ARRANGED MARRIAGE: Episode 11 to 20

🧱🍔 Arranged Marriage🌹🌹

🥺💐[Could this be love?]

😪😪[Not meant to be]🌺🌺

Author Fehimuan🤳🤳

💖💔An American Romance-Suspense Novel

🥀🥀Brought to you by Author Fehimuan

Episode 11

ARRANGED MARRIAGE: Episode 11 to 20.

Ellen’s POV🙄🙄
I remained glued to the screen patiently waiting for my body to fall into the ground…
What would I say?

I turned back to see the shocking face of the crowd…

“Wow.. guys, how did you see that video?”. I asked. “I and Myles are going to act a film and the director Mrs Cindy Semlin was putting us through so I asked for it to be played here”. I said and they started clapping..

“Thanks”. I replied and left the podium. My heart was beating fastly… I was saved this time… Next time I might not be lucky…
“Hey Cindy”. I said and hugged her.

“Cindy Semlins”. She replied and we chuckled.
“I’m still angry with you”. I said and nudged her.

“Tomorrow is your wedding girl, you have to get prepared”. She said and I laughed.🤼💇🤦
“Yes, tomorrow I’ll become a slave and his property”. I replied.
“You’re drunk”. She replied
“Drunk?”. I asked smiling.

“Meet me at the hotel, we have to get your gown prepared before tomorrow”. She said
“Yes”. I replied

“Do you think it’s Rita who put that video?”. She asked.
“Yes of course, it’s damn witch”. I replied.

“No it’s Brody Taylor, an assassin who will kill you on your wedding day if you don’t back out of that wedding”. She said.

“You’re so funny, who’s Brody??… His name’s sounds like his destiny”. I said but she didn’t laugh.

“I’m serious”. She said.
“And how do you know all this?”. I asked.
“I somehow know”. She said.
“You’re lying”. I said.

“Brody was my ex-husband before Rita snatched him, she can’t remember me cause my former name was Tiana but I’m now Cindy and I’ve come to revenge”. She said.

“Now, you’re behaving like those horror movies I used to watch on Netflix… “. I said and she didn’t smile.

“You’re in a bad mood, I’ll talk to you later”. I said and ran away.. she was starting to sound strange… Like all those h©rrific scenes…

“Hello”. Myles appeared behind me with a flower.
“Get ….”
He placed a finger on my lips telling me to shut up…

“They’re monitoring us for a video, we don’t have to give them one”. He said.🙏🙏
“Such a nice actor”. I said and in my mind.

“I’ve got you flowers baby”. He said and handed me to me.
“Sweetheart, thanks”. I replied and hugged him back.
“Make this real, kiss me or something”. I whispered.

“Never”. He whispered back🥰🤣
“Then, I’ll scream that you’re molesting me”. I whispered.🤣🤣
“Even on our wedding day, I’ll tell the priest to skip that part”. He said and smiled.
“I see that you’re getting along with Myles”. Rita said and I folded my hands and faced her.
“Well, he’s my husband to be, why would I not love him?”. I asked.

“I told you to back out of the marriage before it’s too late”. She said and raised her hands in the air..
“Why would I…..

Someone from behind me covered my nose and I couldn’t breathe… My eyes were blinking slowly.. I was fainting…
End of Ellen’s POV

Cindy’s POV
Where’s Ellen???… I thought we agreed to go the shopping mall this night to buy her new wedding gown.. Her wedding was tomorrow… Hope she has not been kidnapped… This is close to 8pm in the night, she has to be here..

“Myles, have you seen Ellen?”. I asked Skyler and Myles as they got their suits from the designer’s industry near the hotel.

“Are you asking me?”. He asked.
“Be matured for once”. I begged.
“Well, I didn’t see her”. He replied

“And you?”. I asked Skyler.
“No, I haven’t seen her, I thought she was with you”. He said and I ran outside the hotel waiting by the gate for Ellen…

I was beginning to worry… Should I tell Myles of the plan to kidnap her???
I was confused

End of Cindy’s POV

Myles’s POV
Ellen is such a irrespective girl… She wants to fulfil her plan of not coming to our wedding…

“Such an irresponsible lady”. I muttered and Skyler coughed as we heard a knock on the door.
Skyler opened the door as Cindy walked in.

“Myles, I think Ellen has been kidnapped”. She said.
“Kidnapped?”. I asked and chuckled.

“Yes, she has”. Cindy replied.
“That peacock told me she won’t show up for our wedding, that’s exactly what she has done, she won’t show up for our wedding tomorrow”. He said

To be continued

This is a lesson.. please don’t just threaten anyhow… Now he believes she won’t attend the wedding, how can he believe she’s been kidnapped when she said so herself 🔓🔓

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