Episode 54

By Kebby NG

“Do your best in school today and make mommy proud,” Janiece said as she squat in front of Asher. They are currently in front of the school.

“I always make you proud, don’t I?,” He asked and Janiece smiled before answering ” Of course but I am just hoping you will put in a little effort just like you did yesterday. I mean, can you imagine how happy I was when I didn’t receive any message from your teacher and your uniform was neat. I was really proud.”

“You want me to be like that everyday?,” He ask and she nodded before saying “Yes every day, only then will I be truly happy.”

He nodded his head about to walk away when someone called his name, he recognized the voice immediately and raised his head.

“Asher,” Jimmy call right a smile as he walked towards him. He looked handsome as usual.

“Hi Jimmy,” Asher said. “Hello,” Jimmy replied quickly before rasing his head to stare at Janiece as he greeted. “Good morning ma’am.”

“Morning,” Janiece answered. Jimmy noticed the worried look on Janiece face and decided to cheer her up. “You don’t have to worry ma’am, your son is such a responsible kid, that is why we are friends because I am responsible too,” he said

“Huh? Asher?,” Janiece asked staring at her son strangely since that was literally the first time someone would compliment him.

Maybe he has really changed for the better, yesterday his uniform was neat. So maybe she should believe Jimmy and Jimmy looks responsible too.

“Thank you for your kind words but the two of you should stay out of trouble,” she warned and they nodded.

“By the way,” Jimmy said removing an invitation card from his bag. “You are invited to my dad’s wedding,” he gave Janiece the invitation card and turn to Asher. “I wanted to give you but I think your mom should have it.”

‘He is wise, his parents are lucky to have a son like him( if only she knows he is nothing but a mini d’vil), but he said his dad is getting married, does that mean he is divorced?’ Janiece thought staring at Jimmy.

“Your dad and mom are getting married again?” Asher asked confused because he’s doesn’t understand how couples who already have kids are getting married.

“The bride is not my mom, but she will be my mom once they are married,” Jimmy answered with a smile.

“Where is your mom?,” Asher asked. Janiece tap him as a sign for him to stop prying into others bussiness but Jimmy answered anyway, “My aunt Lena said she’s far away.”

Janiece understood what the word ‘far away’ meant but the kids don’t cause she can tell by Asher’s question,”When will she return and where did she go?”

“I don’t know” was all Jimmy said.

“Could see she be in Rome or Ireland? Or in the fairy world? Is your mom a fairy?,” Janiece chuckled at Asher’s question. This is the first time she will be seeing this side of him even though she raised him.

This Jimmy of a boy is really a good friend after all. Seeing Jimmy’s expression she knows he has no answer for Asher’s question so she bailed him out.

“She is not fairy, Asher,” she said making the boys turn to face her. “I believe she’s is somewhere safe.”

“Is that where Daddy is too?,” Asher ask Janiece felt guilty again but quickly changed the topic. “Are we going to stay here all day or you two are gonna head to class?”

“That’s right we are late,” Jimmy said before holding Asher’s hand.” Let’s go” they ran to the school compound together.



Aiden was sitting on the couch in his parents house. They are scolding him about his actions. I mean him impregnating his future sister in-law or should I say suppose to be?

I don’t think he needs someone to remind him that what he did was a huge mistake. Him letting Sharon go, he has realized that.

And he is mad at himself for listening to Sheila. He wished he never met her let alone had something to do with her.

He say there listening to his mom who went on and on praising Sharon while condemning him.

“How could you have done that? That girl was so innocent and loving. Why did you have to hurt her? You could not even think of a better person to cheat on her with but her sister! Her flesh and blood. Is this how I raised you Aiden Kings?,” she asked with her hands in akimbo

“Answer me!,” She raised her voice at him when he sat there mute. He actually thought she was asking rhetorically.

“It was a mistake mom,” he said.

“Stop telling me that it was a mistake because I might mistakenly murder you,” she said and he raised his head to stare at her. He has not look at her face ever since he got there. He didn’t have the courage.

“Mom! You are going to murder your own son?,” He asked in total disbelief.

“I don’t believe you are my son. My son will never think of doing what you did. What pushed you to do that?,” She asked.

“I don’t know,” he answered. ” I don’t care if you know or not, I want you to leave this house now and go look for Sharon. When next you are coming, make sure it’s with her,” she said before storming into her room.

Does she think he has not tried? He has done everything possible to look for her but she suddenly became a needle, he could not find her. But he is not giving up just yet, he will do everything in his power to find her and apologize hopefully she will forgive him.

He was about to stand up when he received a notification that someone is waiting for him at the office.



“Good morning sir,” Janiece greeted Aiden as she walked into the office.

“Morning, how are you feeling now?,” He asked. She stared at him with a puzzled look wondering why he is asking how she’s feeling?

Aiden raised his head to see the look on her face, it was then he expanciate his question or should I say gave his reason?

“You weren’t looking that great yesterday that was why you left pretty early,” he said giving her remember look.

Yeah, she remembers now. She was worried about Asher because it was his first day in his new school.

“Yes, I am better. Thank you sir,” she said and he dropped a file on her table.

“The game ad is done. I want you to check it and tell me what you think,” he said before adding, ” Janiece” she raised her head at the sound of her name. “If you have problem, don’t hesitate to call me.”

“Thank you sir,” she smiled and dropped her bag but something fell out of it. It was the invitation card Jimmy gave her earlier.

She was about to pick it when it disappeared. By that I mean Aiden took it and stared at it with a frown.

“It is a wedding invitation card a kid gave it to me today. I don’t even know who and who is getting married,” Janiece said as she was unaware of her boss change in expression.

“I am taking the day off,” he said and with that he dissappeared.

” Why is he suddenly taking the day off?,” Janiece asked no one as she stared at the Invitation card on the floor.



“Ben! Sheila!,” Aiden yell as he storm into the mansion.

After seeing the wedding invitation, this is the next place he can think of. If anyone knows what is happening with Sharon it should be her family even though they don’t deserve to be called her family. She deserves someone better not him but definitely not them either.

“Aiden you came back for me,” Sheila smiled as she jump on him not minding her little baby bump.

” I am not here for you,” he said coldly getting her off him. ” Where is your brother?” Was the next thing he asked avoiding eye contact with her

“If you are not here for me, why are you looking for Ben?,” she ask folding her arm.

” Where are you parents?” He asked and Sheila stared at him more confused. Why is he asking about everyone if he isn’t here for her, don’t tell her it what she’s thinking. He’s here for that bch.

“What’s with the commotion?,” Ben ask walking downstairs

“Where you aware? Huh? Did you know about it?,” Aiden asked as pain, guilt and loss could be felt in his voice.

He is in pain because his mom words were right. He really did lose a precious jewelry because of his foolishness. How did he become like this? It all started when he met Sheila., he should have just avoided the she d’vil but his stupidity didn’t let him.


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