ARRANGED MARRIAGE: Episode 21 to The End

🧱🍔 Arranged Marriage🌹🌹

🥺💐[Could this be love?]

😪😪[Not meant to be]🌺🌺

Author Fehimuan🤳🤳

💖💔An American Romance-Suspense Novel

🥀🥀Brought to you by Author Fehimuan

Episode 26

Cindy’s POV
“Honey”. I said and kissed Skyler…

“Wow, you’ve made cream caramel for me”. He said and I smiled as Myles came into the kitchen.
“Sweetheart, come and eat some pie”. Ellen said and stuffed a small pie into his mouth…
“Delicious”. He said.

“The cops said they didn’t find any trace on the murderer of Mara, we don’t actually know if she killed herself or she was murdered, no reasonable person will kill him or herself”. Skyler said.
“Not if Sadie tells her to kill herself”. I said

“How come you know so much about Sadie?”. I asked.
Myles cut in…

“I heard from my colleague yesterday that there’s going to be this new latest film by director Fehimuan titled “I am not a guy”. He said and I frowned.

Why would I be interrupted anytime I want to say something? I asked myself and followed them to the parlor…
End of Cindy’s POV.

Brody’s POV
I smiled as David entered with a cup of coffee..
“Thanks”. I said abd drank it
“So tell me, how did you escape prison cause I heard you died”. He said and i smiled.

“I played a mind game, I knew that if I said I would confess, Rita would order me to be killed so I pretended to say I would confess and I took poison that will last for three days”. I said and David clapped.
“Bravo”… He screamed.

“I escaped from where my body was dumped”. I added and he smiled.
“You’re really brilliant”. He said.

“Thanks”. I replied.. “I need to revenge on Rita”. I added
“I don’t think that is possible, Sadie is back”. He said and I gasped..
“You’re lying right?”. I asked surprised.
“And Cindy is Fiona”. He added and I stood up shocked.

End of Brody’s POV
Ellen’s POV
A knock was heard on the door and I ran to open it…
“Dad”. I exclaimed and hugged him ..
Mykes and the rest came to greet him.

“My son-in-law, where’s your dad?”. He asked.
“He’s currently out for a meeting, how was the journey sir?”. He asked
“Fine”. My dad replied.
“I’ll show you to your room” I said as he followed me upstairs..

I dropped his bag and turned to go but he called me back..
“It’s been more than two weeks since you got married to Myles”. He said and I nodded.
“I supposed to be seeing signs of pregnancy but I’m not seeing”. He said and I smiled.
“We’ll soon have babies”. I replied.

God Forbid, who wants to give birth for that animal called Myles… Not me oo
“I know i shouldn’t be asking but has he touched you”. He asked and I gasped.
“It’s not a new thing” He replied.

“He hasn’t, my body is the temple of the most high God”. I replied and dad laughed.
“Well, he has the key to the temple”. Dad replied and I nudged him with an elbow and we laughed.
“How’s Mom?”. I asked.
“She’s doing well and you?”. He asked.

“I’m having fun here especially when Cindy is here, it’s like a dream come true”. I said and he laughed.
“Okay you can go now, I want to have a quick shower before he comes”. He said and I left..
“What was he saying?”. Cindy asked.
I ignored her question and dragged Myles outside
“My dad is already asking for kids”. I said and he gasped.
“Kids for what?”. He asked.
“For decoration”. I replied rudely.

“Just hang on, he doesn’t know we don’t love each other”. He said
“And I don’t want him to start suspecting”. I said and he smiled.

“I understand”. He replied.
“I need solutions”. I said and he smiled.
“It’s just three months, hang on… Let’s just keep pretending”. He said and I nodded..
End of Ellen’s POV

Rita’s POV
“Sadie, do you really think Ellen loves Myles, do you think they love each other?”. I asked.

“No way”. She replied.
“I really love Myles and I can do anything to get him back”. I said.

“That means we have to kill Ellen”. She said and I nodded.
“I will if Myles can be mine”. I replied.
End of Rita’s POV
Sadie’s POV
I could sense her pain and I wanted to help my sister…
I placed a call to one of my men…

“Hello, I want you to kill all of the Horace family, I mean everyone living in that house”. I said.

“Including Myles?”. He asked.
“Myles doesn’t like Pizza, he won’t eat it, tell Gabriel to deliver a packaged pizza to them already poisoned”. I said.
“How much will you pay me?”. He asked.

“I can pay you with my body just do what I said and I want it done quickly”. I replied and cut the line.

End of Sadie’s POV
Myles’s POV
“The pizza man is here already”. Ellen said and took the pizza from the man.
“Who ordered for pizza anyway?”. I asked.
“Maybe your dad”. She said and I nodded.

“Will you eat?.. pizza’s my favorite”. She asked and I frowned
“It’s disgusting”. I replied and she carefully unwrapped it

End of Ellen’s POV

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