They all look alike at the beginning but soon show their true colour. You need to know as early as possible what you are feeling for the opposite s*x to either back out on time before you do something stupid or pursue your object of attention with vigour!

1. LOVE begins with an attraction, a special feeling for someone. You like them, admire them, respect them and likes to spend time with them.

INFATUATION begins with a strong, intense feeling for someone that focuses basically on physical attributes like her blue eyes, his well chiseled Jaw or her curvy body. It is called “falling head over heels in love” because of the whirl wind feelings that come with it. It focuses more on the physical than lasting attributes.

LUST: Begins with a strong, intense feeling with strong s*xual desire.

2. LOVE focuses on giving and how to make the life of this person better without seeking anything in return.

INFATUATION focuses on giving unreasonably as a bait to get “love” and a relationship in return.

LUST focuses on giving in order to get s*x in return. After the s*x, it focuses on taking and taking.

3. LOVE waits for s*x: it controls its s*xual feelings till the wedding night.

INFATUATION always desire and yearn for s*x.

LUST is impatient for s*x. It can’t wait to have s*x. It asks for s*x as soon as possible.

4. LOVE makes sacrifices to help the other person achieve greatness.

INFATUATION can make sacrifices but it must get something in return.

LUST can also make sacrifices but it must get s*x in return.

5. LOVE sticks to you regardless of the problem you face.

INFATUATION runs away at the sight of problems.

LUST create problems for you and disappears into thin air!

6. LOVE admires the person’s total package: character, beauty, handsomeness, spirituality, weaknesses and strength.

INFATUATION only focuses on beauty/physical attraction and strengths. It despises them for their weaknesses.

LUST focuses on the body alone.

7. LOVE is rational, down to earth honest and truthful to the other person.

INFATUATION is irrational, very emotional, pretends a lot and do uncomfortable things to always get acceptance from their partner. E.g. she bleaches her skin to get him to like her more. He steals or borrow unreasonable amount of money to buy her things so she can keep “loving” him.

LUST pretends and lies a lot to get s*x.

8. LOVE lets you go if the relationship is damaging you.

INFATUATION will never let you go even if the relationship is killing you.

LUST will damage you before letting you go.

9. LOVE walks in agreement. You are both compatible spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally (Amos3:3).

INAFATUATION is based on feelings without any compatibility.

LUST focuses on strong s*xual feelings or chemistry and physical connection alone.

10. LOVE is based on God, reality and thrives in peace. You have peace of mind and heart in the relationship

INFATUATION is based on feelings, sensuality, emotions and gives you no peace of mind because you are not yourself in the relationship, you pretend a lot to gain acceptance.

LUST destroys your peace.

11. LOVE builds relationships slowly, gradually and steadily, therefore it lasts.

INFATUATION is whirlwind: it rushes the relationship. It is based on high tempo feelings that makes you want to spend 24 hours with this person to do or say nothing in particular.

LUST is very short lived. The goal is s*x and wants to have it as soon as possible.

12. LOVE has something meaningful to talk about in the relationship.

INFATUATION always have nothing meaningful to talk about except “I love you”, “I miss you” no more no less.

LUST focuses discussion on s*x, s*xual ar0usal and s*xual feelings.

13. LOVE is from God.

INFATUATION is from the flesh.

LUST is from the devil.

Alright, there you go, what are you feeling for your partner, love, lust or simply infatuation? You should know the difference by now. God bless you, cheers!

© Seun Oladele, 2017; Re-posted, 2020.