DEEP HATRED (Episodes 15 & 16)

This interesting story is written by Queen . . Episode 15 Selene’s Pov I screamed fury, my eyes widened and heart broken, I was hating Rayna more and more everyday. “How dare she, how DARE SHE” I yelled and threw the bottle of wine on the floor breaking it to many pieces. “Selene!!” My sister … Read more

My Mum Is A Bad Example!

I picked my mum’s phone to use. I saw some messages coming in. I read how a man was planning to send money to her to abort a pregnancy. I almost fainted. Mum is a preacher of sexual purity. She always teach us how to pray. How to serve God, how to be chaste. Oh! … Read more

DEEP HATRED (Episodes 13 & 14)

This interesting story is written by Queen . Episode 13 Rayna’s Pov Debbie and Selene kept on glaring at me, their eyes were so killing and I couldn’t help but look away. The environment was tensed and the perfectly working air conditioner was doing nothing from stopping the sweat in my body. Debbie was the … Read more

DEEP HATRED (Episodes 11 & 12)

This interesting story is written by Queen Episode 11 Daxton’s Pov Yesterday’s evening I called one of my men to help me do a check up on Rayna and where she stayed. I was missing my daughter so much and needed to go and visit her. For three years I have been away from my … Read more

DEEP HATRED (Episodes 9 & 10)

This intereating story is written by Queen Episode 9 ~~Daxton’s Pov~~ Whatever I am doing right now is not exactly what I planned for Rayna but here I am hurt because she’s hurt. The cut in my hand didn’t compare to the cut in my heart seeing her bleed. I wasn’t strong after all, I … Read more

DEEP HATRED (Episodes 7 & 8)

This interesting story is written by Queen Episode 7 Rayna’s Pov I alighted from the car in front of Dad’s company. I looked around and took a deep breath, I was getting nervous. “You can do this Rayna, you can do this” I told myself and walked inside the company. Eyes were hovering all over … Read more

DEEP HATRED (Episodes 5 & 6)

This interesting story is written by Queen Episode 5 Rayna’s Pov It was an early Monday, I woke up in my apartment. It wasn’t as big as my room but it is perfect, I have neighbors and I’m not lonely. Jennifer had taken Isa to the daycare already so all I had to do was … Read more


“Where are you coming from by this time of the night?” He thundered. “Honey you won’t believe what happened today. Oh God I’m so tired right now.” She replied as she yawned. “I asked where you are coming from and you are vomiting rubbish. Does that answer my question? Are you trying to pretend you … Read more

DEEP HATRED (Episodes 3 & 4)

This interesting story is written by Queen Episode 3 Rayna’s Pov I released myself from my mom’s hug and walked inside. Dad sat on his couch reading a magazine. He saw me and cleared his throat but I ignored him and with a heavy heart and floody face, I ran upstairs then sat on my … Read more