Episode 52

By Kebby NG

“Miss Lena,” a maid called as she knocked on the door to Tia’s room, Tia woke up for a few seconds after she placed her in her cot, so Lena had to stay behind to make her fall asleep again.

“What is it?” Lena ask turning to face her after she made sure the baby was fast asleep.

“A lady is here ma’am,” She said. “A lady?,” Lena repeated with a puzzled look. The maid understood her confused look so she went ahead and gave her a clue. “She has been here a few times in the past. I think she’s a doctor.”

At the mention of doctor Lena knew she was referring to Ann, but what made her more confused was why she is here. The last time she checked they didn’t send for her, or did Sharon fall sick after she left?

Even if she did and they called her, it’s too fast for her to get there. “Okay I will be right there” she said and the maid nodded before leaving.

Lena went back to Jasper room to inform him of Ann’s presence but then she met them arguing as usual which made her thought, ‘Don’t they get tired?’.

She mean they argue at least ten times a day. They should be tired but instead they have more energy to start another argument and if you investigate they are arguing on useless things.

“Brother,” Lena called to inform them of her presence. “Thank goodness you are here aunt Lena,” Jimmy said and with his expression Lena didn’t need anyone to tell her that he is frustrated.

It’s as if she was invisible because they continued. She sighed and shook her head sideways before asking Jimmy, “How long have they been like this?.“

“Humm,” Jimmy made a thinking sound and pretend to check his wrist watch before answering. “At least five minutes”

“Sister in-law! Brother! ” She screamed but not too loud. ” What!?,” They asked literally glaring at her. Wait, don’t tell me they want to transfer their aggreesion on her? She hasn’t done anything wrong, has she?

All she did was trying to make them stop yelling at each other and now they are looking as if they want to devour her. What if that is what they are about to do?

The image of them looking like a v®mpire or z©mbie suddenly came to her head. “Jeez! When did I start thinking about weird stuffs?’, she shook her head making her lips tremble a bit. “That’s scary.”

“What’s scary?,” Jimmy ask tapping her. He did not intend to ask that question but since she went mute after calming Jasper and Sharon down, he decided to bring her back to reality but she suddenly came back uttering nonsense, maybe it’s nonsense to them but not to her.

“Vampires and zombies,” Lena answered Jimmy’s questions. “V®mpires and z©mbies?,”Jimmy asked and she nodded in confirmation.

“Why are you suddenly talking about v®mpires and z©mbies?” Jasper asked. “Huh ?” She arch her brows as she stared at him then at Sharon.

“Aunt?” Jimmy tap her again. “Why are you talking about v®mpires and z©mbies?” He asked

“Ohh that!,” she let out a nervous smile. “That was nothing. I just remembered a movie I watched that’s all. It was h®rrible,” she concluded.

“I can see,” Jasper muttered and turned to see Sharon already sitting on the bed looking like a sick person

“What’s with that look?,” He asked. “I am tired,” She answered. ‘Huh, how come she gets tired so easily. She was looking so energetic earlier, she should have just said she’s bored,’ he thought.

“Why are you looking at me like that?,” Sharon ask. “Like what?,” He inquired.

” I know you are having naughty thoughts again” she blunted,” What?” He exclaimed as his eyes widened ” I am not. I think it’s you who is having naughty thoughts.”

“Seriously, me? My mind is pure unlike yours,” She said, “Who is feeding you such lies? Your mind is the most corrupt mind I have ever seen,” He said.

“Ohh mine, looks who is talking?” Sharon scoff and clap her hand in a funny manner. Lena knew their argument isn’t going to end soon so she butt in. “Doctor Ann is downstairs,” she dropped the bombshell and everywhere went silent. So silent that you can hear a caterpillar thousand legs.

“I don’t know if you guys heard me but I said doc…” Jimmy and Sharon didn’t let her finish her sentence before they said out loud, “We heard you!”

