ALL I WANT IS YOU: Chapter 41 – 50

ALL I WANT IS YOU: Chapter 41 – 50

By Naomi Cindy B


The Vikings cartel**

” Space” Dolly said, coming into Zelda’s mansion with a bottle of Zelda’s favorite alcohol

“Are you going there to get a quick one?” Cosby said, jealousy obvious in his voice

” If I get one by the great Zelda Greg, that’ll be a feat” Dolly smiled

” You told me I’m the only one who can have you in this ¢artel!” Cosby said.

ALL I WANT IS YOU: Chapter 41 – 50.

” Hey Cosby, when I said that I was referring to the floor members and that of course doesn’t include Lord Zelda, out of my way!” She said and left for Zelda’s room

He’s smoking devlshly when she got there.

She placed the alcohol on the table and went to him.

*Want a good one?” He said

” I think so Lord, I’m sweet” she smiled, taking in her lips

” I have plans for you someday, I’m reserving you” Zelda replied, gra.bbing her to himself

” I can’t wait anymore Lord” she said.

” that’s my favorite alcohol” he said

” Oh…yes Lord, I specially got it for you …” She replied and went there, she opened it and poured it into a glass cup, she already added the slow poison into the cup

She brought it to him and gave it to him.

He took it and smiled. “Great, but you know….trust no one, so you get to taste this first” Zelda said

” Oh” Dolly replied, hiding her fidget with a smile

If she doesn’t drink, she knows he’ll get suspicious and will surely end her life so she drank

“Cool, now let’s have a good fk” he said and gulped down the remaining alcohol in the glass before dropping the glass on the floor.

Some minutes later**

After a hard fk with Zelda, Dolly left the room and went straight to the bathroom, she tried to vomit the alcohol but it’s impossible

Zelda got some picture messages from Reagan immediately and when he saw the pictures, he laughed in victory

It’s the pictures of Berry and Sandra Millions, dead and wet with bIood

“Stone I’m still your boss!, I’m still your boss Stone!” He laughed sent the pictures to him before calling him

” You must have seen the pictures, Sandra’s death might not freak you but I’m aware of how much you love Berry your little daughter” Zelda said in mockery

” Zelda Greg!!!!” Stone shouted

” Oh, great voice” Zelda laughed

” You just toyed with the wrong person, I’m bringing down your whole cartel!” Stone yelled

” I’m waiting…look I need to celebrate the death of your two beloved people, bye Sweetheart!” Zelda said and hung up

” Reagan, I’ve always known you’ll be useful someday” he smiled


ALL I WANT IS YOU: Chapter 41 – 50

Brandon got home at exactly 5 and immediately he parked, his phone rang

It’s surely stone so he picked without checking

“Bastard!, You and your bloody father succeeded in killing my only kid!, But it’s not over yet!, It’s not over cos I’ll kill you and your father!” He yelled

“Your family is intact, that was just a camouflage to make Zelda happy” Brandon replied

” What do you mean?” Stone said

Brandon sent him a video of how the animal bIood was sprinkled on his wife and daughter to make it look like they’re dead

“They’re really alive?, My daughter is alive?” Stone said

“Do what I asked, destroy Zelda’s cartel, that’s the only way I won’t kill them” he replied and hung up

He entered the house and met Nirvana at the dinning room, she cooked and is setting the table.

“You haven’t gone home since?” He asked

“I went home once to see grandma and pick some clothes” she replied, pointing at the cloth she’s wearing

“Oh, he said and sat

” So what made you rush out like that?” She asked

” Something urgent” he replied

” We’re in this together now, you can tell me” she said

“Ok listen” he replied and explained everything

” Awesome!, You’re brainy!” She said

“I hate praises” he said

“Sorry, ok I made simple noodles” she said

“I hate noodles” he replied

” But I made it, will you just let it waste away?, Eat and I have a huge surprise” she said

” Surprise?” He said

” If only you eat” she smiled

He picked a fork and tasted it

“Tell me how it tastes” she said

“Bad” he replied

” Oh…” She said sadly

” I was pulling your legs, you tried, but people who know how to cook noodles very well are always poor at cooking other meals” he replied.

” You’ll still bad-mouth, I hate you” she said

“You can’t hate me” he replied

“That’s what you always use against me and it’s unfair” she pouted

” Ok sorry little baby” he said and she smiled

“And my surprise is in the training ground” she said

“What is it?” He asked, standing up to go there

“Fk, Nirvana!” He exclaimed when he got there and saw she hit the bullseye with the gvn twice

“I did it when you left, I kept practicing and it’s indeed true, practice makes perfect…. and a good teacher” she smiled

He hugged her tightly

” You’re really a fast learner, what should I give you?” He asked..

“A kss” she replied

” Are you that addicted to my lips?” He said and she chuckled as he broke the hug and made to kss her, his phone rang and he had to pick it while she grunted

“An emergency at the hospital, I have to go I’ll be back” he said and rushed out again

” Always busy, I have to get used to it against when we finally get married” she smiled


ALL I WANT IS YOU: Chapter 41 – 50

Preston hospitals**

Two hours later**

Brandon is just coming out of the theatre after performing the surgery he was called for

He hasn’t seen Heather nor Mateo, it was another doctor who assisted him in the surgery

He washed up first before going into his office

He saw Heather’s bag and carried it, he actually took it along when he was coming to the hospital

He left his office and luckily he sighted Heather but Immediately she saw him, she started shivering and she ran away

He rushed after her and caught up with her shortly

He held her hand and can feel her shakiness

“Your bag” he said, handing it to her

She took it with shaky hands and refused to look up at him

“How are you doing?” He asked

“I’m…I’m … doing fine” she stuttered

“I don’t bite, calm down” he said

“I…I need to …to go” she said

“Let her go!” Mateo’s voice said from behind him

He left Heather’s hand and she rushed off

“Oh… Mateo Klein, you’re still alive” Brandon said

” Of course, I won’t want to miss your disgrace day” Mateo scoffed

” Ion think I have your time tonight” Brandon said and started leaving

Mateo smiled before talking

” Sharp eyes, sharp instincts, extra sensitive, always suspicious…….kill and save….I should have known before now … Brandon Greg…. Zelda’s weapon” Mateo said and Brandon stopped on his tracks.

ALL I WANT IS YOU: Chapter 41 – 50

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