ARRANGED MARRIAGE: Episode 21 to The End

🧱🍔 Arranged Marriage🌹🌹

🥺💐[Could this be love?]

😪😪[Not meant to be]🌺🌺

Author Fehimuan🤳🤳

💖💔An American Romance-Suspense Novel

🥀🥀Brought to you by Author Fehimuan

Episode 25

Rita’s POV
“What?”. I shouted.
“Gerald is dead, he was shot by the cops when he tried to shoot Cindy”. He said.
“But how did the cops know, I thought Mara did a clean job”. I said

“Mara must have been mistaken, I think someone heard her when she called sadie”. He said
“Leave the scene”. I said and cut the line as Sadie came out of the bathroom.

“What’s wrong?”. She asked.
“Nothing really, just that Cindy didn’t die as planned, Gerald the assassin was killed by the cops… I don’t know how they knew about your plan but it didn’t work”. I said and she frowned.

“Mara is so careless, she has to die”. Sadie said and made a phone call to Mara..
“Hope you know that Cindy isn’t dead”. Sadie said and she gasped ..
“How did that happen, everything went as planned”. She said.

“You failed, kill yourself before they catch you, we cant lose any more of our workers”. Sadie said.
“Yes ma’am”. Mara said and cut the line.

“How are you sure she will kill herself?”. I asked.
“She will, she won’t want to rot in jail”. Sadie replied…

End of Rita’s POV.

A man got down from a taxi and laughed in front of his house… A dilapidated building with leaking roofs and misplaced windows..
“Revenge comes knocking”. He said and entered the house…
“I’m back to revenge”. He said and laughed evily…
Cindy’s POV
“But Ellen, how did you know that I was to be assassinated?”. I asked
“Our sister-in-law is a detective”. Skyler said and she chuckled.
“Mara”. She replied.
“What happened to her?”. I asked eagerly..

End of Cindy’s POV

Mara’s POV
She was right…
If I don’t kill myself
I’ll be the one responsible for the death of many
I took the knife from the cupboard and stabbed myself in the stomach five times until I was bleeding and I fell down. .
End of Mara’s POV
Ellen’s POV
“I heard her call someone on the phone to kill you and I was worried so I contacted the cops”. I said and Cindy gasped and ran towards the kitchen
Seconds later, she screamed and we ran to the kitchen only for us to see the dead body of Mara with blood all over the place…

Later in the evening
Cindy’s POV
“Skyler’s, there’s something I want to tell you all”. I said and they nodded.
“What’s that?”.
“Actually, I was…..”
Myles entered and cut in…
“Ellen, they are new couples, thy have to make babies, let’s leave them”. Myles said and took Ellen away from the room.

“Are you sure you’re ready?”. I asked..
“I’m almost ready, I can’t wait”. He said and undressed

End of Cindy’s POV

Next day

Ellen’s POV
I went to the kitchen to cook a special food for Myles… I think he’s charm is working, I was falling in love with him and he was also falling in love with me..

“Cindy, what are you doing?”. I asked as I saw her in the kitchen too.

“I’m cooking for my husband”. She said and I smiled.
“That’s the same thing I want to do”. I said and she chuckled

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