Episode 56

By Kebby NG

Sheila sat up on the floor. She has been there since Aiden left. ”Is he really going to leave us?” she thought as she rub her belly gently.

“I can’t let that happen. I have to do whatever it takes to get back what’s mine, but I don’t know how I’ll get to Sharon, when my parents are missing because of her” she spoke to herself as a sigh escaped her mouth

“She is nothing but trouble, She is like a virus the moment you get rid of her, she just reappears somewhere else,” she lamented, feeling frustrated.

Her tummy made a funny sound. It was then she realized that she has not eaten the whole day.

She refused to have what Ben prepared because that is what she has been eating for few days now. However, she doesn’t have a choice, she can’t starve the baby because of her selfish desires.

Even if she wants to order something she doesn’t have the money. “Ahhh!,” she groaned. “Can’t life be a little nice and less cruel? I don’t deserve any of these,” she mutter getting up from the floor.

She dust herself as she attempt to walk into the kitchen but something stopped her. She stepped on something.

“Is the house less clean now too? Do I have to step on dirt right now? This is so frustrating. I swear I will get back at you Sharon,” she said as she walked away not picking the dirt.

She was about to eat when Ben jogged down the stairs. He walked straight to the kitchen ignoring Sheila.

He looked sad as he stared at the fridge. They are low on things. He really need to fill the fridge and get some groceries. Idiot! What is the use of groceries when he doesn’t even know how to prepare a decent meal?

He groaned as he closed the fridge after taking a bottle of water. He noticed Sheila eating the same food she bad-mouth.

“I thought you are sick and tired of eating the same thing,” He teased using the same language she used but she rolled her eyes. Does he really need to remind her of that. He should be grateful she is not starving herself.

Wait, who will be at loss if she starve herself. He walked past her when she didn’t respond but something suddenly came into his mind.

“Hmmm” he made a thinking sound as he dropped the bottle of water in his hand. “Sheila” he called, “What?” she asked less concerned about whatever it is he has to say.

But he didn’t give a damn, he is going to talk, she can be moody for all he cares. “You mentioned something about Sharon and Jasper Madon marriage” he said

“Yeah, why are you asking?” she inquired about few seconds later she dropped the spoon in her hand as something came to her mind “Don’t tell me you want to grovel at her feet because she married to the nation’s husband” she stated incredulously

Of course not, she should not put it that way, that will make him look cheap. Yes he won’t deny that his plan is to use her new power and influence to get back his company.

He won’t grovel. He is just going to use the brotherly trick on her which he is positive it’s going to work and once he is done using her to get everything he wants. He will dispose her like the garbage she is.

“That is ridiculous” he said with a cunning smile. “I, Benedict Winston will never grovel at anyone’s feet” he boast.

“That is better” Sheila mutter and he nodded with a faint smile as he quickly took the bottle of water, he gulp down almost everything in the bottle.

He is now nervous, what if Sharon really asked him to grovel and apologize for everything he did to her. No, that is going to be hard.

“I am going to my room” He said as he turn to leave, “No one is stopping you” she uttered rudely

Since she got pregnant, she has been rude and her stubbornness has grown. Ben shook his head in pity before walking away.



“Why is your mommy taking too long?,” Jimmy asked Asher as they waited in front of the school gate.

Jimmy was actually on his way home when he saw Asher staring into space. He got closer and asked. He told him he is waiting for his mom.

“I don’t know” he answered sadly.

“Has she done this before?,” he inquired and Asher shook his head negativily before answering. “Only once, she said it’s traffic, but today I don’t know why she is late”

“What about your dad? If my dad is not busy, my aunt Lena is always around to pick me up” he explained

“I don’t have a dad” he said with his head bowed. “Huh?” Jimmy arch his brows in confusion before he countined, “How can you not have a dad? Every kid have a dad”

“You too. How can you not have a mum? Every kid has a mum,” Asher replied. He felt a little pissed off. Why does everyone keep asking him where his dad is?

Jimmy kept quiet not knowing what to say. He also looked a little bit upset. Asher saw the look on his face and sighed.

“My mom said I have one. He is just far away. She said he will come back one day… We just don’t know when that will be,” he explained

“My mom is far away too but she is not going to come back like your father,” Jimmy said



“Sir, boss Aiden,” a voice called from a distant or it is just him who thinks it is coming from a distance.

“Boss!,” Janiece raised her voice so that he could hear her and it worked bit not totally because he raised his head to search for the person.

Janiece knocked on the wind screen and he finally notice her. “Janiece,” he called with his low voice. He wind up to the glass down and wore this fake smile which Janiece didn’t buy.

She has been faking smile to a lot of people so she can tell when others smile is not genuine.

“Are you okay, sir? ” she ask with concern.

He forced a smile before answering “Yes”

“But you don’t look like it sir, you look pretty tired” she said

“I guess I am” He admit and quickly added, “It’s just stress. I will be fine”

“ I don’t think you should ignore it sir” Janiece said

“ Are you done for the day? ” he asked staring at the bag on her arm.

“Yes sir” she answered. “Alright see you tomorrow then” he wave his hand still sitting in the car .

Janiece took in a deep breath before saying. “Be careful on your way out”

She checked her wrist watch and realize she is late. Asher will be waiting for her by now and he must be alone because she didn’t inform the teachers that she will be coming late.

Asher hates waiting. He must be loosing it right now. She will have to apologise to him and explain herself. Isn’t that funny it’s more like Asher is her husband or dad not her son. Well, that is how that son of her’s behave.



“Sister in-law” Lena call and Sharon raised her head as a sign that she heard her. “This really skipped our mind” she said which made Sharon ask

“What is that?”

“One of the most important thing in a wedding or should I say the most important thing” she said

“Food?” Jasper ask butting in. Sharon shook her head finding him unbelievable as she said “Is that all you think about ‘Food’ so food is the most important thing on a wedding day, why don’t you marry that food?” Sharon ask

“Be sensible, why will I marry food?” he asked with a slight frown. “Since that is the most important thing to you. I thought you should have it” she said

“Why do you sound jealous?” he asked arching a teasing brow. “Me? Jealous?” Sharon scoff “ You should have your brain check or is it your ear, I don’t think it is just your leg that is not functioning. It is your whole body” she stated

“ No, I think it is your mind that is not functioning because I know that you are jealous. I am hundred percent sure of it” he said

“I’ll rather keep quiet than waste my precious saliva,” she glared at him.

‘If I don’t stop them, they will countinue’ Lena thought before shouting at the top of her voice. “A wedding dress”

“What is wrong with a wedding dress?” Sharon ask with a puzzled look

“You haven’t got a wedding dress” Lena said.


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