ARRANGED MARRIAGE: Episode 21 to The End

🧱🍔 Arranged Marriage🌹🌹

🥺💐[Could this be love?]

😪😪[Not meant to be]🌺🌺

Author Fehimuan🤳🤳

💖💔An American Romance-Suspense Novel🌹🌹

🥀🥀Brought to you by Author Fehimuan🥰💖

Episode 23

Myles’s POV
How on Earth could I wash all this clothes, Ellen is such a wicked wife… Where’s Mara?… I could make her help me..
“Mara…Mara”. I called out but she didn’t answer.

“Where was she?”. I asked myself and went out of the bathroom…
She was in the kitchen, where did she go to?

“Ellen, have you seen Mara?”. I asked.
“Who’s Mara?”. She asked
“You don’t know her yet, the new housemaid”. I replied.

“But we didn’t request for a maid”. She said and I nodded.
“She’s poor so I decided to help”. I replied and went upstairs to Skyler’s room…

As I stood by the door, I saw Mara ransacking the room like she was looking for something..
“Mara”. I said and she gasped loudly.

“On your first day at work, you’re searching for something”. I said and Cindy entered scared.
“Who’s she?”. She asked. “And what’s she doing in my room?”. She asked.

“The new maid”. I replied.
“Leave the room”. She ordered and Mara scurried out…
“Myles…”. She called me and I noticed her look.

“You look worried, I’ve been wanting to ask you what was wrong”. I said and she frowned
“I want to tell you something”. She said and my phone rang.
“Ok, yes I’ll be there now” I said and cut the line… “I have to go now, I’ll be back”. I said and left.
Cindy’s POV
I sat on the bed… Myles was suspecting me and who was this Mara?… What was she doing in my room?… The place I hid all the evidence was in that room and I wouldn’t want to be discovered.
“Cindy”. Ellen’s soft voice called me…

“Ellen”. I called back.
“Is there anything you want to tell me?”. She asked and sat down.
“Yes and I……”.
Myles’s mom shouted from outside…

“You girls, come and help me with the flowers”. She said.
“Let’s go”. Ellen said and ran to the door.

“I’ll join you soon”. I said and frowned…. Was this a sign that I shouldn’t talk, I wanted to tell Myles and Ellen but I was distracted.. I went outside and saw them watering the flowers….

“I love this” I said and touched the Daisy flower….
Ellen laughed.
“Actually, I prefer rose”. She said.

“Stop talking and help me”..Mother-in-law said and I laughed.
“Ok mom” I replied…

End of Cindy’s POV..

Ellen’s POV..
Where’s my comb???…
I thought I was holding it when I went to Cindy’s room
It has to be there…
I took permission from Mrs Horace and went to Cindy’s room…

Where was this comb??
I checked the bed but I didn’t see it, then I bent down and I saw it with some papers…

I didn’t know Cindy to be dirty, why would she put papers under her bed… As I stretched my hands to take the paper… I heard Cindy’s furious voice
“Ellen, why are you checking my things, why are you guys in this house suspecting me?”. She asked shouting.

Mother-in-law and Skyler ran inside and she got a hold of herself. What was she hiding?

“I’m sorry, I came to look for my brush”. I said and she went out of the room..
“Why was she acting weird?”….

Mara’s POV
I have to do this quick…. I have to kill her today so I can be paid today…. Here’s a drink.. I opened the juice and poured it in four glasses… One for each of them and I’ll give it to them according.. I poisoned the last one for Cindy…

I took it on a tray and served it to them…

I gave Cindy the poisoned one and as she was about to drink it… The door flung open and Myles walked in happily and took the drink from Cindy..

“Can I drink?”. He asked
“No problem”. He replied and moved the glass close to his mouth.

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