ALL I WANT IS YOU: Chapter 1 – 10

ALL I WANT IS YOU: Chapter 1 – 10

Written By Naomi Cindy

Genres: R0mance, Action

Tags: College, comedy, lies, jealousy.


His name is Brandon Greg, a dashing but stonehearted doctor who’s only concerned about three things

To save his patients, do jobs for his dad, and to smoke

He’s the best of all the doctors in Preston hospitals, Italy.

ALL I WANT IS YOU: Chapter 1 - 10.

He’s the type who doesn’t care about the world around him, doesn’t care about what others think about him, he doesn’t care about nothing, he lives in his own world and hates interruption but even the blind will feel his handsomeness just like a greek god.

He gat tattoos in his right arm and back but that only makes him look hotter, he has a gentle face that’ll make you think he’s cool but in actuality, he’s dangerous.

The female doctors trip hard and the female interns and nurses aren’t left out but he’s not the playboy type.

He has a bad mouth though and that’s why most of the doctors hate him plus the fact that he’s the best in the hospital, he’s capable of smoking his future if he has one.

“I have no future and I don’t want no future” he’ll always say. He smokes like a devl, everyday, everytime.

Apart from being a doctor, he’s also a dangerous guy though the dangerous part of him is hidden, he’s the only son of Zelda Greg who’s the most hardened dangerous mafia in Italy.

He kept the fact that he’s a mafia’s heir a secret cos of reasons best known to him so everyone knows him as doctor Brandon Greg, Hot Doctor, that’s his nickname in the hospital

After working in the hospital from morning till night, he carries out missions for his dad every night.

Every other Mafia in Italy is aware that Zelda Greg has a son who’s a dangerous weapon and never misses target but no one has ever seen his face, he always uses masks for his mission.

ALL I WANT IS YOU: Chapter 1 – 10

Nirvana Merrick is a random girl who’s currently a first year history student in college, she loves history and cos of that, she visits the museum regularly and dreams to become a curator at a museum one day.

She’s nineteen, her parents are dead, she only has a strict grandma and a stern senior brother…. Grayson

How will these two meet?

A smart, brilliant and bad-mouthed dangerous doctor


A clumsy college student who looks feeble with the recommended glasses she’s always wearing

ALL I WANT IS YOU: Chapter 1 – 10

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