ALL I WANT IS YOU: Chapter 61 – The End

ALL I WANT IS YOU: Chapter 61 – The End

Hideout mansion**

” Breakfast will soon be ready…let’s say in five minutes time” Sandra said, coming out of the kitchen with Reagan

” So you don’t know how to cook?” Paxton asked and everyone is aware that the question belongs to May who shot him a deadly glare

ALL I WANT IS YOU: Chapter 61 – The End.

“Paxton why do you always make me feel like ki lling you” she replied

” I’m not happy to stay in same house with you too but what can I do?, Staying in my house alone is dangerous now” Paxton replied

” And that’s why I call you a coward, you’re a coward I swear” May replied

” Shut your trap” Paxton replied

“Oh please…” May said

“It’s obvious you know nothing than how to fight” Paxton said

” At least I know something, I’m better than someone with an empty head” she replied

” I?, An emptyhead?” Paxton said

“I never mentioned your name but thankfully you know you’re empty headed” May replied

” Fk you May!” Paxton replied

” Fk you too Paxton” she replied

“Enough guys” Jones said as Sandra settled beside him

” “Tell her that” Paxton replied

” You started it” May replied, throwing a cookie pack at him

He grabbed it and unsealed it then ate it

“Snitch” May said

“Bch” Paxton replied and May rushed after him

Paxton jumped over the table and ran upstairs, she went after him

“Those two will never get along” Heather smiled

“I believe they’ll still become the best of friends” Sandra replied, standing up to go check the meal

Heather followed her into the kitchen and joined her in serving

“Sandra* Heather said

” Yes sis?” She replied

“You like Jones?”

Sandra looked at her and looked around

“Is it obvious?” She asked

“It might not be to others but it is to me, you stare secretly at him and I caught you countless times, he’s handsome though I won’t blame you” Heather said

” It’s not only about his handsomeness, he’s just caring and has this unique loving personality, he treats Berry like his own daughter and that’s why Berry started addressing him as dad after our first week here, he helped me in making her forget about Stone, all these contributed in making me fall helplessly for him and now that Stone is de ad, I really want to tell him how I feel but it’s hard, he might not want to have anything to do with me” Sandra said sadly

” I understand how you feel, just be patient and the right time will come I promise” Heather said and Sandra nodded.

” Let’s serve the meal*

They served and settled it all on the dinning table but Jones is not in the living room anymore

“I’ll go get him in his room, get the cat and rat” Sandra said and went upstairs

Jones’s door is opened so she entered and is collided with when he’s just coming out of the bathroom without anything on

She quickly turned back though she saw him swiftly

“I’m so sorry I never knew you’re nked I just found the door opened and I came in sorry for intruding I’m….

“Hey my eardrums will tear with sorry, it’s fine” he replied, covering himself

See faced him, inhaling hard

“Breakfast is ready” she said

“I’ll come down in a jiffy, where’s Berry?” He asked

” Writing her homework in the room, I gave her some work to do” she replied

” Oh..great but go get her, she should eat” Jones said and Sandra nodded before leaving the room

She got downstairs and saw Heather coming out with Berry

May and Paxton are back with Reagan who’s playing games on her phone as she walked to the dinning room

“My baby” Sandra said, bending and pecking Berry who chuckled

“Hey here!” Brandon said, coming in with Nirvana

” Knock before coming in, you might just get fired if you come in suddenly like that since everyone is being sensitive” Paxton said

” Breakfast by this time?” Nirvana said, checking the time

It’s past 10am

“We’re used to it boss” Jones replied, coming downstairs

“Boss you should eat with us” May said

“Boss it’s really delicious, I made it with Reagan” Sandra said

” Boss … boss..I’m getting tired of it” Brandon muttered as he sat on one of the dinning chairs, Nirvana sat beside him, Reagan is by his left side

“$tupid” she said

“Crazy girl” he replied and Reagan smiled

“I missed you” Reagan said before she could stop herself

” Reagan?”

“Sorry…slip of tongue” she said and stood

” I’m not interested in breakfast” she said and went upstairs

” Is something wrong with her?” Brandon wondered and stood, he followed her upstairs

“Is Reagan ok?” Nirvana asked May

“She always swings moods so that’s just one of it” May replied

Brandon got to Reagan’s room upstairs and met her crying

This will be the first time he’ll be seeing her that way so he was shocked as he moved closer to her

She’s sitting on the bed, crying profusely

“Reagan wait….why the tears?” He said, standing in front of her

Reagan refused to talk, instead she cried more

Brandon sat beside her and held her shoulder

“You know you can talk to me” he said

“I was rapped” she sniffed

” What are you talking about?”

*Zelda rapped me Brandon, he robbed me of my vrgnity, he took it away from me” she said

” What” Brandon said

” I never wanted to tell you but I just couldn’t help it, the memory makes me sad, I’ve always dreamt of the day I’ll be free from him and settle down with a man that’ll love and cherish me, now who’ll love a rapped girl” she cried

” Dmn!, Zelda!” Brandon said, standing and roughing his hair

He can feel her pain, Reagan has been with him since he was younger so she’s different from any other friend

“Sht!” He spat, paced round the room before coming to comfort her

He hugged her and pat her back slowly but she still kept crying

“I’m so sorry” he said silently, breaking the hug and facing her

He started wiping her tears away slowly and Reagan won’t stop staring at his face

She thought her feelings for him died after the rappe but it was all a lie, her heart is racing fast right now and she lost control…

She swiftly held his face and pulled him closer before smashing her lips on his own, shocking Brandon

She’s crying as she pecked him and Immediately he tried to push him away… The door opened and Nirvana entered, meeting them like that

“Reagan you need to come back and eat your food before it gets…..

Nirvana stopped on her tracks and almost fainted at the scene

Brandon pulled away from the kiss and stood from the bed quickly

“Nirvana it’s not what you think” he said and she started shifting back

Reagan wiped her tears and stood too, coming back to her senses

Nirvana rushed out of the room and Brandon rushed after her

“What have I done?” Reagan said, holding her head

Brandon caught up with Nirvana by the stairs and Immediately he touched her arm, she turned back with red angry hurtful eyes and $lapped him hard on the face, tears is brimming at the corner of her eyes already

Everyone in the dinning room stood shockingly

“Don’t touch me you cheat!, I hate you!” She said and rushed out of the house…

ALL I WANT IS YOU: Chapter 61 – The End

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