“Okay, I just wanted to make sure because I don’t understand why everyone went mute,” she said.

” Did you send out the invitation card without our consent?,” Jimmy asked Lena. Look at this kid talking to her as if she’s not old enough to be her mother. But she answered either way. “I didn’t. I thought brother sent for her”

With that, every eyes was fixed on Jasper and he gave them the ‘I didn’t’ look but of course no one believes him.

“Dad, why did you do that? It was suppose to be a surprise,” Jimmy whined like a kid who has been deprived of his favorite candy.

“I di…,” Before he could defend himself Sharon spoke. ” Why did you call her? Do you plan on cheating on me with her? Wow you could not do it anywhere else but our house,” she said that last part with a scoff.

Jasper turned to Lena who was watching Sharon and Jimmy lay accusations on Jasper. He eyed her and she understood immediately that he didn’t call for her but who did?

“Guys, I never said he did I said *I thought he did*,” She quotes and the room was quiet again but it didn’t take long before Sharon spoke. “If that’s the case, why is she here?”

“I don’t know,” Jasper said. “Me neither,” Lena shrugged.

“We can only find out if we go to her,” Jimmy said, “You are finally using that head of yours” Sharon said and Jimmy frown

” Let’s go,” Jasper said and Sharon walked towards him to wheel him out of the room, while Lena and Jimmy led the way.

Ann stood up from where she was sitting with a smile on her face immediately she saw Lena and Jimmy walking into the living room but it didn’t take long for her smile to turn into an invisible frown when she saw Sharon behind Jasper.

What I meant by invisible frown is a frown behind a smile that only the person you are frowning at can feel, you know that type.

“Good evening Ann,” Jasper greeted with a smile. Ann eyes was fixed on Sharon but she was quick to divert her gaze to Jasper.

“Evening,” she returned the greeting with a smile. “Why are you here? The last time I checked, no one is sick? Or doctors do home visits too?,” Jimmy asked rudely and Ann was tempted to glare at him but Ann been Ann, she never runs out of fake smile.

“Jimmy,” Lena called through a gritted teeth as she pinch him. “What he is trying to say is, we weren’t expecting you” Lena said and Ann smile; fake again.

” I was actually expecting your call” she directed her speech to Jasper which made Sharon angry or should I say jealous. “My call?,” Jasper ask as his eyes looked like it will fall from its socket.

Ann realize how that sound. It sounds like a girl who was ditched by her boyfriend on their date, she wanted to correct it but seeing Sharon’s expression it was just the results she wants so she went on.

“Yes,” she said taking few steps closer. “I was worried about her,” she smiled at Sharon and quickly put on this fake worried look “So I decided to come check on her.”

Jimmy frowned when he heard her words. He thought she was interested in his dad but now that she is saying she was worried about Sharon. He looked at her. Is she… Is a lesbian? Seriously I’m stunned. This boy is too advanced for his age.

“How nice of you but since you weren’t contact you should have known that she’s fine,” Jimmy said and Lena pinch him again. “Aunt,” Jimmy groaned raising his head to stare at Lena.

“What?,” Lena inquired faking a smile. “Is something wrong?,” Lena asked and Jimmy shook his head side ways indicating no.

“Actually Jimmy is right but seeing the way she was refusing to take her medicine I thought she didn’t want me to come over,” Ann said. ‘Is she indirectly calling me a coward,’ Sharon wondered as her gaze narrowed.

“Thank for your concern Ann but she is all better now,” Jasper said giving her a warm smile.

“What would you like to eat? It is almost time for dinner” Lena said. ‘Waiting would not harm,’ Ann thought before responding, ‘sure’

They were all sitting at the dinning table eating quietly, Jasper has noticed Sharon sudden mood swing but he decided not to say anything.

“How could it have skipped my mind?,” Jimmy scold himself loud enough for everyone to hear and they all turned to him wondering what skipped his mind.


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