Episode 57

By Kebby NG

Jimmy and Asher were still seated, waiting for Janiece but it looks like they won’t have to wait long this time.

Asher raised his head to see Janiece running towards them. Asher pointed at her immediately as he said,”there she is”

“Where?!” Jimmy asked with his head raised and his eyes roaming around their surrounding to locate Janiece.

“Asher!” Janiece called in her loudest voice as she got closer. “What took you so long?” He inquired with a frown.

” I am sorry baby I had a lot of work at the office that needed my attention” she answered. ” You should have called in advance” he said

” I am sorry, I promise I won’t repeat the same mistake” she assured with a bribing smile, you know the type of smile you give someone when you want them to forgive you.

“Fine, you are forgiven” he said and Janiece pulled him into a hug.

Jimmy watched the scene with a smile on his face and an expression that says he wish to have his mom too.

But instead of thinking of Amber his mind drifted to Sharon, he imagined Sharon coming to pick him up from school.

‘ What’s wrong with me? Why do I think of her?’ he wondered as he $lapped himself back to reality.

“Jimmy are you okay?” Asher who noticed the act asked him and he gave him an assuring smile that all is well while Asher nodded.

“Thank you so much for staying behind” Janiece thanked Jimmy who smiled in response. “But won’t your dad get mad at you?” She asked, worriedly. She actually wanted to say parents but she remembered that his dad is just about to get married.

“No he won’t, I am happy you are here, I will head home now” he said and waved at Asher before walking away.

Janiece had this satisfactory smile on her face as she watched Jimmy’s back view. She is happy her son finally got a friend, not just any type but a good one.

“Let’s go home mom, I’m hungry” Asher said she she nodded absent-mindedly and Asher led the way.



“You haven’t got a wedding dress” Lena said

“That’s true” Sharon mutter in agreement.

“A wedding dress? ” Jasper ask. “yes dummy, a white long gown that bride usually wear on their wedding day” she explained, sarcastically.

” I never said I didn’t know what it means” he said, ” I thought you didn’t so I decided to explain” Sharon replied and added “I won’t be surprise if you don’t anyway”

” What is that suppose to mean?” Jasper ask. Lena shook his her head as she thought ‘ if a depressed person start living in this house, he/she doesn’t need a therapist before he/she gets better’

“So sister in-law do you want to check out done designs?” Lena ask

” Yes” Sharon replied immediately. “Wait” Jasper utter rasing his hand along as a signal. Sharon had a frown on her face as she stared at him.

“Are you leaving?” He ask and didn’t bother to wait for an answer before he countinue. “You guys can’t go out… Lena can but definitely not you” he pointed at Sharon.

” Why can’t I go out? Am I some sort of prisoner?” She ask.” No but I can’t let history repeat itself” he said.

“History ?! What history?” Lena asked but Sharon already figure out what he is worried about.

The last time she went to a mall she got kidnapped by her so called parents who happened to be her uncle and aunt.

But he has them in custody right? Why should he still fear. Unless, they escaped and he didn’t tell her. “Nothing will happen” Sharon said

“You can’t be too sure wifey and better, and have you forgotten the saying prevention is better than cure” he wink and she scoff.

” Nothing is going to happen, I really want to go out” she pouted making her look cute and irresistible. Jasper almost fall for her acting but he didn’t, he shook his head sideways as a way of saying no, ‘there is nothing you can say that I will let you leave’

“Alright then, we don’t have to go out, we can just check it online and for that we will need…. ” Lena trailed off as her eyes scan the house to find what will suit her suggestion and she did, she took the tablet on the table “this” she finally complete her sentence.

“Good job Lena” he gave her a thumb up before turning to Sharon who was not that happy with the substitute, you can tell with the look in her eyes. “Technology is so good isn’t it, you can just browse whatever design you want at the comfort of your house”

Sharon rolled her eyes before walking closer to Lena. They took a sit on one of the couch to start the journey of shopping. It is actually a journey.


Few minutes later that seems like hours to Jasper, Jimmy walked in looking tired. Finally Jasper’s partner in crime is back.

“Hi Dad” he said, dryly. Jasper frown as he bombard him with questions, “why do you look sad? Did something happen? Were you puni$hed? Or bu.llied? Tell me who hurt you!! “He demanded

” No one dad” he said falling on the couch beside Jasper wheelchair

“Why do you look sad? You are late too” he said checking his wrist watch

” I had to stay with a friend, his mom was running late and the school was almost empty” he answered

” A friend? Are you some sort of vigilante that protects others? ” Jasper ask

” Dad” he sigh, frustrated.” I am not but I will always protect those I love not just my friend but you, Tia, aunt Lena and aunt Sharon” he said

” I never knew you love me” Sharon who has been eavesdropping on their conversation said

” Dad! “Jimmy yell as he sat up immediately, it seems like he didn’t notice Sharon and Lena when he walked in.

“What?!” Jasper yell in response. “You should have told me she’s here!” Jimmy pouted as he literally glared at Jasper

“You never asked” Jasper said, Jimmy shook his head when he realized arguing with his father is hopeless. He turned to Sharon before saying, “forget you heard that, unhear it” he rushed into his room after that

” Unhear it? How will I do that?!” Sharon asked but she didn’t get an answer he only shut the door of his room.

He and his father sure have a lot in common, Jasper also asked her to unhear his sweet gratitude.

Sharon shook her head and returned her attention to the tab that had a picture of a beautiful white ball gown. Actually, Sharon would have choose a gown a long time ago but whenever she sees the price tag she dislike it.

It is just a wedding dress and the price is more than the money that will be spent in an average person’s wedding. She doesn’t want to wear something that expensive.

When she noticed the look on Lena’s face, she was tired, who wouldn’t be. They have been going through all sorts of design for almost an hour. Sharon decide to choose the least expensive, it was a simple ball gown with diamond on its chest.

The dining table was quiet as they all ate from their plate except Tia who is of course asleep in her cot after Sharon brea$tfed her.

“You took an invitation card in the morning, who did you give it to?” Lena ask directing her speech to Jimmy

“A friend’s mom” he answered. “I have told you guys countless times I don’t want a grand wedding” Sharon said

” If you keep saying that, don’t be surprise when no one attends your wedding…. Not even the groom” Jimmy said and Jasper chuckle.

” Even if no one attends Jasper will, right hubby?” She turned to face him with a puppy face.

” Right, I will come. It won’t be a wedding without me” he replied and Sharon smile like she was just promised chocolate.

“Aunt Sharon who do you plan on giving the wedding invitation to, or you don’t have any since you said you want a low-key wedding?” Jimmy teased

She gave it a thought and realized that what Jimmy said is true, she really doesn’t have anyone. Her parents her dead, she would have given it to her uncle and aunt or her so called cousins if it were a normal circumstances. But now looking at the situation she have no one to give it to.

Jasper noticed her expression and decided to safe her just like she saved him from Ann.

“That’s absurd, she does have someone to give it to” Jasper said and Sharon turned to face him, what is he talking about? She doesn’t have anyone. She would have taken it to her parents gave suppose she knows where they are buried but she doesn’t have a clue.

She finally found her voice to ask. “Who will I give it to?”.


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