Episode 55

By Kebby NG

“Calm down, will you?” Sheila said and Aiden felt like $lapping her, but he restricted himself gently.

Even if he doesn’t like her, the baby she’s carrying is still his, so, he has to control his temper for the sake of the innocent child.

“You finally showed up after I informed you about my sister’s health” Ben said as he got closer to Aiden.

” Answer my question! Did you know about it or not?” He asked

“What are you talking about?” Sheila ask

” About Sharon’s wedding” he answered

” It is about that bch again. Can’t we have a day of peace? Just a day! Without anyone talk about her?. And who gives a dmn if she’s getting married. Who cares?. I am sure she is marrying one of those guys who fks her” Sheila ranted

” You are the bch and the whore!” Aiden snapped at Sheila with his face coming out har$her. She could not help but hold her chest in fear.

Aiden’s eyes looked like it was on fire. More like he wants to devour her and the only person that can calm him down is Sharon.

“Did you just call me a bch?” Sheila asked as she point her index finger at herself. She is finding it unbelievable. Aiden has turned into something else ever since he broke up with Sharon or should she say since Sharon walked away.

“Yes, you are a bch, a wh®re, a slvt…” Aiden was cut short by Ben loud voice.

” Enough Aiden! That’s enough, stop defaming her. She’s your fiancee for crying out loud” he said in a calm but serious voice. He doesn’t understand why he is not angry and punching Aiden right now for calling Sheila names.

He just can’t find the spirit to fight and defend her. Maybe it is because of everything going on around them at the moment, either way he just want everything to go back to normal.

He wants to have his company back, his parents too, even if it means Sharon coming back. As long as he returns to been the powerful Benedict Winston.

“FYI ( for your information) she is not my fiancee, she and I,” he pointed at Sheila before he continued, “are over, she is nothing but my baby mama” he blunted

“Excuse me?!” Sheila use her index finger to push him a little. “What the he¢k is wrong with you? I am not your baby mama. I am your fiancee. I met your parents remember? And you promised to marry me before I have our baby” she reminded him but he only scoff in response which made her frown wondering if he is okay.

“Yes but my parents never approved you and I don’t either. To be candid meeting you was the greatest mistake I ever made,” he said and glared at her before walking out of the mansion

“Ben do something!” Sheila shook him as she said in a teary voice

“Like what?” Ben snapped at her. She shrugged, “I don’t know, say something to make him stop. Make him take back his words”

” Do that yourself” he said turning around to leave but what Sheila said stopped him. “You have to help me because I am your sister” she cried

“I never asked for a burdensome sister” he said coldly before leaving.

” No! No! This can’t be happening! Aiden is not leaving! He is just joking” she said laughing hysterically but it didn’t take long before she broke into tears.

“He left. He really walked away. He doesn’t care about me or our baby. He only cares about that bch. I swear I will make you pay Sharon. I will make you paayy!,” She yell so loud that her voice echoed in the house.



“Here you go,” Jasper said giving Sharon some documents. “What are these?,” She inquired.

“Read it, then you will know what it is” He replied.

“It won’t hurt or remove a strand of hair from your body if you give me an answer,” she said as she opened the documents.

” It would not have hurt either if you read it before asking questions” He said and she rolled her eyes.

She read the content and it was all the documents she need. He even opened a new account for her with lots of cash.

A ‘WOW’ left her mouth as she went through everything. She raised her head to say thank you but what Jasper said made her frown.

“Don’t cry again. I told you that you can always kss me if you feel like saying thank you” he said with a pout

Seriously is that what this guy thinks of her, a kssing robot at least that’s the name she can think off.

“Hey, I am not going to cry okay and I told you to stop teasing me with that. If you countinue, I will be have no choice but to punish you” she said with a sly smirk.

He gulp down as cold shivers ran through his body. He remembered what she did during her training. He doesn’t want to be puni$hed again so he should just keep his mouth shut.

“Can’t you take a joke? I was only kidding,” he said with a nervous smile

“Don’t joke around with me,” she said and suddenly heard Tia scream. ” My baby is awake,” she giggle as she stand up and rushed to Tia’s room.

Tia was throwing her hand and leg in the air as tears flow down her cheek.

“Awww little princess must have been nervous when she could not find anyone,” Sharon said as she carried her.

Tia suddenly stopped crying when she saw Sharon’s face but started babbling saying ‘I am hungry’

Sharon understood her and sat on a chair close to her cot, she reached for her too and lift it up. She let her bbs out of the b.ra and Tia caught her tip with her mouth immediately she saw it.

She fed on it like her life depend on it of course that is her only source of food, so literally speaking her life depend on it.

“I am home!” Lena announced as she opened the door. “I know, I can hear you” Jasper said staring at something on his phone.

” Why do you sound like an abandoned ghost?,” Lena asked as she walked to the kitchen to drop the groceries she bought.

“I am not an abandoned ghost and use your brain ghost don’t get abandoned,” Jasper said still scrolling through his phone.

” You never know,” Lena shrugged walking out of the kitchen, “Why do they roam around if they are not abandoned?,” she asked.

” Ghost don’t exist!,” Jasper snapped. ” But they show it in movies and write about it,” she pouted making her look like a little girl.

“Don’t believe everything you see and read,” Jasper said. ” Whatever, you won’t believe what happened today brother, it is so hard to find people nowadays” she said

*Find people* that word rang in his head. “Don’t I need to find someone too?” He wondered out loud

” Huh?” Lena arch her brows at him. “Who are you looking for?” She inquired curiously

“No one,” he replied quickly before she can make a big issue out of it. “Where is sister in-law? Is she asleep?” Lena ask

“No, she’s with Tia,” he answered and Lena walk to Tia’s room. He dropped his phone on his lap and thought about finding someone. ‘Why does that sound familiar?’ he wondered

Yeah, now he remembered it was Alex that asked him to search for someone.



Aiden sat in his car at the parking lot of his company. His face buried in the wheel.

He was not crying but his eyes was red. He was mad at himself for every single mistake he made especially hurting Sharon.

He was a fool, a big one to be precise. He should not have listened to Sheila. Now his life is ruined because of her.

He didn’t even get to ask them if they knew about her wedding with Jasper Madon, even if they knew they will ruin the wedding.

But he really wants to apologise to Sharon, he will never find peace if he doesn’t. He can’t even get a proper sleep because of her, their times together keep coming to his memory making him hate himself more than he already does.

He should have learnt to love her while they were still together. He should have dumped Sheila and not Sharon.

But just like the popular saying better late than never. He is going to find a way to reach Sharon and apologize to her before the wedding. Who knows, he might find favor in her eyes.

“Sir, boss Aiden,” a voice called from a distant or is it just him who thinks it is coming from a distance.


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