ALL I WANT IS YOU: Chapter 51 – 60

ALL I WANT IS YOU: Chapter 51 – 60

The Vikings cartel**

” Who are you!, Are you only Stone’s spy?” Zelda questioned Dolly who was tied to a chair, she’s bIeeding from all parts.

” You’ll dle a hard de ath” she replied, smiling and revealing her teeth

Zelda took a knlfe and dlved it into her thlgh.

ALL I WANT IS YOU: Chapter 51 – 60.

“Talk!” Zelda s pat

“You really wanna get shocked right?, I was here as a spy for almost two months but you weren’t aware, how stupid, you’re so stupid Zelda Greg, you have the brain of an orangutan” Dolly laughed and Zelda got the $word angrily

He placed it on her neck and she gasped

“Tell me what I’m asking!” Zelda demanded

“I’m his only junior sis and for your information, Sandra and Berry Millions are still alive with Brandon, now you see why I said you’re a fool, you got fooled by your own son” she replied mockingly

“What the he ll!” Zelda said and Dolly laughed again

” What’s the name of the poison you made me drink?” He asked

“Find out yourself ba$tard!” Dolly said and splt bIood on his face

Zelda lost it and in one swift move, he ¢hopped her he ad off her ne¢k and her bIood splashed everywhere in the process

He dropped the $word, breathing heavily

“Drop her he ad at Jungle road and feed her b ody to my do gs” Zelda said and went in

The doctor is around when he got in

“Any news?” He asked

ALL I WANT IS YOU: Chapter 51 – 60

“I found a pill that can suppress the action of the poison for a week” the doctor said, handing over a white sachet to him


“A pill halts the action of the poison for a week, after one week you have to take another pill” he replied

” How many pills is this?” Zelda asked

” Eight” the doctor said and Zelda smiled

” Great, how’s that boy doing?” Zelda asked

“He’ll be fine but might not be soon” doctor replied

Zelda sighed and smiled

” Brandon…. maybe it’s really time to ki ll you ” he smiled


ALL I WANT IS YOU: Chapter 51 – 60

A silent road**

Stone has a lot of fear in his eyes as he got down from his car and saw something in a black box beside the dusty road

Zelda had actually called him to come here for a gift

He came with two of his few remaining men and they walked to the package slowly

He bent beside it and slowly opened it

His eyes widened and he fell, hitting his bum hard on the ground

Inside the package is Dolly’s he ad

“Dolly!, No!!, Zelda!, Zelda !!!!” He screamed painfully


ALL I WANT IS YOU: Chapter 51 – 60

Next day**

The burial of Kara is just getting concluded and everyone is just dispersing

Her workers and friends, Farrell and Jamison, then Heather and Mateo

Nirvana didn’t cry as expected, except the tears she shed immediately she died at the hospital, she didn’t shed tears after that, she just sat on her spot quietly and stared into space with sad eyes

She hasn’t talked to Brandon since it happened and he has been sad too, looking for ways to talk to her but she just won’t give the chance

Even after everyone is gone, she still sat there till the evening and he sat with her

She suddenly stood and went to the car, she got in and he did the same

He drove them home silently and she entered first

He followed her and locked the door before holding her

“Talk to me” he said

“I don’t want to” she replied without looking at him

” Don’t be like this, I already told you it was because I didn’t want to see you sad” he said

She took her hand from him and head for the door

“I need fresh air” she said

“Nirvana stop this!” Brandon said but she opened the door and a pun¢h hit her face from someone

She fell and went dizzy for a while before balancing again

Seven girls entered wearing all black and with the look of things they’re not Italians

“Who are you bches?” Brandon asked as they assembled themselves

Nirvana is just standing up

“Our fight will answer” one of them replied and tried to grab Nirvana but she stepped back

Brandon is not ok yet, he’s just managing so he’s thinking of ways to just make them go for now so Nirvana won’t get hurt

Nirvana stopped moving and rolled up her hair before bringing out a knlfe from her pocket

She’s wearing a black skirt and it won’t allow her to stretch her legs very well so she slitted the skirt with the knlfe by the right side and smiled before facing them

She waved her hand for them to come and they all rushed to her at once

“No” Brandon said and entered the middle too, he stayed beside her and their back is on each other

“They’re Japanese from their looks, obviously from Zelda” he whispered, hoping Nirvana will hear

The girls advanced towards them and Brandon guided fast but not for long, soon the girls got him and hit him hard

His whole body aches as a result of typhoid already so it was easy for the girls

He was grounded and they started mar¢hing him with their shoes

He became more weak and they all faced Nirvana

“You girls don’t know what’s coming your way” she smirked and they pounced on her

She knowingly allowed herself to be beaten and wounded and when she got what she wanted, she smiled and started fighting back

Holding their fists whenever they try to punch her and rolling them in the air whenever they try to kick

She hit their he ads on each other and hit their chest hard

Brandon gathered strength and stood, his temperature is high but he decided to do it with her with the remaining strength in him

The first pun¢h he dealt one of the girls made her nose and ears bIeed

The second girl he pun¢hed got dislocation in her right leg and couldn’t walk

The third one got a broken ankle

Nirvana $tabbed the third one with a knIfe in the bum and she scre amed out

She pulled the hair of another one till she pulled out part of it, she released her and she fell, scre aming hard cos the part where she uprooted the hair from is bIeeding

The remaining three got scared and decided to use gvns but their gvns is no more in their belt straps

Nirvana smiled and opened her strap, all their seven gvns are with her, she carefully removed them during the beating

“I’ll keep them for you guys, and now you guys will cry” she said and threw a plier at the first girl

” Remove three front teeth from everyone” she ordered, closing the door before taking her seat

Brandon fell heavily on the couch beside her but she stood and sat on another couch

“Be done in the next five minutes, your time starts now” Nirvana said coldly.

ALL I WANT IS YOU: Chapter 51 – 60

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