ALL I WANT IS YOU: Chapter 11 – 20

ALL I WANT IS YOU: Chapter 11 – 20


By Naomi Cindy B

Nirvana wasn’t chanced to look up before losing consciousness again cos her senses recognizes that it’s him without mistake

Brandon caught her before she could fall and Grayson took her from him

“She’s at it again, Nirvana!, Nirvana!” He yelled fearfully

Interns rushed to him and she was taken from him into the ward again

ALL I WANT IS YOU: Chapter 11 – 20.

Grayson felt like it won’t be advisable to keep it from Grandma Kara anymore so he dialled her line and called her

He continued pacing around the reception restlessly , unable to blink at all till Brandon came out of the ward after about ten minutes

“Is she awake?, Tell me she’s ok” Grayson said impatiently

“She’s fine” he replied and held Grayson’s shoulders to calm him down

“Calm down, you need it” he said

“How can I calm down when my lovely sister is going through all that” he replied

” She went through a traumatic experience and the shock is what’s making her faint, she faints anytime she remembers” Brandon said

” Traumatic experience?” Grayson said

“Yes, but no need to worry, she’ll be fine, another doctor will take over soon cos I’ll be leaving for somewhere” Brandon said

” Doctor…

“No need to worry, she’ll be well attended to, and Immediately she wakes up, take her home, feed her with a lot of milk and cereals, let her take a shower and relax, she’ll be fine” Brandon said

” Thanks doctor” Grayson replied and Brandon left

Grayson entered the ward and saw Nirvana lying unconsciously on the bed , he sat on a chair beside her and held her hand

“Please wake up soon, please” he said with concern

Kara rushed in as fast as dash and can’t hide her shock when she saw Nirvana

“My daughter!” She screamed and rushed there

” Grayson what have you done, what happened to her!” She yelled

“Grandma calm down..” Grayson said but Kara slapped him across the face

” I sent you to take her home last night but you only called to tell me she’s with Farrell while you’re with Jay, I knew it was a lie immediately cos I don’t trust you!, What did you do to her!” Kara yelled

” I did nothing grandma!, She fainted cos of shock as a result of trauma!, You can ask any intern or doctor Brandon Greg!’ Grayson yelled

Kara calmed down a bit and looked at Nirvana again

“My baby, why is she like this?, Why is she not talking” she cried

” Stop crying grandma, she’ll be ok” Grayson said

“What trauma were you talking about the other time?” Kara asked

” I don’t know, she didn’t tell me” Grayson replied

” If it’s what I’m thinking, I won’t spare you Grayson cos I’ve always warned you” Kara said

” I’m not as bad as you think!” Grayson replied

” But you keep making it hard to believe that!” Kara replied

” Noise is the last thing she needs right now” Heather said, entering the ward

” I’m sorry” Kara replied, still looking at Grayson.

” Good, she’ll wake up soon trust me” Heather smiled

” Thanks” Grayson replied and Heather left.

Kara sat beside Nirvana and stroked her hair

“Wake up soon daughter, don’t get sick” she said


ALL I WANT IS YOU: Chapter 11 – 20

Brandon actually went back home to take a rest

He showered first and put on only a black trousers then sat with his smoke and smoked like a devl

“Little stalker” he said, pouring himself a cup of alcohol..

He drank and smoked, sitting with his elbow on his thighs

“Traumatic experience huh?, It was just a little play to make her scared, now it resulted in trauma?, Fk” he said and stood, pacing round his living room

He pulled up his trousers cos he’s not using belt, he smoked again and blew out the smoke rebelliously

“What should I do?, She might go crazy, she’s too young for that..what can I do?” He asked himself

He picked his phone and dialled Heather’s line

She picked luckily. “Is she awake?” He asked Straight

“The traumatized girl?, No” she replied and he hung up Immediately

He puffed in a lot of smoke and blew it out through his nostrils before sitting again

“Dmn it!” He said


ALL I WANT IS YOU: Chapter 11 – 20

Farrell rushed into Preston hospitals with Jamison and they located the ward easily cos it’s one of the VIP wards and has her name in front of it

She actually called Nirvana and it was Brandon who picked and told her about Nirvana’s condition

She went in with Jamison and they met Kara and Grayson with her , she’s still unconscious

“My clumsy baby” Farrell said, rushing to her

“Did she come to your house yesterday?” Kara asked Straight

” Yes ma’am” Farrell replied

” When did she come and when did she leave?”

“She came around 12 and left around past eight at night though it was my fault cos I wasted her time” Farrell replied

” I told her not to keep late nights again but she just won’t listen!, Now who knows what might have happened to her” Kara said

” It’s my fault and I’m sorry grandma” Farrell said

“Is she gonna be fine?” Jamison asked Grayson who’s standing behind Kara

” Doctor said yes” he replied slowly

They stayed with her without going back to school till the evening but Nirvana never woke up and that made Heather greatly worried

“Tell me she’ll be fine” Kara said after Heather checked her vitals

” I promise she’ll be fine, she replied

” When?, She’s not waking up” Grayson replied

Kara stood and held Heather’s hands

” Please save her, save my granddaughter” she pleaded

” She’ll be fine, trust me” Heather replied and left the ward

Since she’s Brandon’s patient, she decided to call and inform him


ALL I WANT IS YOU: Chapter 11 – 20


The drive to Porta tenaglia was smooth but boring, Brandon refused to utter a word to Reagan and Reagan kept mute too though she kept stealing glances at him

Brandon’s mind was occupied with the question ; “will she be ok?”

That’s what he kept asking himself throughout till they got to where they’re actually going

They did the peaceful exchange without the use of force, the dealers are cool this time around

Brandon didn’t even come out of the car, it was Reagan who came out to get the money

“Are you ok?’ she asked immediately she got back into the car

” Sure” he replied wryly

It’s uncommon of Brandon to give monosyllabic answers so she knows something is bothering him

She’s about to ask him further when his phone rang and he had to pick the call

It’s Heather who’s calling and he has missed a call from her already

He picked and his eyes widened when he heard what she said

“What did you just say?” He said

“The girl, we might lose her” she said

” Are you talking about another girl?’ he said

“The traumatized girl, her vitals are deteriorating even after all the efforts I and Mateo made, and now… she’s gasping for breath, I need to go please come fast!!” Heather said quickly and hung up

Brandon dropped his phone and told Reagan to come to where he’s sitting

“You wanna drive?” She asked

“Get your fking a$s here!” He yelled and Reagan quickly exchanged seats with him

For the first time in her life, she saw fear in Brandon’s eyes

Brandon pressed the ignition and started the drive, the roughest he has ever had all his live

The drive to the hospital will take up to twenty minutes from there but cutting it to take ten is his target

He’s not thinking about anything else, just saving her

The guilt if his mother’s death is enough, now if she dies, maybe the guilt will make him hate himself more than he has already

“You’re speeding too much!’ Reagan yelled

” I don’t care!” He yelled back

” You’ll get us killed!”Reagan shouted

“I said I don’t care!” he yelled back and as if the heavens are listening to him, he collided with a coming truck and..


ALL I WANT IS YOU: Chapter 11 – 20

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