ARRANGED MARRIAGE: Episode 21 to The End

🧱🍔 Arranged Marriage🌹🌹

🥺💐[Could this be love?]

😪😪[Not meant to be]🌺🌺

Author Fehimuan🤳🤳

💖💔An American Romance-Suspense Novel

🥀🥀Brought to you by Author Fehimuan
Episode 31

Cindy’s POV

The next morning, I woke up and quickly had a bath, the house was boring without Ellen and Myles, the only time that would wake Myles up is Ellen but where is she… Probably dead or something…

I quickly brushed my teeth and wore a clean clothe.. I decided to go to the hospital to check on Myles and Ellen’s dad….

End of Cindy’s POV.
Ellen’s POV
I had started to get hungry and I needed to eat quickly… The place was still dark with different sounds of insects
.. I was scared I might see a snake so I didn’t even shake…

I heard some footsteps and my heart began to beat again as the door opened and she walked in and switched on the light…
“It’s time to bath”. She said and I scoffed
“Bath?… Please let me go”. I pleaded…

“You stink”. She said as she untied me slowly… “Don’t try anything stupid or else I’ll have you fed to the eagles”. She said and my heart skipped a beat.

She untied the rope and pushed me out of the door… The house had many doors that even if I wanted to escape, I would get missing in the same house…
“You see”. Her voice jerked me off my thought..

“You can’t escape”. She said and laughed as she pushed me into the dirty toilet… The bathtub was dirty and the sink was dirty…. Everything about the house was dirty..

“Will you brush your teeth?”. She asked and I nodded.
She searched behind the chair and brought out a black toothbrush with dirts around the edges…

“What’s this?”. I asked.
“Toothbrush”. She replied.
“I can’t use this”. I said and she scoffed.
“That’s not my concern”. She said.

“I’m going to lock this door, don’t try anything funny, don’t try to escape”. She said and left jamming the door behind her.
I ran to the door but it was locked…

“Oh God”. I muttered.
I began screaming for help but no one heard…

“Someone help…. Someone help me please”. I screamed out to the locked window and when no one was forthcoming, I dropped to the floor and got undressed…

There’s no forthcoming rescue for me.
No one probably knows where I am
No one even knows if I’m alive or dead.
I thought I could win this battle by trying to revenge
But no.
This is a lesson
I thought I wouldn’t fall in love with Myles but here I am, he’s the one that has kept me alive…
The thoughts of him had made me survive
I undressed and took out the water from the dirty bowl and splashed it on my body…
The hot water pealed my skin and I screamed…
“Aaaaargghh”. The water was damn hot…

I looked for another bowl and took some water out of the bucket adding some water to it and it became warm… I splashed the second water on my body and wiped off my tears..
It hurt me..

When the hot water touched the spot where Rita used a knife on me, it Pained me…

I quickly dressed and searched for something to use to kill myself, I saw a broken glass and I picked up the pieces when I heard footsteps coming and the door flinged open and she walked in with a hammer…

“I heard you’re screaming for help”.. she said and laughed…
“Didn’t I tell you not to try anything funny”. She said and shoved the hammer into my face and I blacked out..

End of Ellen’s POV

Skyler’s POV
Cindy came into the ward and I kssed her … She must have discovered my teary face and was worried.
“What’s wrong with him?”. She asked.

“He’s slowly getting weak everyday, his immune systems are getting weak everyday and I fear that he might not make it”. He said and she cried…
“Doctor, please save him”. I said.

“We’ll try our luck”. He said and my Dad worked in with a priest…
“I want everyone to stay at the door side”. He said…
“Who are you?”. I asked.

“I see the future and I see the past”. He simply said and his eyes turned red and a fierce wind occured and we ran to stay by the wall…
He muttered some words not in any language I would understand…

“Navish slau syejo it leyi smien shicab vangi ritik semhe”.

Something like a wind came out of Myles body and turned into Myles spirit…
Myles spirit ran to hug his father but he couldn’t…
“What’s happening?”. Dad asked as he also tried to hug Myles but couldn’t.

“The human world is different from the spirit world”. The priest said.. “You only have 5 minutes to talk to each other”. He added.
“Where’s Ellen?”. Myles’s ghost said.
“Ellen is uhhh”. Dad stammered…

“She’s still missing”. I said
“She’s with Rita, when you find her, I’ll be able to wake up”. Myles’s ghost said.
“Please come back”. Dad pleaded.
“Cindy”. Myles’s ghost said and frowned.

“You know where to find her”. He added and disappeared…
The fierce wind stopped and the doctor looked shocked and went to check Myles body… He was now normal but still unconscious..

“I didn’t believe in supernatural things until now” The doctor said.
“Cindy”. I said and turned to look at her.
“Where’s Ellen?”. I asked her…
“But I don’t know”. She replied almost crying.

“I don’t know”. She added.
“The spirits can’t lie”. The priest said and laughed.
“You’re evil Cindy”. He added.
“Tell me where Ellen is or I’ll divorce you”. I threatened…

End of Skyler’s POV
Sadie’s POV
Gabriel poured the drink into my glass and I smiled…
“This calls for celebration, the priest needs to be paid handsomely”. I said and Gabriel laughed.

“My idea worked out, Skyler will be forced to divorce Cindy because of the fake priest”. He said and I kssed him.
“You’re a genius, it’s like killing two birds with one stone”. I said….

End of Sadie’s POV

To be continued.

Sadie and Rita are getting more wicked every day…. No one to stop them… Their evil schemes are working… Two evil sweethearts😪😪

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