Written by: Adexshowking Adeniji Bimbo didn’t want me to take up that job initially. She said something about her heart not being comfortable with it but what was a man like me to do when I have been living on my wife’s meager income for the past four months. So I took up the job … Read more

DEEP HATRED (Episodes 17 & 18)

This interesting story is written by Queen . . Episode 17 Daxton’s Pov I woke up that morning, trying to let all the pains I felt wash away. How did I get here? I looked up and saw I was in a hospital. I barely remembered what happened. The only thing that I could remember … Read more

DEEP HATRED (Episodes 15 & 16)

This interesting story is written by Queen . . Episode 15 Selene’s Pov I screamed fury, my eyes widened and heart broken, I was hating Rayna more and more everyday. “How dare she, how DARE SHE” I yelled and threw the bottle of wine on the floor breaking it to many pieces. “Selene!!” My sister … Read more

My Mum Is A Bad Example!

I picked my mum’s phone to use. I saw some messages coming in. I read how a man was planning to send money to her to abort a pregnancy. I almost fainted. Mum is a preacher of sexual purity. She always teach us how to pray. How to serve God, how to be chaste. Oh! … Read more

DEEP HATRED (Episodes 13 & 14)

This interesting story is written by Queen . Episode 13 Rayna’s Pov Debbie and Selene kept on glaring at me, their eyes were so killing and I couldn’t help but look away. The environment was tensed and the perfectly working air conditioner was doing nothing from stopping the sweat in my body. Debbie was the … Read more

DEEP HATRED (Episodes 11 & 12)

This interesting story is written by Queen Episode 11 Daxton’s Pov Yesterday’s evening I called one of my men to help me do a check up on Rayna and where she stayed. I was missing my daughter so much and needed to go and visit her. For three years I have been away from my … Read more

DEEP HATRED (Episodes 9 & 10)

This intereating story is written by Queen Episode 9 ~~Daxton’s Pov~~ Whatever I am doing right now is not exactly what I planned for Rayna but here I am hurt because she’s hurt. The cut in my hand didn’t compare to the cut in my heart seeing her bleed. I wasn’t strong after all, I … Read more

DEEP HATRED (Episodes 7 & 8)

This interesting story is written by Queen Episode 7 Rayna’s Pov I alighted from the car in front of Dad’s company. I looked around and took a deep breath, I was getting nervous. “You can do this Rayna, you can do this” I told myself and walked inside the company. Eyes were hovering all over … Read more

DEEP HATRED (Episodes 5 & 6)

This interesting story is written by Queen Episode 5 Rayna’s Pov It was an early Monday, I woke up in my apartment. It wasn’t as big as my room but it is perfect, I have neighbors and I’m not lonely. Jennifer had taken Isa to the daycare already so all I had to do was … Read more