bit energized.
“Where are we now?” I asked her with so much agony that I was passing through.
“We’re still in Republic town but we’ll soon be out.” She said…

“We are now in Utti.” She said grabbing my hand and was already crying.
“Ayo, please don’t die. You mustn’t go like this.” She said which I could hear even if I was already losing it.
“So where is your place?” Mr Omotayo asked.
“Opposite the micro finance bank.” I managed to say and as I stared at Lola, her face was the only thing I could see and gradually it was fading away. I didn’t know what happened but that was it…..

When people say there is such thing as a miracle, I hardly ever believed it. In most cases I’d say it was prearranged by the pastor and the other party but believe me it happened to me and I must say it was real. We didn’t need a pastor to perform the miracle but only the element called “faith.”

Mama had wept her eyes sore by the time I opened my eyes. Lola’s eyes were an ocean of tears and Mr Omotayo was just standing there like the man I believed he was.
There was joy as everyone came rushing to my side. I didn’t know what had happened but I knew I had travelled farther than they thought. This is my testimony…

I saw a man in a white robe and he was in tears when he saw me.
“Why? Why were you so impatient?” He had asked me.
“You are not supposed to be here now but I’m not in a position to help you because you lost your will to live. Let’s see if your mother’s faith is strong enough to take you back.” He said.
“Where is this place and who are you?” I managed to ask.
“You are in a city far away from where you’ve ever been. But believe me, this is not your final destination. There is another phase of this journey that I’m sorry to tell you that won’t be sweet for you. You’ve lived a life that has not pleased God and should you leave here to continue the journey, the final destination will be terrible.” He said.
He took me by the hand and continued with me. He told me how the journey for so many youths will be when they finally come. He told me how I had almost sold my fortune because of impatience.
“All human beings are created with something special in them. It is the desire of he who created you to see you maximize the potential he has given to you and that is one thing that can make you great. Our enemy is out there and he has very good offers just to make sure you don’t use that potential that God has given to you. You almost fell for it Ayo but grace spoke for you.” He said.
I could tell as we journeyed that the temperature of the place was changing.
“Why is this place getting hotter?” I asked.
“This is farthest I can go with you.” He said and turned back but then another man on white robe with a crown on his head came to me.
“Ayo my son, your mother is a woman of great faith. I heard her prayers and her display of faith has moved me. You won’t be condemned anymore. I’ll give you another chance to make things right. Go back and tell everyone what you saw today. Write it on a book for others to read. Visit schools and speak this message to them. The enemy is after the youths now more than ever and most of them are selling their souls and destiny for money. Not everyone gets this kind of chance my son, so don’t misuse it. Unforgiveness lurks in your heart and the desire to have revenge is eating you real deep. Leave that to me my son.” He said and that was how I saw myself opening my eyes.

“Mama, he’s awake!” Lola said.
“Thank you Jesus! Thank you Lord!” Mama exclaimed.

Mr Omotayo was so happy that he came to embrace me.
“I thought we lost you.” He said as tears started falling down his cheeks.
I was ashamed to look at mama because I knew I had really offended her yet her love for me had not declined even for a minute.
She threw her arms around me with tears.
“Ayomide…, My joy has arrived.” She said.
“Mama, I’m sorry. I’m sorry I left you without thinking how you’d feel. I’m sorry mama.” I said still crying.
“It’s okay my son. You are welcome back home.” She said.
Even Mr Ajayi was there and he too had almost cried his eyes sore.
I thought I’d see uncle Kayode too but too bad he wasn’t there. I was ready to let go of the bitterness I had for him, Timi and Toyin. I was ready to do as that man who was wearing a crown told me to do.

The following day, I felt better and stronger and I had to return to Republic town for my scholarship exam. This time around, I wasn’t depending on my intelligence as I had always done but I was looking forward to the grace of God that has been sufficient for me. Mama prayed for me and told me that God is at work and will not let me fail.
I knew many people will not believe my story but I must say, it was a way to show me that I don’t need the devil’s involvement in my life to be rich. As I took journey back to Republic town, I knew I had a greater assignment and that was to change the world around me. But to do that, I had to start with Mr Omotayo because running a casino was a sin and I was planning to do that after my exams….

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