ARRANGED MARRIAGE: Episode 21 to The End

🧱🍔 Arranged Marriage🌹🌹

🥺💐[Could this be love?]

😪😪[Not meant to be]🌺🌺

Author Fehimuan🤳🤳

💖💔An American Romance-Suspense Novel

🥀🥀Brought to you by Author Fehimuan

Episode 27
Ellen’s POV
“What’s that?” My dad asked and got down from the staircase…
“It’s pizza”. I said and he smiled and snatched it from me and took a bite…

“Delicious”. He took another bite and then another and then another…

Then we heard a loud noise as if his stomach was rumbling… He descended to the floor with his hands on his stomach.
“It’s poisoned”. He said and I hugged him as he slowly fainted.
“Dad”. I screamed as I shook him violently..

“Let’s take him to the hospital”. Myles suggested and we carried him to the hospital.
Few minutes later after he was examined, the doctor came to meet us…

“He was poisoned, the pizza had a deadly poison in it, it was good he was rushed to the hospital on time but I doubt he will make it”. The doctor said and I cried.

“It can’t be more than Rita or Sadie”. I said and ran out of the hospital and took a bike from where it was parked driving to an hotel…

“If Rita wants a fight, I’ll give her one”. I muttered and payed for the hotel.

I switched off my phone and broke the SIM into pieces then I bought and registered a new SIM with a fake name…

I bought a new iPhone and I ordered different things that can change a person’s face such as eyelashes, fake eye lense and dye for my hair..

I dyed my black curly hair into a blonde hair and I applied the fake eye lense carefully into my eyes… But Rita wants to kill my dad, I’ll kill her first..

End of Ellen’s POV

Cindy’s POV
“Where’s Ellen?”. Myles asked alarmed.
“I don’t know, I’ve been trying her number times without number and it’s saying switched off”. I replied and he looked dumbfounded.

“I was going to propose to her this evening and ask her to Marry me again, I had fallen in love with her and now she’s gone”. He said.
Skyler ran to us…

“I have searched the entire place but an eyewitness said she stole a bike and drove off”. He said.
“But she’s not a thief”. I said.

It was all my fault, if I had confessed earlier, it would have been better, I can still confess anyway but wouldn’t it be too late..

“Myles…. I really want you guys to listen to me and don’t interrupt me”. I said and they nodded.

“I was best friends with Sadie and Rita before I became good so I now what they are capable of doing”. I said and Skyler smiled.
“It’s not a big deal”. Myles replied.

“My name was Fiona”. I said and Skyler’s eyes popped out.
“Also, I… I…. I…. I…. I mistakenly killed your younger sister Naomi”. I stammered and Skyler fell down shocked.
“I didn’t….”

“Don’t touch me murderer”. He said and began to cry… I began to cry too with so much pain…
“So where’s my wife?”. Myles asked.

“I don’t know”. I replied.
“I’ll take you to the police if you don’t know”. He screamed at me and my heart beat.

“But I seriously don’t know”. I replied and he made a phone call to the police men but Skyler seized the phone..

“She’s my wife not a murderer”. He said and Myles grew angry.
“She killed a six year old girl, my sister, your sister Naomi, what offence did that small child commit?”. He asked me

“Leave the police out of them, let’s focus on finding Ellen”. Skyler said.
“It’s easy for you, isn’t it?”. Myles asked in pain and left..

Sadie’s POV

“We have a new criminal in our midst, I heard it’s a male”. I told Rita and she smiled.
“I don’t want him to feel like he’s the boss”. She said and I smiled.

“He won’t”. I replied. “I’m sure all the Horace family excluding Myles is dead”. I said and she frowned.
“Does the poison kill?”. She asked.

“Yes if the person is not treated quickly, if it passes thirty minutes, the person is dead”. I said and she frowned again.

“But what if they succeed in getting to the hospital on time”. She asked.

“They won’t, Myles wouldn’t know the poison so he might not actually rush to take all of them to the hospital, he might not even carry all of them”. I said and she laughed as my phone rang.

“Hello Gabriel”. I said.
“Miss Sadie, the mission went wrong, it was only Mr Quentin that ate the pizza and he’s in the hospital right now”. He said and my heart beat
“Kill him in the hospital”. I said and cut the line.
“What happened?”. Rita asked me.

“It went wrong, Ellen’s father was the only one who ate it”. I said and she gasped.
“Why does our plan go wrong all the time?”. She asked annoyed
“I don’t know”. I replied amazed

End of Sadie’s POV

Skyler’s POV
“And to think of it that my wife murdered my younger sister is derailing me”. I shouted at her as she sat on the bed with no reactions. Like a dumb person who wasn’t listening to me..

“I’m talking to you”. I screamed at her.
“I’m sorry”. She replied.
“And what If my dad or my mom finds out, what will they do to you”. I asked.

And the door opened and my dad walked in
I stood there lifeless.
“Find out about what?”. My dad asked.

End of Skyler’s POV

Gabriel’s POV
The bike dropped me in front of the hospital and I smiled and entered the hospital.
I met with the nurse on the corridor.

“Mr Myles sent me to give this to his wife’s father”. I said holding a wrapped cake.

“Your name please?”. She asked.
“Justin Derick”. I lied.
She looked at me for a second suspiciously.
“Ward 20”. She said and I went inside the hospital

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